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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Masterfully Sidesteps Megyn Kelly’s Attempt to Smear Mike Brown’s Mother

On Tuesday’s edition of Fox News’ “The Kelly File,” Megyn Kelly asks activist, writer and NBA great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar about Michael Brown’s mother, Lezley McSpadden, being on stage at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

The conservative host tells Abdul-Jabbar that McSpadden should not be included because her son was the “aggressor” in the 2014 incident in Ferguson, Missouri that claimed his life.

Then she asks the activist about race relations in America.

Kelly: Do you think that white society, generally, has no real understanding of what it is like to be a Black man in today’s America?

Abdul-Jabbar: I think that white society devalues and dismisses the value of Black lives. That’s what the Black Lives Matter [movement] is all about. They seem to think that Blacks are prone to violence and wish to harm them, and as soon as anything gets contentious between them and a Black person, they pull out their gun and kill that Black person, and that eliminates any problem that they might have.

Kelly: You’re talking about white law enforcement.

Abdul-Jabbar: I’m talking about white law enforcement. I’m talking about wannabe law enforcement, people like George Zimmerman who killed Trayvon Martin for no good reason. Trayvon Martin was just going from the convenience store to where his father was. Hadn’t committed any crimes or done anything. Why is he dead?


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31 thoughts on “Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Masterfully Sidesteps Megyn Kelly’s Attempt to Smear Mike Brown’s Mother

  1. amazing how reporter picks the part of that encounter that satisfies her argument. if you wear the uniform you might run into a hand combat situation. i dont belive mike brown was a justified shooting, Period!

  2. John Abbott says:

    Mike Brown got what he deserved.

  3. Wm Hankerson says:

    I wish that all these Black guests that they have on these shows would just tell it like it is. Megyn always wants to throw on the table what the DOJ has concluded in their so-called investigation of Mike Brown. The bottom-line is that most of us Black folks could give a damn about what the DOJ has concluded. That ends the debate right there and then we can open up the road of discussion as to why we don't believe that bullshit. But these Black guests that they choose to hear from is always trying to be politically correct or something. Just tell her that we don't believe the bullshit.

  4. Tasha Ayers says:

    Hope u get a bullet too.

  5. He calls the killing of police a cowardly act but not the killing of unarmed black men where do they get these coons from Kareem acts like he's intimidated by this cow he's being way to polite

  6. Norman Vincent Leach You can't reason with people that have no heart or soul

  7. The Eric Holder Justice Department found that Michael Brown was the aggressor and the Police Officer was defending himself while being charged by the aggressor and was deemed a justivied shooting. Case closed.

  8. Trayvon is dead because he assaulted somebody who happened to have a firearm. No matter how badly people wish it fits their narrative of anti-black sentiment the facts are the facts. He was not murdered because he was black, he was not executed for eating Skittles, he was shot during the course of a violent assault that he himself instigated.

  9. You can't be serious….let that had been your child and this damn civilian profiled and confronted against the orders of people in authority and killed him…you'd be singing a different toon. It's dark out and this idiot who was in no way authorized or deputized confronts you…and you're a teenager…what would you have done? I in fear of this nut would have hit his ass too

  10. Norman Vincent Leach, When the cops told Zimmerman "We don't need you to do that" in regard to following the person of undetermined race, Zimmerman said "okay", broke off following, and was returning to his truck.

    He was almost back to his truck when Trayvon appeared from the shadows.

    Zimmerman was still on the phone, and it was only at this point that he was able to confirm his earlier guess about the person being black.

    At that point, Trayvon jumped Zimmerman, took him to the ground, and was bouncing his head on the pavement.

    If Zimmerman hadn't had a gun, he most likely would be dead or permanently injured.

    The evidence brought out at trial confirms every bit of that.

  11. Bro, please go ba and listen wh he;s saying and not the tone of s voice. Yu don have to be lo and combative to get your point across…

  12. Wm Hankerson says:

    Neill Arnhart You know why it's so easy for you to believe that? It's because you sir don't understand Black people as well as you think you do. This is the problem with people who share your sentiments. You don't know the character of Black people so you have to rely on what "your" people tell you. You did hear the part when Travon was talking to his girlfriend on the phone and Told her that this guy was following him right? We do know that he went to the store and bought snacks right? We do know that Mr. Zimmerman followed this kid because he deemed him "suspicious" looking right? So you say that Travon "appeared" from the shadows and then he jumped Mr. Zimmerman and thats all she wrote huh. Well that's not all she wrote sir. There was a discussion before the violence occurred. At this point is knowing the characteristics of Black people, especially Black teenagers, comes in handy when making common sense assessments. If you go back and revisit ALL that there is to be known from that case, especially the testimony of Travon's girlfriend that was on the phone with him during the whole altercation, and if you look at Mr Zimmermans track record before and after this case then maybe you can atleast assume reasonable doubt that that kid deserved to die like that. It might not alleviate you of your bigotry but if you are just a little reasonable, then you might atleast re-evaluate your stance. If Mr. Zimmerman didn't have his gun then he would've just gotten a nice ass whippin' for starting shit. Yes, Mr. Zimmerman started that shit. It's very easy for me to say because I know his type and I know my type. You sir don't truly know. I'm sure of it. I mean just look at you. I don't see you really see you chilling and really getting to know Black teenagers that smoke weed and wear hoodies. You wouldn't have the chance to see that they are just people who wanna laugh, love, do some good, enjoy some freedom, have some respect, be appreciated, and be somebody. All you see is a thug sir and this is why you sound some stupid as well as evil racist. ijs.

  13. Steven Keane says:

    I am so proud of the African American wittnesss who came forward and told the truth to set Darren Wilson free…God Bless all 5 of you 🙂

  14. Dont ever disrespect this man dude. You aint doing nor can you do a tenth of what he has done and endured for POC. Its called grace under fire.

  15. Tay Washington Maybe coon was not cool when referring to someone like Kareem who has done so much for people POC,but how do you know what i have done for POC

  16. Wm Hankerson says:

    Monstrous? So you admit that the so-called negros should be feared. This is good stuff. You're afraid of the unarmed monstrous Blackman. What does that make you?

  17. Its ironic that these Republicans are constantly citing DOJ reports except when they are inconvenient and clear Clinton.

  18. Tay Washington Why don't you go focus your energy someplace else where you might make a difference instead of being on FB telling others how to speak and act…It's wasted energy

  19. Tay Washington Respect on your Keyboard??? what are you like 12????

  20. Wm Hankerson Not al all, I'm referring to Wilson's description of Mike Brown, whom he perceived as a monster. That was his defense for shooting Mike Brown, he was inhuman, all of a sudden.

  21. Wm Hankerson says:

    what about the handful of people that saw what your particular object of pride didn't see huh?

  22. Tay WashingtonI stand by what i stated earlier except the coon part which was very disrespectful given Kareem's long career in support of POC.

  23. Yep the same DOJ who said Hillary is not a crook right?

  24. Wm Hankerson says:

    Bill N. Robison II yep. The very same crooked DOJ that supports all of your people including Crooked Hillary. What about it?

  25. I multitask….put some respect on your keyboard…and I wont have to waste my time.

  26. People of Integrity Inc. ..Race Relations are what they are right now because everyone wants to defend their justification on an issue. We like so many around the world have become callous about the value of human life. You nor I do not help the situation by reciting statistics, or what the DOJ. Concluded, Until we open our hearts to what is jus and true will we regain our empathy and compassion for each other again…Recently, Denzel Washington inspired 2016 college graduates with this quote: Don’t aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference…

  27. Wm Hankerson says:

    Louis Byron oh how convienant a belief system you have to beleve 5 out of dozens of more witnesses who say otherwise. so what you have is a belief that those 5 people had it all right. well riddle me this. why do you choose to believe the 5 over the overwhelming majority? I'll wait.

  28. Tay Washington The irony is i'm being trolled by a black person go take your ass to Stormfront and go in on them about their dumbassed mouth since you're so concerned

  29. Steven Keane says:

    Wm Hankerson Of course you mean the crimals and the 2 that where fighting charges in the case? RIGHT!! THose witnesses who contradicted themselves over and over? Take your racisism elswhere!

  30. Wm Hankerson says:

    Steven Keane What is racism sir? The majority of witnesses plus "the two" were all criminals? Prove it!! You're too anxious to be contentious with me. Calm down and try to think about what you're saying. See you guys really need some help. You think I hate white people?

  31. Wm Hankerson Again the distortion is on your side , here is your original quote "Bill N. Robison II yep. The very same crooked DOJ that supports all of your people including Crooked Hillary."
    Note that you felt the need to say "all of your people", This is indicicative of the us versus them mind set that I was referencing.
    I did not infer that you should be locked up unless you commit a crime, nor did I say you were acting a fool, My comment is a generalization that still stands. If you act like a fool, you get what a fool deserves. How does my making an accurate observation concerning your bias against the caucasian population coupled with a cliche' concerning personal choice lead you to doubt my sanity.

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