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Megyn Kelly Tries to Trap Ex-New Black Panther President with Incendiary Questions— When Tables Turn, She Retreats

On Monday’s edition of Fox News’ “The Kelly File,” Megyn Kelly spars with Malik Shabazz, former president of the New Black Panther Party, about the possibility of violence in Cleveland, Ohio due to the city hosting the Republican National Convention, and racism in policing.

In the segment, Shabazz says his comments about calling the Baton Rouge, Louisiana shooter a “hero” were misconstrued.

Shabazz denies the allegations but understood why some Black people would celebrate Gavin Eugene Long.

Then he begins attacking Fox News, which he says repeatedly denies racism in police departments nationwide.

“Your attitude is part of the problem,” Shabazz says.

He also says that white supremacy and privilege blinds people like Kelly from seeing the injustices of over-policing.

Shabazz continues, saying that police departments have not been “constrained” and “no one has brought them under control.” He then refers to Kelly, saying, “This type of attitude encourages them.”

While the two agree that there are cases of racism and unjustified killings, Kelly presses Shabazz on the 2014 Michael Brown case as an example that cops were justified in the killing.

Shabazz knocks that down instantly and also denounces the Department of Justice.

“The Department of Justice has failed us,” he says.

The frustrated Fox News host asks Shabazz if he thinks white people are evil and he says, “Your policies and your actions are evil.”

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