The Game Hosts Secret Meeting with More Than 100 Black Celebrities to Change Race Relations


The Game has made good on his promise to actively help change attitudes about race in America. Thursday night, the rapper hosted a private meeting in a secret location with more than 100 Black celebrities to discuss race, politics and the continuous police killings of innocent Black men and women across the country.

Chuck posted about the gathering on his Instagram page, explaining that a new strategy was used to try to solve the deeply embedded racist issues that continue to cause violence against Blacks. The police shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, as well as the Dallas shooting in the aftermath, led The Game to start taking action.

“Everyone shared their objectives, opinions & views on political, non-political & everyday issues that have plagued us as a people for hundreds of years,” he shared. “Well, this time we’re collectively taking a different approach at burying these problems once & for all. This is a fight for everyone….. Not just blacks, but everyone…. & all races, ethnicities, cities, states, countries & continents were brought up & we had a very peaceful meeting where voices from all entertainment groups were heard & no leaf was left unturned.”

The Game encouraged others to come together to have similar conversations.

“We as a HUMAN RACE were all affected with the past weeks tragedies & we ALL want immediate change,” he continued. “So gather as you may, in groups or movements of your choice/race or gather diversified & have theses conversation…. They are all important. Keep an open dialogue with one another & that will resonate in the lives that we are all trying to save going forward, especially OUR YOUTH !!!”

T.I., Aja Naomi King, Tina Lawson, Terrence J, Jesse Williams, Nate Parker, Boris Kodjoe and Mayor Aja Brown of Compton, California are among those who showed up for the discussion.

Actress Kimberly Elise was also in attendance. She expanded on what she called a “creative coalition” in an Instagram post that night.

“Discussions were had, feelings were expressed, most of all strategies were created,” the “Confirmation” actress wrote. “You will continue to see some of us out front others of us will work quietly yet powerfully in other forms behind the scenes but we. are. here.”

Actor Terrence Jenkins also shared a photo from the event, which included not only entertainers but policymakers.

Like, Elise, he promised there was more to come, though it is unclear what else has been planned.

“I vow to continue to use of [sic] my voice & platform to spread positive and peaceful change. MUCH more to come…” he wrote.

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