The Game Calls Out Black People for Non-Violent Stance After Recent Police Killings: ‘Scary A** Race’



The Game has had it with the social media activism of today. In the wake of Alton Sterling’s murder by police July 5, the rapper posted a lengthy Instagram message demanding Black people do more to fight back.

The West Coast hip-hop artist posted a video of Sterling’s shooting yesterday and ripped into the usual reaction many on social media share online.

“All we gone do is repost it & type “SMH” over & over again huh ?? Then we gone put #JusticeForAltonSterling & #BlackLivesMatter hashtags on Instagram & pretend that’s us taking action huh ???” he began. “What happened to the generation of people who stood together, held hands & took to the streets peacefully or violently if it had to come to that & wouldn’t move or be detoured from that stance until real results were handed over to us ?!?!?”

“WTF is wrong with us these days that we will sit here & watch a video of yet another innocent man shot & killed in cold blood by police officers in this country ?!?!” he continued.

Before signing off, the rapper took aim at individuals who go on with their lives in happiness while Sterling “lay dead in a county morgue for selling some f****** CD’s & asking what he was being detained for.”

Game completed the post with a series of hashtags criticizing the way many responded to the shooting online, including one calling Blacks a “#ScaryA**Race.”

The post has riled up fans who agree that more needs to be done outside of hashtags and retweets.


One user called Game’s words “respectful” but did not believe there was a defense against law enforcement.


User kvnmartone had a permanent protection method.


But some fans criticized the star for not using his celebrity status to change the police brutality narrative.


South Carolina resident @bos_jay had the same criticism, questioning what The Game was going to do to help using his platform.



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