Chrisette Michele Says She’s ‘No Political Genius,’ Believes Boycotts Are Ineffective


Amid the Black Lives Matter protests that continue to rock the nation after Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were shot and killed by police, R&B star Chrisette Michele believes the actions are unnecessary. The singer-songwriter took to Twitter July 12 to give her input on what an effective solution would be to ongoing police violence against Blacks in America.

The former Motown Records label signee wrote that boycotts and marches were once effective at the dawn of the Civil Rights Movement, but Black achievement – having a Black president – means there is no need to protest.

“I don’t believe that a boycott is the answer. It was the answer 60 years ago. I don’t believe that marches are the answer. They were the answer 60 years ago,” she shared.

Michele went on to list the many accomplishments Black entertainers have made, such as Nicki Minaj’s clothing line at K-Mart; Rick Ross’ investment in Wing Stop; and her own achievement in owning a record label with music sold at Target.

“Now is the time to achieve. Now is the time to send Black boys to college. Now is the time to get degrees and become lawyers that our uncles couldn’t,” she wrote before adding, “Now is the time to attend City Hall meetings. Now is the time to vote and change laws.”

The star continued to emphasize the Black vote and encouraged education, stating “action is the well spoken. It is not chaos. It is not killing. It is not anger.”

“Action is greatness. Arise and be the greatest. That is how we must speak,” she concluded.

The message has been blasted by fans.

Suri thought it was shrouded in respectability politics.

Michael Arceneaux questioned the Grammy-winner for encouraging capital growth while dismissing protests and boycotts as “archaic.”

He followed up by criticizing Michele’s solution to solve racism.

While the “Equal” singer did not respond to Arceneaux’s critiques, she did respond to other fans.

User @Earth_BE said there is a middle ground solution to racism rather than choosing to take action and stop boycotting or continue protesting. Michele agreed.

Daniel Rivera respected the “Milestone” record maker’s opinion but did not understand why people should be unable to protest. The singer clarified her remarks.

@arinola91 defended boycotting, which Michele criticized for lacking direction. The artist then distanced herself from typical celebrities.


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