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‘I Feel You and I See You’: Chrisette Michele Has a Message for Black Men Amid Pandemic

Chrisette Michele wrote an open letter about Black men in a blog piece she titled “Dear Brothers.”

In it, Michele said that now that people are self-quarantining it’s an ideal time for men to further shape and pursue their dreams.

Chrisette Michele wrote about the need to support Black men in a recent blog post. (Photo: Johnny Nunez/WireImage via Getty Images)

“Something is happening with them right now,” the singer-songwriter wrote. “Something different. They’ve been asked to stay home and something in them is recognizing that they are more than what they bring to the table. It’s about who they are when they’re at the table … But I wanted to let you know I feel you and I see you.”

“Sisters are about to see you differently and support you like the mothers they are,” added Michele. “Forgive them if they’ve broken you. I’m sorry. Forgive society for misreading you. I’m sorry. Let this moment raise you. Nourish you. Ask for what you need, become what you dream, be who you see. God is near. “

Michele wrote more about the need for Black women to support Black men and said men are sensitive beings, something that she believes isn’t often recognized.

“They’ve been given a bad rep,” she wrote. “Somebody did something, said something, experienced something and they’re subject to someone else’s idea of who they are. But they are gentle. They have souls. Sweet souls. And they’re becoming still, and sensitive.”

Afterward, Michele said men should embrace the idea that self-isolation is the perfect time to nurture those dreams that might have been put on hold in the past. “These are the visions you’ve been shy about,” she stated. “Believe them. They’re your future.”

There were several comments left under Michele’s post afterward. A few thanked the singer for her message, while others ripped her. Plus, at least one of the people who criticized Michele said she wrongfully grouped all Black women together in her post.

“This was needed. Gratitude, love and light, to you and the source of all,” one of the messages read.

“I think to include Black Women as a whole in this message is irresponsible,” another person stated. “If you yourself feel as if you have wronged Black Men that is fine, you should speak from YOURSELF. To refer to Black Women as ‘Mothers that they are,’ is absolutely disgusting.”

“Love and appreciate your comment,” wrote someone else. “As a black man this means alot . Don’t let negativity sway you. Black men with common sense appreciate this and all the black women who feel this way.”

Michele closed her message by promoting her new e-book titled “How to Hear from God,” which is out now.

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