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Conservative Host Tomi Lahren Lashes Out at Black Twitter Critics with Outrageously Ignorant Questions About Racism 


On Thursday, “The Blaze’s” Tomi Lahren responded to criticism and backlash from her critique of actor Jesse Williams’ BET Humanitarian Award acceptance speech.

Lahren begins to play victim by stating that people of color have it better than whites and have more freedom of speech.

“Seems to me that people of color can say whatever the hell they want and get a free pass,” she says in the segment. “But when I speak my truth, I’m your target. Somehow telling me to die makes you feel supreme?”

The conservative host adds:

“Half-white Jesse Williams stands up at the BET Awards and bashes white people for being white and yet I’m the racist? OK, sure. So if he’s half-white, is he then half-racist? Ponder that … What exactly are you being ‘woke’ to do? That’s what I don’t get. Please tell me in what way black Americans are not equal.”

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