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This Fox News Panel Just Found Out Jesse Williams Is Pro-Black and They’re Losing Their Collective Minds

On yesterday’s edition of Fox News’ The Five, hosts Kimberly Guilfoyle, Tucker Carlson, Eric Bolling and others discuss the controversy around “Grey’s Anatomy” actor Jesse Williams’ BET Humanitarian Award acceptance speech and pop star Justin Timberlake’s social media snafu.

In the clip above, the conservative hosts dismiss Williams’ speech and said that white people loved rap, so he should not be so “angry.”

Guilfoyle: I did not know that — that actor, he’s on ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ and I didn’t know he was so angry. He seems so upset, I don’t know, I mean I feel like, yeah, there’s things that go wrong, but also focus on the positive.

Carlson: So you were watching the BET Awards last night, what did you think?

Bolling: Justin Timberlake is an idiot to agree with that commentary by Jesse Williams. Jesse Williams — and where did that come from?

Guilfoyle: That’s what I’m saying. I don’t understand why [Williams] is so upset?

Bolling: The reason why rappers are living in — you know, driving in Mercedes-Benzes and living in neighborhoods is because they’re selling their music, not just to the Black community, but to the white community. Every suburban white kid thinks he’s the next rap star, thinks he’s the next Jay Z …

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