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This Fox News Panel Just Found Out Jesse Williams Is Pro-Black and They’re Losing Their Collective Minds

On yesterday’s edition of Fox News’ The Five, hosts Kimberly Guilfoyle, Tucker Carlson, Eric Bolling and others discuss the controversy around “Grey’s Anatomy” actor Jesse Williams’ BET Humanitarian Award acceptance speech and pop star Justin Timberlake’s social media snafu.

In the clip above, the conservative hosts dismiss Williams’ speech and said that white people loved rap, so he should not be so “angry.”

Guilfoyle: I did not know that — that actor, he’s on ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ and I didn’t know he was so angry. He seems so upset, I don’t know, I mean I feel like, yeah, there’s things that go wrong, but also focus on the positive.

Carlson: So you were watching the BET Awards last night, what did you think?

Bolling: Justin Timberlake is an idiot to agree with that commentary by Jesse Williams. Jesse Williams — and where did that come from?

Guilfoyle: That’s what I’m saying. I don’t understand why [Williams] is so upset?

Bolling: The reason why rappers are living in — you know, driving in Mercedes-Benzes and living in neighborhoods is because they’re selling their music, not just to the Black community, but to the white community. Every suburban white kid thinks he’s the next rap star, thinks he’s the next Jay Z …

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50 thoughts on “This Fox News Panel Just Found Out Jesse Williams Is Pro-Black and They’re Losing Their Collective Minds

  1. C.s. Harris says:

    Curly Adkins Because it is FAUX/FAKE…it's just not 'news'…period!

  2. James Green says:

    The "Appropration of Cultures" is endemic of America and has been since its inception. As a metter of fact , Every civilization has borrowed (appropriated) from another. The problem is when the "appropriation" happens without the acknowledgment of its roots..its source, then he/she who borrowed must be made aware of the infringement. Justin patterned his style of music after Black influences. He made a career off of his "Appropriation" but his "inspiration" due to the Honorable Jesse Williams melifluous dialogue, wasnt expressed from a perspective of someone who not only sympathizes with the Plight of the Same People you Appropriated your style of music from, but from someone who speaks as if he's far removed from investing in Advocacating Totally for the Black and Brown Cause..instead he opts to say we are all the same because we are human..nah bruh, we are the same when we share in totality ALL of what being Human allows in America

  3. Caleb Sugars says:

    If you you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything…and the is our problem…we are to dependent on our oppressors.

  4. Bruh this just pissed me off cause they sound so stupid for this

  5. C.s. Harris says:

    They are doing what they do best on FOX….keep their menions happy with all of their fake news. 🙂

  6. Larry Stover says:

    I have to say, I think Jesse Williams might be putting his career in jeapordy. I mean, I appreciate his courage, but this is still America, and it's still run by whites. At some point, whites are going to get tired of listening to him talk like that. Whites are going to start protesting, boycotting the show. And that will be the end of Jessee Williams as an actor. He really has to think carefully about that.

  7. Shawn Mc says:

    should serena go to france and beg the french people for the right to play tennis ?
    should all these black boys who have full body tats and skatborad go to california and beg the originaotrs of that style to continue ?

  8. Jay S Parks says:

    He may be putting his career in jeopardy. Black ancestors put much more in jeopardy and in many cases lost all they had, including their lives.

    Perhaps they should have been more "careercentric". Certainly many of those who have fine "careers" and enjoy the elevated lifestyles they sacrificed to secure never give them more than a passing thought.

    I don't go a day when I don't give thanks to them and remember them in prayer.

    Perhaps he places greater value on what he can do with his minute in the sun than on what transient rewards he can accumulate for himself. Perhaps he realizes that 50 years from now no one will remember the television series he played in.

    Yet it may just be that his words on that stage will have an effect that will by some means make a difference that betters someone's life down the line.

    For his courage, for his compassion for someone he will never meet, he has my respect that no lickspittle would deserve. And – he has my thanks. And – he will not be forgotten.

  9. Jay Aton says:

    Racists, bimbos and coons work for Fox News. I applaud Jesse's courage.

  10. Shawn Mc says:

    Caleb Sugars im not sure about our oppressor but this is an globalized society, your bank may be owned by the chinese, your condo may be owned by a saudi, the owner of the company you work for my come from another country so this idea that we only live in a black vs white world is false

  11. What I find most amusing about those people is that they routinely konfuse being Pro Afrikan-Murikan with being anti-white. Their reaction to anyone kalling on us to do shit for ourselves is hilarious, whether its deporting Marcus Garvey for wanting to take those Afrikan-Murikans who wanted to go back to Afrika, to people like Jesse Williams who was kalling for us all to step our game up

  12. WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF SLAVES! ….put that in your Rap Songs! Bring the White Man to a position of Guilt! Because he'd rather call us the N Word then tell us who we really are! That's Complete Racial Appropriation! The Battle has not been Won it's Been DIVIDED!

  13. I can't help noticing that some in America have different standards for others than those they have for themselves. For them, it's more than A-OK if Individual "X" shows anger about an issue, but they consider it to be shameful or surprising if Individual "Y" shows anger about something. They place themselves in the role of being society's final arbiters of what is and is not acceptable, and who is/is not allowed to show anger in public. These perceptions are related to the centuries long stereotyping and scapegoating of some groups in America. The members of this panel may not even be aware that they're viewing Jesse Williams' speech through these mechanisms. They seem to always ignore the fact that different age groups, races, genders, religious groups, nationalities, and ethnic groups oftentimes have different ways of looking at the same matter. None of the members on the panel have ever lived in America while being black, so their idea of what might bother someone like Jesse Williams can only be based on suppositions, which is why I think they reached the conclusion that he's a "very angry young man" when he really might not be. He could just be passionate about the subject on which he was speaking. Having these panel members get to know and interact with persons of other ages, races, religions, genders, nationalities, and ethnic groups would/might act a kind of deterent which would prevent them from making quick knee-jerk assessments of others. They should also remember that the 1st Amendment gives every other American the same right they have which is to speak what is in/on their mind in public and in private settings.

  14. Black/Ebony Intellectual property is Worth Trillions in Dollars Euros Sterling, Stocks and Shares and any other currency….When God Almighty plants that gift of an idea in your soul to bring growth to you, your family and community. The White man will go to Extreme Lengths to get it, control it, possess it.

    He or They willl have people follow you, antagonise you, provoke you in some way, they will bug your phones out…….simply because the Lord Almighty gave you a simple idea that could change the world. Black Entrepreneurs will openly talk about this stuff all the time, but keep perservering.

    The Worlds Currency is not our Currency, the Worlds Laws are not our Laws…..It's gonna take one strong Black Man to create a new Currency and New Laws within a Nation of Nations. And it's gonna take Strong Minded Children to Follow him. Jesse Williams is Contasting the Strong before the Weak!


  15. Frank Butler says:

    Oh, they know they are. They just know that their viewers don't care.

  16. Thats why black people need to stand strongly together.

  17. Jesse is not the first black person to stand and speak out, ever since black people have been fighting for their rights, now we got internet, the whole world can see and hear our voices.

  18. Frank Butler says:

    You are very *not* close to solving it.

    A bunch of out-of-touch white people talking about racial issues kind of speaks to what the problems are that Jesse Williams was discussing. If you criticize the movement, then you'd better damn well have a good record of opposing the oppression.

    Even Juan Williams is out of touch on this panel, and old black, weak "liberal" who also has the name Juan so he covers another minority group (conveniently for Fox).

    While I agree that it seems harsh to jump on Timberlake, I also agree that Timberlake is kind of guilty for the appropriation. It's not that he's not brought up in it and doesn't collaborate and work with black people, more closely than anybody like Elvis or Pat Boone ever did (for example)… those were people who just ripped off black culture and pretended like they came up with something original and made hay off of it. Basically, it's plagiarism of sorts – it's not a compliment when you aren't giving credit where credit is due, and it hits home even more when racist whites talk about black people never contributing to our society or talking smack in other ways. These kinds of whites act like they got to this point all on their own, and they didn't. Not culturally, not intellectually, not even economically.

    But there's another part of this that needs to be pointed out. They doctor and edit the clip, so that you don't have as much context. Their racist viewers will be lazy and not watch the whole thing or intentionally misunderstand it, anyway. They call him angry. He wasn't angry while stating this stuff, but the message behind it was. Why shouldn't he be angry, anyway? Why are *you* so content about injustice that happens to black people here? That's a better question, but we all know the answer.

  19. Frank Butler says:

    He said in his speech he put this stuff above his career. Besides, he works for Shonda Rhimes.

  20. Frank Butler says:

    It's not endemic. It's called robbery.

  21. Frank Butler says:

    Curly Adkins FFS Faux means false or fake. It's a pun you idiot.

  22. Shawn Mc .. the french didn't invent tennis (the inventor was British)… but the first reported "skateboards" were made and used by French children in the 1940's… yes califronia was the American orginators of this sport… but this isn't the point…

    what i feel you're suggesting is that one shouldn't have to go the originator to ask permission to model their style of work… and i get that… what is the challenge behind this line of thinking is that art is different than sport… if someone where to paint a picture similar to the mona lisa, but then make no reference to Leonardo da Vinci, and/or deny that Leonardo had anything to do with the original work… THEN we would have a bit of a problem, and be closer analogy to what is being broadly discussed here as 'appropriation'…

    further, please refer to the of age gentlemen as, black MEN, not boys.. (the term 'black boys', in this context… sounds a lot like how plantation owners reffered to their slaves)

    i could go on.. but i'm not sure we would get anywhere.

    hope you have a blessed day.

  23. @Larry Stokes: I'm sure Mr. Williams took inventory of the risk to his job before he made his speech. And what's the alternative? To not speak up about injustice, which was clearly on his heart. To collect a paycheck from THEM at the cost of his integrity? I feel sorry for you if that is your foremost concern. I applaud this man for calling out the elephant in the room. And as a Christian, I know, where one door shuts, another door opens. And if God has you, He has you all of the way. Mr. Larry Stokes, if you aren't free and are beholden to the system that binds you, I pray that you get free!

  24. Shawn Mc Oppressors come in many different shades and colors. Question to you: If you travel the African diaspora….Africa, the Caribbean, South America, etc. (and I have), people of African descent are similarly situated (economically) in all of these places. So if people of African descent are the lowest on the totem pole, does it matter what the "Oppressor" looks like? Or is the problem that people of African descent the lowest on the totem pole? Finally, can we link that to slavery? White people trace their origins to the Nina, The Pinta and the Santa Maria. Let me make that connection, and it's a problem.

  25. James Green says:

    Frank Butler yes it is robbery..and so what I siad about it being endimic of america was on point..everything hat america has has been stolen or due to the robbery of humanity for their enjoyment and substanance

  26. If civil rights leaders listened to you.We wouldn't have made it this far.

  27. James Green says:

    Marcus McLean definitely understood the point I was making. Thank you for the clarification. Peace and blessings

  28. Shawn Mc says:

    Tamara Loatman-Clark "Finally, can we link that to slavery? "

    linking all of black people who have west african ancesters current problems on slavery is an excuse

    well to be factual people of african ancestry from europe to the americas have different experiences and histories, there will never be a time when we will all be situated comfortably or seen as a powerful group collectively due to our different beliefs and wants.

    there will always be some who become successful despite oppression, some refuse to believe it,other will be trampled by it and others will use oppression as an excuse.

    "does it matter what the "Oppressor" looks like? "
    to answer your question all oppression is wrong but it takes many forms .

    " White people trace their origins to the Nina, The Pinta and the Santa Maria. "
    uh no, that was the pilgrims,
    europe like africa and asia is nation oriented , people have a love of their nation more that their race, we blck americans have a strong affiliation to race due to our history

  29. Shawn Mc says:

    Marcus McLean skatebording isnt a sport exclusively ,its a recreation, a form of art, kids do it all the time and its not in competition, it was a form of entertainment we didnt start, it wasnt promoted in black areas but now there are a number of balck teens that skateboard.
    your history lesson on it was unneccassary because you knew what i meant but you were trying to find a counter and it didnt pan out.

    also the art of full body tats have been adopted by black culture and the proof is in the tv shows and sport figures.

    how can someone make a replica of the mona lisa and no one know it was a replica ? the original was out already and garnered fam and attention, if this guy new representaion of the mona lisa is different and unique what harm is it considering the original is still out and known ?

    "art is different than sport"
    so if black folks palyed a sport exclusively but later on white folks started playing it and their number tripled the black folks to the point where 98% of the participants were white you wouldnt have a problem with it ?

  30. Chris Pruitt says:

    I'm sure he totally understands he's putting his career in jeopardy and that's a sacrifice he's willing to make. Too bad that's not the case with many of us. To attain true independence and respect you must be willing to put something on the line. As a individual and as a race this is true. We get no respect because they feel that can and do placate us with money and attention. The question really is , how many of us have the balls to stand with him and put something on the line as well. True independence comes at a cost.

  31. Why are these Fox News Commentator, Just dissmissing Jesse Williams speech. And the issues he brought up. Negative white comment dont address there reason for black anger. Quote, Jesse Williams. If you dont have a answer to black peoples plight then. Shut the hell up and sit down…

  32. He was spot on with his speech…every word was correct!

  33. Black Pride = White Resistance

  34. Leola Ingram says:

    Larry Slover I agree with what you said, but why should he have to lose his career? If bigots and racists can get together and boycott his show WHY CANT WE AS BLACK PEOPLE WORK TO DO THE OPPOSITE? What's stopping us? That man did what he did and risked his career and in some cases maybe his life to stand up for what he believes in, because of his disdain for racism and the LOVE OF HIS PEOPLE!! We need to show him some love and appreciation too. Write in to that show ( whether you watch it or not) and tell them if Jessie goes we go! Black people don't put their money where their mouth is. We have more numbers, we damn sure watch more TV and we spend more money! Stop all this yelling and marching and start withholding our money and our numbers! It takes nothing to sign a petition, it takes nothing to NOT watch a program. We need to flex our financial muscle for a change. And stop worrying about their acceptance. All they worry about is making a dollar.a nd calling black ppl angry. What's wrong with being angry? I wouldn't watch fox news to save my life and if EVERY BLACK PERSON ( and anyone who is offended by their racist rhetoric) CHANGES THE CHANNEL AS SOON AS THE NEWS AIRED THEY WOULD FEEL IT! Everyone as all inuproar about his speech …inspired, impressed, moved, rivotted! Hopefully all those adjectives will produce some VERBS! For every negative post you read send out 3 positive supportive ones!!! SUPPORT JESSIE HE HAS MADE IT CLEAR HE SUPPORTS US!

  35. Curly Adkins u should be quiet. Don't talk; just listen.

  36. Jay S Parks says:

    I believe that if we were slaves we would owe nothing. We are the DESCENDANTS of slaves. That is our debt. We owe them for enduring suffering so that someday we, their childrens children, might see freedom.

  37. Jay S Parks says:

    Shawn Mc Full body tats? Hmm. Where did I first see that?

  38. Jay S Parks says:

    Leola Ingram Thank you! Yours is a great step. My email to them is on it's way!

  39. Barb Burr says:

    This is the same dumb "mind set" the weak niggers amongst us have always incorporated. Go back on your hen picked plantation. Will the real men like Jesse Williams continue to stand for something outside of the white man's jobs??????????

  40. Barb Burr says:

    Larry Stover

  41. James Green says:

    Their viewers are just as much victims of the propagation machine as we are..the higher ups need to ensure that whites are desensetized to the black and brown plight when in reality it effect them. its the same thing that the plantation owners done to the enslaved whites as well. Placing them against the enslaved blacks by making them feel seperate, evenhough both were slaves. Injecting them with false rhetoric that have them responding to what we say and do with indifference and anger like we are attacking their elevated status on the plantation. The United States is a Platation, and gullable minds fall victim to the ploy..we mad at whites..they are mad at us and while we are too busy fighting each other, the Higher Ups(plantation owner) maintain a level of invisability where we lose focus of that we are slaves and we ALL desire freedom…our focus is redirected from Plantation over throw/revolt..and we put focus and emphasis on color differences….Willie Lynch plan worked to perfection….Jesse Williams speach just reminded the slaves that we need to regain our focus and overthrow the plantation!! Warrior Up!

  42. @Shawn Mc: I'm going to quote from you, directly.

    1. "there will never be a time when we will all be situated comfortably or
    seen as a powerful group…"
    2. "other [sic] will be trampled by it" (oppression)
    3. "we blck americans have a strong affiliation to race due to our history"

    It appears that you are clueless about race relations and our history and that's sad. And I'm gonna pray for you. The pervasivess of slavery is convincing a people that it didn't exist.


    " White people trace their origins to the Nina, The Pinta and the Santa Maria. "
    uh no, that was the pilgrims,

    Uh…no. It was the Spanish. Christopher Columbus???, who was an "immigrant", nonetheless. If anyone is indigenous to the Americas, it was the Native Americans….who were slaughtered and can't speak for themselves. To clarify, "immigrant" = def. "a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country".

    Check facts, spell check and may God be with you.

  43. Oh, and I'm successful despite the oppression. EDYOUCATION is key!

  44. Barb Burr Amen. And as soon as we get the "enslaved uncoverted" on board, we're good!

  45. James Green says:

    Shawn Mc arithmatic, science, philosophy, medicine,literature,art,music,dance,clothing,hairstyles, astronomy,archetecture, do i need to go on…they appropriated all of that and claim that the Greeks and Europeans were the fathers of the greatest creations and discoveries in history of the civilization when we taught them everything that they utilize today

  46. Barb Burr says:

    Power to the people!!!!

  47. Barb Burr says:

    I want you to learn your history before blacks came to America.
    We were the children of African GODS!
    We are the sons and daughters of a nation that gave birth to the world!
    We are not the sons and daughters of the White Eve or White Adam, they came from the Black man!!
    We are the Gods of the Universe and dont yo Ass ever forget it!!!

    Go and Learn!!!!

  48. James Green says:

    Brother..We must not ever become complacent in our lives being subordinate to the whites who are in power in this country, because then we would become complicit in our own destruction as a Power source..whites only have the power we allow them to have..the reason they are reacting to our anger with anger is because they are scared of a total usurping of their power..which directly ties in to our spending power. the black spending dollar is a trillion strong..we dont realize that if we support our own businesses that we would become power brokers and have much more say..why do you think the whites dont fuck with the asians,arabs or jews..MONEY!! we just give our money away to them then we complain about their mistreatment and outright disrespect of us..we must take our power back..and us as Black Men must be willing to jeapardize our "status in white america" to fight for the liberation of our people..Our children depends on us to not be scared of the Massa no mo'..Peace and Blessings

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