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Jesse Williams May Have Just Given the Best Reason Why Racist Cops Brutalize Black Bodies

Actor, activist and documentarian Jesse Williams talks with Revolt TV about “state-sponsored violence,” the Flint water crisis and environmental racism in a new video posted July 6.

In the video, Williams says that people do not truly understand how white supremacy affects Black people and how “destructive” it is. According to him, police brutality is not happening as pervasively as it does in other communities.

“You have people’s voices that are not easily heard because they are low-income. That’s because they are disenfranchised. They are immigrants. That’s because they are Black or brown,” Williams explains.  “It is much easier. Who do you bully if you are a bully? You don’t bully a big kid. You bully someone who probably won’t clap back at you.”

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