Ayesha Curry Rips NBA for ‘Rigged’ Game, Blames Father Being Racially Profiled for Outburst, Fans Not Convinced


Ayesha Curry asserted Game 6 of the NBA finals was rigged after her husband and Golden State Warriors player Steph Curry got the first game ejection of his career while facing the Cleveland Cavaliers. The outspoken basketball wife expressed her frustration in a fiery tweet that was later deleted.


Yahoo Sports reports the two-time NBA MVP had five personal fouls when he knocked the ball loose from Cavs player LeBron James. James jumped, regained position and then fell to the floor after coming down Curry’s back. The Golden State player was removed with his sixth foul. In reaction, Curry tossed his mouthpiece, which hit Andrew Forbes, son of Cavaliers minority owner Nate Forbes.

The point guard apologized to Forbes afterward and left the court, heading back into the locker room.

After deleting the initial tweet, Ayesha Curry explained why she posted it in the first place.

The celebrity chef is referring to a security holdup before game time. She tweeted about not being allowed into Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena minutes before the playoffs started. The families were finally allowed into the area by 9 p.m. The Warriors ultimately lost to the Cavs 115-101.

Even after mentioning her father was racially targeted, Twitter showed her no mercy for her emotional response.

One user sarcastically called her out for blaming the game outcome on racism.


Another seemed puzzled why Ayesha made the accusation.

The ultimate dismissal came from a user who called her tweet petty, not taking Ayesha’s long night of setbacks into account.


A few users did come to the mother of two’s defense, however.

Anna Horford understands how personally people are affected by mistreatment of family memebers.

Rashaan Josey beleived her response was purly emotional.

And Nicki Marazzani didn’t think Ayesha needed to apologize at all.


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