Man at Center of Trump’s ‘My African-American’ Comment Defiantly Rejects ‘Uncle Tom’ Label, Here’s Why

After presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump called out the an African-American at a California rally last Friday, the man at the center of the controversy revealed himself in an interview with CNN‘s Erin Burnett this Monday.

California congressional candidate and Black conservative Gregory Cheadle is an anti-government Tea Party member. Cheadle tells Burnett that he did not mind being pointed out at the California rally.

Cheadle goes on to say that Black people are overreacting to the entire incident.

“I find a gross inconsistency in the criticism between me and Mr. Trump … They can call me a sell-out or Uncle Tom but the problem is that how can they look themselves in the mirror and call themselves the n-word when they are listening to rap music,” Cheadle says. “How can we expect others to respect and appreciate us, when we don’t respect or appreciate ourselves?”

Trump’s “my African-American” comment has rocked social media and mainstream media alike. Yesterday, the lone Republican candidate for president began pandering to thwart the negative backlash.

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