This Fox News Panel May Have Came Up With the Dumbest Excuse for Officers Not Doing Their Jobs in Chicago

On Wednesday’s edition of Fox News’ The Kelly File, conservative host Megyn Kelly speaks with former Los Angeles Cop Mark Furman and regular contributor Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke about Chicago’s influx of shootings over the Memorial Day Weekend.

When asked about the root cause of the violence in the majority Black city, Clarke goes into his typical rant about the Black residents:

“I also think that it’s a culturally dysfunctional Black underclass in the city of Chicago that’s causing this violence, look, the folks down in Chicago police department, I’m talking about the administrators not the cops, the police department has been demoralized under Rahm Emmanuel’s leadership. They’re not afraid to do their jobs, they’re afraid of the United States Department of Justice Civil Rights division. Instead of having lawyers from the Civil Rights Division down there combing through things, looking to snag some poor Chicago police officer for some transgression, they ought to have criminal prosecutors down there, snapping up these gang members, 1,400 of them that according to the superintendent have been identified, get them off the street, many of them have warrants, do warrant sweeps, many of them are on probation, snap them up, question and start to find out all of the actors, start doing home searches under the law, which you can do for people on probation and parole, and get these individuals off the street. But instead, we have lawyers from the Civil Rights division investigating the cops, this whole thing in Chicago is upside down; it is ass backwards.”

Furman piggybacks on the sheriff’s claim. The controversial former LA cop states that officers are just too afraid to do their jobs effectively:

“They’ve been demeaned and they’re afraid to actually go out and do the job they really want to do … because the leadership directly in the ivory tower is not going to support them.”

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