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Home Depot Worker’s ‘America Was Never Great’ Cap Prompts Fury of Racist Messages: ‘Go Back to Africa’ 

New York Home Depot employee makes bold political statement at her job over the weekend by wearing an “America Was Never Great” baseball cap in direct response to presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump‘s slogan “Make America Great Again.”

The 22-year-old woman, identified as Krystal Lake of St. George, Staten Island, tells Staten Island Live that she made the custom hat to attack and confront Trump’s rhetoric that can be interpreted as divisive.

The reason she was prompted to make and wear the hat was because many of her co-workers wore Trump pins and memorabilia in support of the candidate for president, the Advance reports.

“For the past two months, there have been a few people I work with wearing ‘Vote for Trump’ pins on their uniforms… But no one ever says anything to them.”

A patron took a photo of her in the cap on Sunday and the image went viral by Wednesday this week.


Lake says that this country was never great to begin with. Her critics released a flurry of racial slurs and threats via social media. Many told her that America was great before Black people came to the U.S.A.

“The point of the hat was to say America needs changing and improvement,” Lake told the Advance. “I don’t think it’s a positive message to say, “Let’s look to the past.'”

Since the incident, Home Depot has said that the young woman could be fired for wearing the hat again.

“I know there are a lot of opportunities here,” Lake added. “I just wish we would worry about making America better — not ‘great again.'”

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33 thoughts on “Home Depot Worker’s ‘America Was Never Great’ Cap Prompts Fury of Racist Messages: ‘Go Back to Africa’ 

  1. they said America was great before blacks came

  2. America belongs to the black people born and raised here too. This country was built on black labour from slavery !!

  3. america was'nt america before "blacks came" it was a british colony america was built from the free labor of slavery forced from "blacks who came"

  4. Are THEY the white ones who said that?

  5. You gys wanted us here , now we are here to stay , because we built the country !!!

  6. Sly Randolph says:

    Way to stand strong and stand your ground sista. The truth always sting. A lot like killer bees. As old boy Jack Nicholson would say to some, "you can't handle the truth." No doubt!

  7. Since the slaves don't like it we should all take up money to buy them all one way tickets to their homeland not ours.

  8. What intellect? I see little to none, and if they know what's good for them they need to stop all this because the time is coming very soon, where everyone will have to answer for themselves, and so far I do not see many of them sharing good deeds to their fellow man/woman. Oh well….

  9. Many of them have selective amnesia.

  10. The Indian culture had ths land centuries before europeans came here. Yes, they are the only ones who feel that way.

  11. Loren Mosley says:

    This happened to me working in a major corp in 2008. Everyone had on McCain and Palin buttons. I wore an Obama button. I was brought into an office and told it was not acceptable to ware. So I stated that I should have the same rights as write folk have. After Obama was elected, I was laid off 3 years from retirement… that's the real CORP AMERICA…

  12. Loren Mosley says:

    This happened to me working in a major corp in 2008. Everyone had on McCain and Palin buttons. I wore an Obama button. I was brought into an office and told it was not acceptable to ware. So I stated that I should have the same rights as write folk have. After Obama was elected, I was laid off 3 years from retirement… that's the real CORP AMERICA…

  13. Those pesky facts are going to get in the way. Research white Irish slaves in America. Feeling stupid now? Good. Educate yourself.

  14. Robert Praag says:

    Blacks were not kidnapped they would sold by other blacks from Africa

  15. Robert Praag says:

    Blacks were not kidnapped they were sold by other blacks from Africa

  16. Why they were in the caucasoid mountains, waring animal skins, infested with lice, and stanking, due to not bathing.

  17. Land of the greed, home of the depraved, I always say.

  18. Now you know good and darn well if they went back to england and demanded their land and finances back they would not get very far. I do agree with you though.

  19. Joshua Metcalf white Irish were not slaves they were indentured servents. Meaning they worked for citenship, and to pay off debt or for crimes committed. Smh you stupid people keep bringing that up like it amounts to racial slavery. It does not you ass hole.

  20. John Mozingo says:

    She obvioulsly hates white people. It was AFRICA who participated in and allowed the Atlantic slave trade to flourish.

  21. Stuart Gibbs says:

    Abdul Shabazz I love when the rebutal is always about those Irish slaves. That's one case. Where are all the other white slaves?

  22. Monte Moore says:

    And to the young lady that works for home depot and others with opposing views. Please don't respond with emotional statements/actions that will cause your detriment, like possibly being fired, unless you have a serious back up plan. Use facts and intelligence and influence people to step up to make sure that Donald Trump DOES NOT become the next U.S. President/Commander – In – Chief.

  23. Mark Dawson says:

    Robert Praag Actually it was both: many were kidnapped, many were sold.

  24. America would not be if it had not been for free slave labour.. If we would research (study) we would find truth to a lot of things. Especially why we are hated so much and stripped of our identity. Truth is what they possess rightfully belongs to us. In a nutshell they would not be if we were not….

  25. I don't have a problem with people expressing themselves but I do feel like this kind of statement is inappropropriate for a work environment especially one in which you are greeting the public all day.She has been hired to do a job not to use her employer as a springboard to air her obviously contentious political views.
    That said,if the employer doesn't care that she's pissing off a large percentage of their customers then I suppose all power to free speech.

  26. We don't hate you, indifference is a more accurate statement.

  27. James Hughes says:

    The thing to not is that many slaves were lied to from the start told that they were going to a new land that was full of oportunitie, bs and when they got the the boat put in chains and stolen, while there families thought they were in a better place. Then the boat goes back and tells the families how well the last ones are doing and want them to join them. They still sell now into slavery but not barbaric white version of selling. They sell children thinking life will be better for them than the poor situation for them as result of white nations taking african land and raping the people there of everything they own.

  28. Duane Harris Actually research shows during the Articles of Confederation the 1st.7 presidents were Black. John Hanson 1783, Elias Boudinot 1784, Richard HenryLee, 1785, Nathan Gorion, Arthur St. Clair, Cyrus Griffin and one other. Oh by the way, george washington was there and voted for all of them as well, but they made sure the articles failed, so when they threw it out as they felt the states had way too much power, the forefathers, him and jefferson and the rest of them wrote the constitution and the preamble as we know of today, and it shows that washington was the 1st president of these united snakes of amerikkka, as this is the land of the greed and the home of the depraved.

  29. Corn Fields says:

    Anybody says America was great is a racist. great for who the Indians they murdered and stole the land from. lets look at why they came here to This new land. Most were kicked outofhtier country. Some were slaves themselves to work it off in about 10 years. This country was built on the blood sweat and tears of other etnic groups. The white man got the maps to get here fromthe Black Moors. They camehere and left. Ireland theblacks came and left. The little snake people the irish called them. people need to goggle and learn the truth about their race.
    Africa gave the english/whites math the first tool and fire. It all started by a black/s man. This is why black people are not in the history books but as slaves. The pupil/sdid to the blacks the same thing they did to God. Turn on him/them. This contry is so screwed up now it's not funny. Look who ran things for centuries. Now other countries are suffering because of what the US is doing. Killing/murdering people in other countriesfor their land. Building resorts on top of the blood that was shed. West Papua people are beingmurderedso youcansunyourself because what you call success is a career with plenty of money to do as you please. You think you deserve to have fun after you murder people. This is why God has and is turning you over to a reprobate mind. You see it now. You are murdering your own families and it just going to get worse. You will not repent and ask for giveness . You will keep doing evil and call it good ..

  30. Joshua Metcalf. They were indentured slaves,that mean they could look forward to being free after paying what they owed. Africans had to fight for their freedom, or they had to die to be free. Educate yourself please.

  31. Say that Verlinda Carter. I just know just like Prince many of us at all levels can share some awful experiences with the racists in this society, I know here recently, I came face to face with a racist that had me fired on my last job only months before I took an early retirement who lied on me, kept private files of my every comment, (her lying version of course), and she and the others involved tried to stop my unemployment, for 3 whole months, and even though I won the case in the end, the 3 months without any income was a sure nuff downer for me. When she walked up to me in a public place and said HI PAULETTA, IT'S ME DEB, HOW ARE YOU? I looked at her and saw how old she looked, much older than I expected, (due to lack of melanin), skin all dry peeling looking like a dried up prune, When she said her name, I had immediate flashbacks, and my reply was LIKE YOU CARE You did't care when you had me fired…. I got a little closure. Everybody has to answer for themselves, and since I am not jail material for stomping her on the spot, then I will have to wait for a Higher way of better more complete revenge. As I know I will come across the other 3 involved, and I will look thru them as if they are not there.

  32. Robert Praag it has been proven that the history books about american history isnt 100% accurate. what do you call coming to someone home in the middle of the night and taking someone. what do you call threatening to kill someone family if they dont take someone from another family. what would you have done if you cant defend your family. what do you call it when one race brutally wipe out another race and call them savages. why is it call a massacare when the indians blacks and other races defended themselves from whites and called a victory when the whites win against another race. why is it ok to say go back when the only true native people are the native american indians. do some research go to the musuems and really get the facts. and think. everybody always say get over it. how when you go to jail for a blunt and a white person gets a slap one the wrist for a pound of cocaine. when you can get shot for no reason. when a white person can lie and a whole town gets destoyed. do your research its there and go read your bible if you believe in GOD and see if you cant type that statement with truth. the whole truth not just white truth

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