MSNBC Host is Dumbfounded at Omarosa’s Bullheaded Defense of Trump’s Experience

On yesterday’s edition of MSNBC Live, former reality star and business woman Omarosa Manigault stands up for presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump in the aftermath of a scathing New York Times piece attacking his history with women.

The May 15 article, “Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved With Women in Private,” revealed that Trump’s relationships with women have not always been pleasant.

Former construction manager Barbara Res said in a live appearance on the Kelly File after the article’s release that Trump made unwanted advances toward women and leered at them in a sexual matter. The Times piece included testimonies from an estimated 50 people.

The article describes an instance in the 1980s involving Trump and a 26-year-old model:

“Donald J. Trump had barely met Rowanne Brewer Lane when he asked her to change out of her clothes.

Donald was having a pool party at Mar-a-Lago. There were about 50 models and 30 men. There were girls in the pools, splashing around. For some reason Donald seemed a little smitten with me. He just started talking to me and nobody else.

He suddenly took me by the hand, and he started to show me around the mansion. He asked me if I had a swimsuit with me. I said no. I hadn’t intended to swim. He took me into a room and opened drawers and asked me to put on a swimsuit.

Ms. Brewer Lane, at the time a 26-year-old model, did as Mr. Trump asked. “I went into the bathroom and tried one on,” she recalled. It was a bikini. “I came out, and he said, ‘Wow.’ ”

Mr. Trump, then 44 and in the midst of his first divorce, decided to show her off to the crowd at Mar-a-Lago, his estate in Palm Beach, Fla.

He brought me out to the pool and said, ‘That is a stunning Trump girl, isn’t it?’ ” Ms. Brewer Lane said.

His campaign has come out to spin the negative accusations put forth.

Even with the damning evidence, Manigault stands by her candidate and tells the host that Trump does not disrespect women.

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