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Ayesha Curry Unleashes Epic Response Against Woman Accusing Her of ‘Only Inspiring Women to be Wives and Cooks’ 

Ayesha Curry with Chef Michael Mina -Instagram

Ayesha Curry with Chef Michael Mina -Instagram

Ayesha Curry was forced to fight back at a supposed hater on Instagram after she announced the opening of a pop-up restaurant coming June 4. While many fans congratulated her, one Instagram user accused Curry of riding the coat tails of her husband – Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

The user, who goes by Pachiie, came down on Curry’s collaboration with chef Michael Mina. The pair is teaming up for a temporary menu offering called International Smoke at The Mina Test Kitchen in San Francisco.

The comment has now been deleted, but screenshots were captured before the user removed her reply. Pachiie accuses Curry of inspiring women to be wives and cooks instead of being independent of their husbands. The user believes the Food Network star should “use your fame wisely” to encourage women to be lawyers, doctors and entrepreneurs.

The position the Instagram commenter takes is not unusual among millennials. A 2016 research article by Psychology of Women Quarterly says this generation has furthered the trend toward equal gender roles when it comes to working mothers. Many are more accepting than ever of dual-income families, with women earning half of the income if not all, rather than depending on their husbands to bring in the pay.



Curry, who has been the subject of a meme making fun of her wholesome values, fired back at Pachiie.


She writes that cooking and food are her passions and that she makes others “feel happy and comforted through creating delicious and exciting meals.” She gives the final kiss-off by telling the commenter she can continue to make assumptions as Curry lets her “work speak for itself.”

Pachiie’s Instagram account is private, but she made her reaction public on Twitter.

However, several users came to Curry’s defense, tagging Pachiie in their replies on the Instagram post.


Curry’s original post can be found below.


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One thought on “Ayesha Curry Unleashes Epic Response Against Woman Accusing Her of ‘Only Inspiring Women to be Wives and Cooks’ 

  1. Omar Pasha says:

    There is a lot of wisdom in cooking. Cooking is applied chemistry. Chemistry is about atoms that are represented in the periodic table as elements. Elements literally means out of the mind of God. The arrangement of the atom teaches one about astronomy. Chemistry teaches one about psychology. Carl Jung's psychology teaches us that the psychological processes represent the seven processes of chemistry. These seven processes of chemistry also represent the 7 keys in the diatonic music scale. The human body is broken up into these 7 music keys. The waist is at middle C. The waist up toward the head are the high pitched keys. The waist down toward the feet are the low pitched keys. The female vaginal canal is also broken up into musical keys that are reflexed during the male members up and down strokes. Chemistry is abounding in nature as the science of physics and biology. Mathematics, Astronomy, the Human mind (psychology), and nature (physics and biology) are the four fields of knowledge. There is no subject taught that is not composed of one or more of these four subjects. These four fields gives one 360 degrees of knowledge. The four fields gives one a complete circle of knowledge. And, a mathematician askes the question, "how many circles are within a circle". The answer is that there are an infinite amount of circles within a circle. Each circle represents a step, degree, or greater amount of knowledge. So, Mrs. Curry or anyone else should realize that cooking is a sign of an infinite amount of knowledge.

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