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Video: Former Carson Aide Met With Boos After Making These Comments About Race in America

While sitting on a panel at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network conference in New York Wednesday, Ben Carson’s former aide and current business partner challenged Black voters.

Armstrong Williams told the majority Black crowd that the Clintons “will say whatever they need to say and do whatever they need to do to get elected.”

Williams demanded that voters in the venue make Democrats earn their vote because “they play the race card, too, as they did in South Carolina against Barack Obama. Don’t get caught up in the short memory. This is a business.”

The Clintons have come under fire for past failings regarding race. The 1994 crime bill and the term “super predator” have been at the center of the controversy.

Williams’ plea to the audience was met with boos and hisses.

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5 thoughts on “Video: Former Carson Aide Met With Boos After Making These Comments About Race in America

  1. Hank Wilson says:

    Yeah, and so did old Dr. Ben, he said some of the most craziest things, yet at the end the Klan-gang they ganged up on his behind…lol.

  2. Never thought I would agree with Armstrong Williams on anything.

  3. Funny I could say the same thing about Ted Cruz, who everytime he speaks lies about what Donald Trump is saying. Everyone can evolve and change on issues. He is self funding taking no money from any large donors which means he doesn't now nor will he later owe any favors. He has detailed policies laid out on his web site and all though I don't agree with everything the man says, I do know that the media mixes facts and lies to make him look worse than he actually is ! He isn't a professional debater ! He isn't using a teleprompter ! So why I value everyone's opinion I think it is a shame that people will judge the people who do believe in this man as being idiots. I believe if you do some research on the things he has done to help people on his own, things that the media don't show and that he at the time did not let the media know you will see a different side to the man. I truly believe he has great business sense and wants to do all he can to help every LEGAL citizen of this country regardless of race or gender! He has proven this in his business practices and by his children ! Why would anyone put themselves through this process with no experence of being a politican if not for the love of country ! He damn sure doesn't need the money !

  4. For a number of reasons. First of all narcissists will do anything to get attention, i.e., keep the spotlight on them. Secondly he has that celebrity jones. Once you are in the spotlight and have claimed the celebrty mantle, you want to keep it. Trump likes challenges, and running for President is definitely a challenge. However, I am confused by how you reinterpret the the truth. Donald has in fact used a telepromtor. He just doesn't use it all the time. You keep making excuses for him. Running for office and being president requires that the person have some powers of persuasion, i.e, debating skills. He was engaged and married to three women who were not legal citizens when he met and dated them. He's concerned about undocumented persons (some of whom have worked with him, btw), but mostly he doesn't want folks from Mexico and other Latin American countries coming here. All this having been said there are many reasons for not wanting Trump to represent the USA – three wives, a fake university, bad business practices, his style, his temperment. Need I say more?

  5. Well, guess what? HE'S RIGHT!!!

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