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CNN Commentator Perfectly Sums up the Awful History of the Term ‘Super Predator’

In an interview with CNN, political commentator Angela Rye berates Hillary Clinton for her use of the term “super predator” in the 1990s. Rye says that Clinton has apologized recently for using the term. However, that apology seems a “little disingenuous when her lead surrogate Bill Clinton was on the trail last week defending not only the term, but the [1994] crime bill.”

Rye likens the term to the Three-Fifths Compromise. The “compromise” was a 1783 amendment proposed to the Articles of Confederation to count enslaved Black people as three-fifths of a person for taxes and congressional representation.

The commentator goes on to say, “I think it’s never OK to use that type of terminology when talking about a group of people, even if they are leaning toward criminal activity.”

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