Halle Berry Becomes More Sociable After Recent Divorce, Shares Topless Photo as First Post on Social Media 

halle-berryOscar-winning actress Halle Berry has stepped out of the box after her recent divorce by joining Instagram and Twitter.

Berry, 49, and actor Olivier Martinez, who is her third husband, filed for a divorce last year after two years of marriage.

“I’m doing okay, I really am,” the actress told the Daily Mail in a statement. “I keep pushing and I’m really happy to be here because whenever you’re going through anything in life, when you step outside yourself and focus on others, that’s always the best remedy for any situation that you’d rather not be dealing with,” Berry said.

Although, the mother of two is not considered the most private person in Hollywood, these days it seems the actress has become more liberated and connected to her fans. Berry’s newfound happiness has drawn her to find the beauty in sharing her world through images on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter.  Since joining the social media sites on Tuesday, she has already obtained more than 49,000 followers on Twitter and 274,000 on Instagram.

After posting an image on Instagram where she’s turned in the opposite direction and appearing slightly nude from the backside up, she wrote: “Hi everyone. Welcome! Today is a very exciting day for me… I’m looking forward to sharing our world through images that reflect my emotions and perceptions. I’m excited to share with you my love of nature, the arts, fashion and much more in the hopes that the images will inspire, promote conversation and bring you joy,” she said on Instagram.


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