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Carolina QB Cam Newton is Targeted and Vilified for being an Unwed Father, What?

cam newton charityAs Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton prepares for a long run into the upcoming NFL playoffs, a crop of Carolina Panther “fans” pen letters to The Charlotte Observer condemning Newton for not being married.

Here are the letters in full:

“So the man whom we celebrate, and with good reason, has produced a son. Congratulations would be in order if he had been man enough to marry the mother of his child and make a home. This happy occasion is blighted when Cam, whose own parents were married, skips the very basis of being a good parent. I am just very sorry and very disappointed.”

From Patricia S. Broderick

“It is amazing that the birth of Cam Newton’s son by his girlfriend is a front-page story. The U.S. is seeing a rise in unmarried births and for the media to flash this as the greatest happening for Cam Newton is contrary to today’s family principles.

Cam is a role model to many of our young males, both white and black. The least that he and his longtime girlfriend could have done is to get married prior to giving birth to show his followers that not only is he a superstar, but also a person with high morals.”

From Thomas Uhl

Newton has been targeted the whole year after leading his team to a 15-1 record. He was criticized for dancing after scoring and now his moral character is under attack after the birth of his son.

This past season has been a career highlight for the young QB. He has the most touchdowns score by any player this season with 45 (35 passing and 10 rushing). Newton has managed to get his team to the playoffs back-to-back years and now he has a son with his girlfriend, Kia Proctor,  a woman he adores.

His critics (who are mostly white conservatives who hate to see confident Black athletes excelling) have come out to call Newton a bad role model for not being married.

In addition to breaking records, Newton has been a much needed positive force for the NFL after the barrage of domestic violence cases that has tainted the image of the NFL.

In fact, Newton recently invited the family of victims of the Charleston Massacre to a Panthers game.

The QB’s charity knows no bounds. After every touchdown, the QB hands the ball off to a child near the endzone. This action reflects his dedication to helping children through his charity work off the field. According to ESPN,  he throws Thanksgiving events for the less fortunate, visits sick kids in hospitals, and gives presents to children during the holiday season.

At 26, Cam Newton has been one the best role models the NFL has had in recent years. The work he has done with the Cam Newton Foundation proves that his critics are just hate mongering fools who want to complain about nothing. His work on the field makes him the obvious MVP and his work off the field should make him a candidate for the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award.

Newton is the very definition of high moral character.

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