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#NoJusticeNoLeBron Trends in Wake of Non-Indictment of Cops in Tamir Rice Shooting

Cleveland Cavaliers v Atlanta Hawks

After news broke that Officer Timothy Loehmann would not be facing charges for shooting 12-year-old Tamir Rice, many citizens took to Twitter to discuss their general outrage over the extreme miscarriage of justice.

Rice was playing with a toy gun in a local park and was fatally shot within two seconds of Loehmann’s arrival on the scene. Both officers, Loehmann and Frank Garmback, failed to administer medical aid to Tamir upon shooting the unarmed child, instead, handcuffing his 14 year-old sister when she attempted to help her brother.

Since the non-indictment, activists have called for Cleveland Cavaliers basketball star LeBron James to stop playing until Loehmann is arrested. Many activists view the success of the University of Missouri football team’s strike earlier this year as a litmus test for the power that athletes wield in cases of social injustices. The football team’s strike prompted the resignation of high-profile administrators at the school, including the president.

However, some critics say that the burden shouldn’t be solely placed on LeBron James simply because he calls Cleveland home. Instead, they suggest that high-profile athletes across the board should join in a protest, as the issue of police brutality and terrorism is a nationwide epidemic.

“The systemic nature of excessive police violence and the lack of police accountability that allows the Officer Loehmann’s, the Officer Pantaleo’s and the Officer Wilson’s off the hook for their brutality is occurring all over the United States,” writes Lincoln A. Blades for The Grio. “We don’t just need LeBron James to speak out, we also need Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade, Skylar Diggins, Brittney Griner, Todd Gurley, Ryan Howard and Serena and Venus Williams to join in.”

Many activists want sports stars to take note of the past and be today’s versions of Muhammad Ali and Jim Brown, standing up against the multitude of injustices in this country. The question is, do current stars have the courage to speak truth to power? In some cases yes, but for  many, their lucrative deals may persuade them not to.

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10 thoughts on “#NoJusticeNoLeBron Trends in Wake of Non-Indictment of Cops in Tamir Rice Shooting

  1. Black people stop looking to athletes and entertainers for leadership. Why are we putting this on Lebron! Lebron does for his community!! It's up to the everyday people who are in the community regularly!! Not sum athlete or entertainer. It's more of us than 1 man!! Let Lebron continue to do what he do and let real leaders and organizers in the community step up and organize the people then the athlete and entertainer follow us

  2. Bob Fickling says:

    Well for stars to protest or sit out for against injustice will be the same if they was on injure reserve. OUT is OUT, and they still get paid even if they are hurt. This will make a huge statement, musicians, Rappers, sports stars, (NFL, NBA, MLB, Soccer and Tenniis) fans can also make a heluva impact..#peopleruletheworld

  3. Don't just ask athletes to give up their incomes. What about the person or group reqesting? Are you giving up your salary? Actually we all should take a stand. Farrakhan had it right, how many boycotted the stores during Christmas? That was prime to voice and show that we mean business. Don't call out the athletes and put them on the spot, what about Black law enforcement officers.. we never hear their side of the stories, see if they want to boycott until justice is heard.

  4. Cephas Arnez says:

    All black athletes NBA NFL and all sports need to protest and start their own league.

  5. This has nothing to do with LeBron. What the community should be doing is calling on the mayor, police chief and other local leaders to stand up and take charge first.

  6. I agree that he should speak out but I also think the fans should boycott by not showing up, loss of revenue goes much further than talk.

  7. lebron james has done quite a bit for black people, he can't do it all. what about the writer for the grio,linclon a blades or justice or else marchers, wasn't that the purpose of the march.

  8. IF he wanted to do it that would be great. But to demand him to do it and then don't yourself is hypocritical. The man has a job and family. He just makes more than we do. Would we give up our income? And even if we did, he still has the right to say no. What they should be asking is will he stand with the family. He does not have to give up his job or put his job at risk to do that. In fact, it would be a more powerful move if he was to help out reasonably than to act out like people are asking him to do.

  9. Jay Works says:

    Hey America me as a father a family man aswell grandfather. I think every man and woman as a dudy to speak up about any crime against black white. People a sport person must stand up for the little people they the power to do just that and the T.V time ifnu no what i mind .

  10. All black people or any American should demand Accountability weather they are in sports, or any other area of social activity, this proof to me America is the land of white privilege…

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