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Jennifer Hudson Joins Fight for School Equality for Black and Hispanic Students

Photo: WENN

Photo: WENN

Jennifer Hudson is raising her voice in a fight for school equality in New York. The Oscar winner is set to perform at the Stand for School Equality rally in Cadman Plaza on October 7.

The rally, which is expected to have more than 15,000 parents, students, and educators in attendance is a part of a campaign by The Families of Excellent Schools organization to end what it calls “separate but unequal schools” in New York.

Hudson felt the call to fight for a better education for all kids.

“I’m standing for education equality because every child deserves access to a great school,” She told New York Daily News.

The issue may also hit close to home as the Chicago native’s 6-year-old son began school in Manhattan this September. The Families for Excellent Schools website details its ultimate goals in organizing the rally. The organization aims to break down barriers to quality education for minority students. “New York City’s schools tell a Tale of Two School Systems,” the website states.

According to the organization that was founded in 2011, the first school system is for white and Asian students who have access to the top elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools.

“The other system is bigger and bleaker — and almost entirely for children of color, ” the website continues. “In New York City’s 850 lowest-performing schools, nine out of every ten children are Black or Hispanic. These schools funnel our most at-risk kids through a pipeline of failing elementary schools, failing middle schools, and failing high schools — before abandoning them on the precipice of poverty.”

Plans for the Stand for School Equality event go beyond holding a rally. Attendees also intend to mobilize, marching their way across the Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall in Manhattan.

Hudson is billed as the headliner for the event and is expected to sing at least four songs, but she certainly won’t be alone on stage. Hip-hop legend DJ Jazzy Jeff will add his talents to the event while “The Man” singer Aloe Blacc is slated to be a speaker. Elected officials, education leaders, student performers, and other community members will also take the stage.

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