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4 thoughts on “10 Years Later: This Timeline of Hurricane Is One of the Saddest Reminders of How the U.S. Failed Black People in New Orleans

  1. Todd Scott says:

    I wish people would stop lying, the mayor and governor both made the mistakes, both are democraps. The president doesn't make each and every big or small decision. Bush asked if the governor and mayor wanted help they said no to him cuz he's not a demorat. Democraps don't want help they can do it all themselves. Thousands of evacuation busses left N.O. empty cuz people blacks didn't want to leave and Whites did want to leave and they did leave.
    What is so hard to understand about this?

  2. And where are your sources for this ? Oh thats rights they don't exist.

  3. I always thought some republicans were misguided but it's obvious that they lack clear human decency and empathy .

  4. Todd Scott says:

    Sorry I took so long to get back to your comment, I just now checked FB. I have to say I'm guessing everyone else knows I'm right and that's why no one else said what you said.
    Did you not watch the news after Katrina ? Didn't you see the video of nothing but blacks stranded in N.O. I mean c'mon man, really? In your comment " I always thought some republicans…." What you should have said and thought is : why did democraps put politics before people, our people? I look at facts without blinders and what the democraps did in N.O. Is unforgivable, look at sources other than the lies you get from the left, you may be surprised to see reality and then You won't be so one sided. Their is tons and tons of info about how bad the democraps screwed up in N.0. Search google, if you can't let me know and I'll give you even more links about the truth.

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