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8 thoughts on “This Interview Unveils How Morgan Freeman Literally Lost Money for Standing Up to Racism in Hollywood

  1. Thumbs Up!

  2. Very powerful indeed. Knowledge is power and Morgan proved it in this three minute footage. Sacrifices are worth taking and I have done my fair share to. I lost a lot materially but, I gained a lot spiritually. Well-done Morgan.

  3. Tunde Sodimu says:

    Good on you mate I stand with you. Am black and proud of it

  4. Tunde Sodimu says:

    Too many high powered and high class blacks I know are puppets to someone or something putting the black race down.

  5. Tommy Deas says:

    I concur a lot with this,Hollyweird and it's producers have shown over and over how racist they are,these black actors and actress should take a stand!

  6. No wonder I admire this man so much.

  7. Dave Mills says:

    Wow, very powerful. It looks like Brother Morgan is coming back to the fold.

  8. Terry Lane says:

    Not saying you should be ashamed . But what are yohave brown hu proud of. You were born black. It's not like you worked hard, and tried and tried and finally achieved your goal. It's like I'm proud I have brown eyes, I didn't do anything to achieve that, I was born that way .

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