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10 Black Celebrities You May Not Know Were Accused of Taking Steroids

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry

Believe it or not, even actor/director Tyler Perry was accused of using steroids at one point. A report from CNN revealed that Perry was among the many celebrities who were suspected of drug use during the 2008 investigation of several doctors in Albany, New York. No reports confirmed or denied the allegations and even investigators didn’t have much to say about Perry’s alleged connection in the case.




Of all the stars listed in the 2008 steroid investigation, rapper/record producer Timbaland was largely considered innocent by fans since he didn’t exactly have the same physique the others touted. Many reports, however, noted that many celebrities take steroids for their unproven anti-aging properties. It isn’t clear if Timbaland may have been interested in the drugs for that use, but he, just like 50 Cent and Mary J. Blige, never admitted to using steroids, and no concrete evidence was presented against any of the stars.

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