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6 Reasons The Hawks Will Beat LeBron James and Cavaliers to Advance to Their First NBA Finals

The Atlanta Hawks had the best record in the Eastern Conference, but the Cleveland Cavaliers are favored to beat them and advance to the NBA Finals. The disregard for the Hawks is palpable—and misguided. The regular season counts for something—a lot, actually. And here is why they will send LeBron James and the Cavs fishing for the summer.

atlanta - nightclubs

Home City Advantage

Atlanta is party central for the entire NBA. The restaurants, lounges, night clubs, adult entertainment spots… they draw NBA players out of their hotel rooms as if by a trance. The late-night carousing wears on a team’s legs and concentration. In an evenly matched series like this one, that energy edge very well could be a difference-maker. And even if the Cavs decide to stay in their room, they won’t be watching Being Mary Jane. The “entertainment” can—and will—come to them.
Jan 23, 2015; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Hawks guard Jeff Teague (0) and forward Paul Millsap (4) react late in the game as the Hawks win their team record 15th consecutive game against the Oklahoma City Thunder at Philips Arena. The Hawks defeated the Thunder 103-93. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Best Team Advantage

The Hawks’ unselfish style of play has been the hallmark of the best season in franchise history. Part of the reason they are disregarded is because they do not have a superstar player. But they have four all-stars, who, if they play to their regular-season stature, far exceed the Cavs, who do not have an injured Kevin Love. Talent wins, and the Hawks have more of it.

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5 thoughts on “6 Reasons The Hawks Will Beat LeBron James and Cavaliers to Advance to Their First NBA Finals

  1. I'm not seeing it. ATL Gon fishin' in 4 more games.

  2. This is hilarious. As a Cleveland fan, I can give REAL sports reasons. This article is more "Homer-ism" than well thought out. ATL fans? You need to sell out those seats to drown out the opposition fans. Game day and still not sold out is not symbolic of a great fan base. ATL is a very good city to party in, but how does that translate to winning. The Spurs are awesome but San Antonio falls behind Dallas, Houston and even Austin for party cities in Texas. That was a real bad argument. Yes the Hawks had 4 all Stars this season. How many appearances do those 4 have compared to only LeBron James? Failed argument again. LeBron is not only the greatest player on the planet currently, but it can be argued through his stats and abilities that he is one of the top 5 or definitely top 10 all time to play the game. Home court is nice, but a rabid fan base or 6th man really is needed. Maybe the Hawks can use the Falcons' tactic of pumping in crowd noise. #ijs. The regular season is a great indicator. However in your argument you forgot to mention that the Cavs roster greatly changed in those games and due to that fact it isn't the greatest measuring stick for Hawks dominance. Coach is definitely more in favor of the Hawks although he has never won anything as THE head coach which makes this series interesting. As of Friday, both teams are feeling the injury bug with the Cavs feeling it more. The Hawks can get the win tonight and series is balanced but they need to win in Cleveland. As the old adage says it isn't a series until you win a road game. A loss tonight doesn't hold well for the Hawks especially with the next 2 games in Cleveland. I am not discountin the Hawks because they worked hard to get to this position. They are an exciting team to watch. Bottom line Atlanta Black Star, stick to the stories affecting the community because as evident with this article sports isn't your thing.

  3. REALLY?!! Enough said….

  4. You were sayin' whaat?

  5. Well. At least the nightlife might help ease some of the pain. #smdh

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