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10 Fascinating Facts about the Zulu’s Victory Over the British at the Battle of Isandlwana

Zulu Kingdom

The Zulus were the most dominant.

In his book, Zulu Warriors: The Battle for the South African Frontier, John Laband explains that, at the time of the Battle of Isandlwana, the Zulu Kingdom, under the leadership of King Cetshwayo, was perhaps the most dominant state of the southern region of Africa. This dominative power reached its peak in the 19th century with the creation of the Zulu Kingdom, a powerful centralized territory of warriors and kings. Laband states that, as a result, the British deemed it necessary to “neuter [their] military capacities.” They also wished to “break their political power.”




It was one of the most famous battles of African resistance to colonization.

Kennedy Hickman, a museum professional and military history expert, declares the Battle of Isandlwana as “worst defeat ever suffered by British forces against native opposition.” According to Hickman, a total of 1,329 British troops died in a single day, including 417 of their African troops. Only 55 British soldiers were able to retreat and survive the battlefield.

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  1. this was the same strategy used in ethiopia to defeat italy.

  2. The white man's biggest enemy is himself and his superiority complex over everyone.

  3. Michael Reed says:

    I remember that in a documentary, Dawn of the Zulus, some researchers mentioned that the Zulus used drugs prior to the battle. Here is the program.

  4. British have to be taken to the ICC for this they owe us a lot of money, the took our gold, diamond etc. their currency is the strongest currency in the whole world. #theymustpay

  5. PEACE. The White MEN Can claim (superiority) in WICKETNESS.

  6. An Englishman gave me a book decades ago, which I still have, called The Washing of the Spears, not just detailing these events and King Shaka's rule, but the plot of the Boers to murder novelist Sir Henry Rider Haggard, author of King Solomon's Mines, who lived in Africa for a time. Perhaps the only novelist that actually gave some respect to the Black characters in his stories. And in his bio, he tells the most frightening story about going to seances and such. His advice was to RUN not walk to the nearest exit before getting involved in that kind of Lifestyle! From what he describes I'm with him!

  7. If it hadn't been the British it would have been the Germans or the Dutch and that would have been a different story.

  8. David Venables back then they were not going to stand us…..

  9. Hey what about the other tribes like the tswana during the Mafiking seige ?

  10. you're damn right!superiority complex = inferiority complex-somebody calls it the melanin envy

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