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9 thoughts on “Eric Dyson Calls Out Stacey Dash’s Newest Round of Incredibly Ignorant Comments in Epic Fashion

  1. Duane Alford says:

    Pretty? yes Clueless absolutely she can get her papers for Meritorious Manumission at Fauxsnooze concession stand.

  2. Dave Mills says:

    I've set my egg timer, waiting for, – as Paul Mooney says " N… Wake up call " It will come..

  3. Olu Hamilton says:

    Yo Stace……STFU!!

  4. stacey just got a job at Faux News as a commentator.

  5. Dalee Hustle says:

    He is speaking from a place of emotion, and not from fact. Fact is resources will become very scarce very soon, and most if not all people will become conservative due to the stance they take on social situations. Pay attention to the Science around you, and you'll understand where she is coming from.

  6. I wouldn't be surprised if FOX News announces that Stacey Dash and Raven-Symone will soon co-host a show geared towards confused right-wing negroes. Dr. Carson will appear to daily 2-minute commentary.

  7. Lisa Jackson says:

    Why are comments from a "CLUELESS " actress valid anyway?

  8. Stacy Dash and Tamara Mowry made the same mistake. Both failed to take into consideration the political views of their fan base. For example, if you know your fan base is predominantly African American, it will be career suicide to express the views of the republican party, knowing African Americans typically vote Democrat. Both of them were once darlings of their fan base. Now, you can't even give away tickets to go see neither one of them. They ruined their own brand for being stupid.

  9. Quote your source !

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