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22 thoughts on “T.I. Gives One Of The Best Explanations You’ll Hear From An Entertainer About Police Killing Young Black Men

  1. Reggie Bern says:

    He's right 100%

  2. Bad cops "…hide behind their badges (shields!!) And abuse their authority…" You can't ask for a more articulate expression of the problem. Thanks T.I.

  3. I believe TI spoke the true. If you can profile people of color you can profile dirty cop. And until they do something about dirty cop and the System that protects and hides dirty cop. It will continue this way.

  4. Tomi Brown says:

    You're so right T. I. Can you imagine black people are the ones killing whites it will be all over the news even the president will address the nation for that.

  5. If they knew that they where being hunted (bad cops) and investigated by the federal govt., the dirty cops would leave. You see they should use RICO against he cops, because it's an organized crime syndicate that is hiding behind their badges.

  6. T.I. spoke on the real. Why can't the gov. find a way to stop white police officers from killing our black youth. These officers think that the more blacks they kill, makes the white community feel safe. They have become paid killers. Get rid of the Police Unions. Where are the answers as to who killed mr. Gray?

  7. Amen,TI is a very smart an intelligent man

  8. Andre Akins says:

    Man fuck T.I. he not doing shit but sitting down watching this shit on tv. He the last nigga I'll listen to spoiled ass thug. Tell us some shit we don't know.

  9. Andre Akins says:

    He got the right coon ass white nigga interviewing him don lemon head lol

  10. Andy Dane says:

    The one guy basically says "It was unfair that when they pulled me over they asked for my ID"…. Cmon dude that is the first thing that happens every single time anyone gets pulled over, cry me a river lol.

  11. Lisa Hill says:

    Ethnic cleansing? What is really going on?

  12. Ra New says:

    U DIDn't LISTEN he said they would accuse him of being an illegal<<<ppl like you choose 2 hear what they want 2.

  13. Corey Dorsey says:

    I feel if they asked him for his ID, he showed it to them, and they found out he was not illegal, he would have been able to go about his business. When a cop asks to see my ID, I oblige them and forgot about it because I have more important things to worry about. If they had put their hands on him or arrested him, that would be a different story.

  14. Stephen Gill says:

    I'm glad a rapper spoke about this. But what he said was stupid. No one told him to sell drugs, rap about it, and get lucky and become rich. Then inspiring other poor young black men to start sell drugs. It's the police fault you were a drug dealer like a lot of the the rappers who made it. Look like selling drugs doesn't turn out well for everyone like he said. Once again take personal responsibility. It's not the police obligation to be kind to you (the criminals destroying the communities) so you can clean up your lyrics. It's up to you. It's not the police job to make it that you don't become a drug dealer, it's yours. But once again just blame someone else. And the Mexican dude was just stupid.

  15. Ra New says:

    Corey Dorsey true BUT I've been on the harrassing end and as easy as that sounds – I know what he Is talking about AND I was held about an hour 1 time and an hour and a half another… while complying THAT's jus frustrating BUT yes… afterwards I got 2 go on my merry bushiness.

  16. Lets stop with all that if black people were killing whites it would be all over the new. A roup of bloods in st louis just murdered a 19 year old white kid in st louis trying to steal his car off craigslist Shit happens every day for peopl of every race'.

  17. "Regulate their actions!"

  18. Cal Davis says:

    You are right on. The Huston and Baton sniper shootings of White cops is a good example of the publicity that would be following, if whites were being killed in bulk, like Black Hebrew people are being gunned down in this Evil Sodom/Gomorrah of America. Good point and observation. Thanks.

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