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10 Black Celebrities That Disregarded Their Race Consciousness For Fame and Fortune

kanye005.JPGKanye West

The superstar rapper/producer has said a lot … too much, in fact. But when he broke out, he was a proponent of Black empowerment. Lately, Mr. Kardashian seems to have lost his way. On racism, he recently said on Clique TV: “It’s like a bouncing ball in a room with two cats, or something, when you don’t feel like playing with a cat,” he said. “Let them literally fight over the bouncing ball. And the bouncing ball has nothing, no purpose, anything other than that: It bounces. That’s racism. It’s not an actual thing that even means anything.” Seriously?

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8 thoughts on “10 Black Celebrities That Disregarded Their Race Consciousness For Fame and Fortune

  1. Shawn Tobias says:

    Sorry, call me sellout all you want, but lemon has a point. I do disagree with him on blaming blacks for biebers actions. That's BS. Bieber is a grown man. But not all blacks use the N word towards each other and should not be ridiculed for choosing not to.

  2. to Charles barkley: hey fool because you made it and able to look like a fat PIG don`t think that the white man likes you, you don`t like your self or your PEOPLE to make statements like there's know RACiISM INTHIS COUNTRY IS A FOOLS STATEMENT YOU COURT JESTER.

  3. Olu Akani says:

    Really? Terence Howard is up there because he was pointing out how backward black people can be when it Comes to marrying outside your race. I swear some people are idiots sometimes, why should I care where another man sticks his d $$ know. Go on keep restricting your self to your own race and not even considering being happy with someone with a different skin colour if it makes you happy but don't knock another man's hustle, and this is coming from some one who has dated 95% black women all his life.

  4. There is no reason to get upset people. Just have these people in mind so when they do face racism, we don't come to their rescue. Oprah did not think racism existed until she experienced it.

    As of right now I don't support anything these people do. Let them go to the white race, just like OJ Simpson. I will not watch any movie by Morgan Freeman, by Howard. The Empire show is on Fox that is why I don't watch it any way. The only thing I watch on Fox is sports.

  5. Maybe the word racism is not the definition of the actions that's taking place now. A more correct term would be White Supremacy which is the global term for what is happening in American and all over the world. Racism doesn't exist only because there's only one race on this planet. But White Supremacy, white privilege and white dominance is global.

  6. Joan Brown says:

    I am not going to judge anyone if they choose not to prove how black they are, because that don't mean squat! I have met some of most two faced negroes in my life time. It's those same negroes telling other negroes that if they are not black a certain way, then 'they ain't black'! And those same negroes will be the first to sell you out, 'if and when' the opportunity arises! Therefore, that's BULL! Everybody from Africa are not the same! There are many different cultures, languages, and traditions in Africa. So why do some black Americans think that all black people should act the same if Africa is where our people descended from? WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME! And some of us need to accept and respect that!

    Also, I don't think that black folks, in particular, should take everything as just being said. Some people are very private about their beliefs. No everybody broadcast what they believe and what they do. This article could be somebody's definition, who's no where near black, using that article to incite division. Some fools are 'tried and true' to the 'divide and concur' theory still! All in the name of 'the mighty green'! So don't rule anything out unless you got the story straight!

  7. The extermination of Black people worldwide is documented fact.

  8. Lav Yesdnil says:

    The real aka sell out is the people who have the attention of the masses and put our this bullshit. Hate to say it like that but that's what it is. The truth is often hard to hear, but this column is straight trash. Get this trash off the pipeline to the masses.

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