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99 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe What The President of U. of Oklahoma’s Black Student Association Has To Say About The Racist Frat Video

  1. White people after all this time in this Christian country don't know if your not blue eyed you not pure the bluer the pure white you are dang all humanity come from Africa I guess the bible lie

  2. Where fo they find these ppl…why are we still trying to get them to accept us….We are done as a ppl…

  3. is this effeminate house nigra auditioning for a job at faux news? Mandela tried the same shit here in SA and it has back fired, MLK got his non violent ass kilt. when are these brainwashed mentally enslaved people going to learn?

  4. One of these Turn the other Cheek Negroes! I say Fuck them Peckerwoods they know what they was singing! They know what they was saying so why you want to be with them? Fuck them Folks! You Hate Me I hate you! He sounds alil Soft!

  5. The easiest way to work your way on to a major news network is squawk a message they desire to hear and broadcast. This brother clearly lacks the experience to be speaking on this issue in this moment. Incredible.

  6. Smart man, and for this to be from Fox News, the Meccas of Hate, makes it even more worthy. Who is the animal now? We are not all food stamp hogging, useless thugs like Hannity and Bill Oriely always try to make it seem. On our side of the isle, we been knew that not all white people are 'devils'.

  7. the bible have nothing to do with this it just a book of allegorical stories.

  8. I have news for you the never will learn as Gil Scott Heron would say push comes to shove and it will find out exactly what you are made of ,, Malcolm X – The House Negro and the Field Negro v=7kf7fujM4ag

  9. Johhen Allen says:

    This negro CRAZY! "Educate", college students about race; look like SOMEBODY has done that. This is the ignorance that some Blacks 'spew', and the one that white America want to hear. HOW MUCH DAM "FORGIVING"? America racism is like an abuse women who keep going back to her abuser, because he say he's not going to do it anymore; AND SHE "FORGIVE" HIM; 'YEAH RIGHT'!

  10. PJ Ruffin says:

    I was with you until you categorized MLK as being mentally enslaved. You sound misinformed.

  11. A men….We should have been done with these people 300yrs ago. I cant believe were still reaching out, are you kidding me. I got 2 words that will sum it up for me..( FUC'EM).

  12. Yero Moody says:

    Young brother we've been trying to teach them to practice love towards us for 500 years…..think its time we try something new! Maybe like learning to love our African selves and forget what they say or do!!!

  13. Ramal Davis says:

    I am BEYOND happy for venues like Atlanta Black Star for communicating to the real Africans out there and putting these buck dancing coons on notice. For years coon and sellout culture ran the yard unopposed in black society. Now, pan-Africanists and black nationalists armed with a new zeal for black economic empowerment are poised and ready to crush these traitors amd take the lead on this race.

  14. Naive Idealist who eats utopia for breakfast…

  15. Keep in mind that these racist frat boys were exposed by OU Unheard, another Black organization on campus that's activist-minded. And if this victim-blaming president is any indication, Black students at OU NEEDED another organization outside of the so-called BSA.

  16. this is all done to separate the two races further white is not the enemy say it again pale faces are the face of our enemy but it goes much deeper the intent the person has behind relasing a vid like this only send of alerts in a active brain think they systematically buitl amerikkka on race hate and greed same thing they going to use to destroy amerikkka all in a effort to enslave the populace more mentally in turn detroying anything with a chance of resebling positivity stay positive don't let them feed and salivate on you by emiitting what they need to survive nebative energy much luv and there will never be peace only positive people and negative evil souls.

  17. Michael Fox says:

    Does he even realize what the content of the video said . Some one needs yo educate him. The video said that they would LYNCH him and everyone that looks like him before they would allow him to join there Sae organization. You can love all you want too, but if love is non recipercle it can't not exist. How try loving black people our people are in desperate need of a lot of love.

  18. PJ Ruffin says:

    If what you say is true, then why do Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj still have jobs? Sounds like you got work to do.

  19. His glasses make him look stupid and he's trying too hard to sound nice/polite and educated. AmeriKKKa has always been a very nasty place made for slave owners, pirates and highway robbers. Matter of fact, who were robbed? Us! So, let it loose, my brother…LOOSEN UP. Run all your ten fingers through your hair and make them look disorderly, for our people's sake.

  20. Michael Blak says:

    PJ Ruffin MLK followed the philosophy of a man who was a racist…so MLK was misinformed too…

  21. Go on back to sleep…

  22. I'm tired of us having to forgive and show these assholes love and sing we shall over come and have a peaceful march. the prez of university cracked me up kicking the frat off campus but was it his intolerance of racism or the fear that black athletes wont come to the school and run the ball down the field so massa can make money off their bodies while they still do not get a proper education?

  23. PJ Ruffin you misunderstand I was not saying MLK was mentally enslaved. I meant his passivise approach got him killed… but then again so did Malcolm's opposite philosophy. I meant that I think hugging it out with someone who wishes you harm goes against basic survival instincts.

  24. Ben McDonald says:

    All the hate in the comments, HE IS TALKING TO YOU FOOLS.

  25. Assimilation is a MF, they might as well let you know how the real and corporate world is and will be. Do you really believe that it will be a major numbers of people of color in the work place, dummy you are competing against their kids for the big money jobs and the ability to live next door to them, stop playin. Move the hell out of Oklahoma, remember Black Wall Street and you'll still got your hand out begging, when reparations have all ready been paid to other cultures for much less. I had just wrote this on March 2, 2015 in response to another story…, feeling the discernment of CHRIST and guess what has happen over the weekend of March 7, 9, 2015.

  26. Tumiso Tsukudu you don't have to explain yourself. MLK was willing to put his life on the line even though his political strategy was one of cowardice and begging your enemies to love black people. We have to be honest about the assessment of MLK and those black leaders like him. MLK and those like him wanted black people to integrate. They also want us to forgive without justice. No people on this planet in its history every integrated their way to power and control. Once you integrate whether by force or on your own your interest and survival is dependent on somebody else other than your own people. Some of MLK last words where that he felt he was leading black people into a burning building when it came to integration.

  27. This brother missed a perfect opportunity to rather thank the white student who had the presence of mind to expose this.

  28. This love of the aggressor and falsified minds of black people must be purged from the minds of the masses of our people. This young black man needs to be called out for his MLK coward stance against white supremacy.

  29. When you forgive without justice you reward injustice and it will keep happening over and over again. That's been the state of black people in the Diaspora and in Africa the past 600yrs.

  30. That's right, you punk! Just turn the other cheek, then bend over and and let them kick you in the other two cheeks. Right! He's "extraordinary," because he's the type of Uncle Tom the the slave master loves. He's a good "Negro!"

  31. Kala Genesis says:

    Dude please do not compare Black entertainers to racist.

  32. Michael Fox says:


  33. What a smart young gentleman. It is dump tart mother fucking morons like Tumiso is what is wrong with the world today.

  34. Will Greene says:

    This young man is just a byproduct of the European education indoctrination system, he means no harm but harms many with his passive aggressive approach. You don't pray for people shooting at you, if your desire is to live, you either duck, run or fire back. The only way to stomp out racism is with size 14 boots. and adequate pressure. But focus on those whom display hate openly they speak loudly because they want to teach it and want others to hear it.

  35. Eric Hare says:

    @ Tumiso Tsukudu……Brother…..I love your wisdom! You words are SPOT ON!

  36. That's what going to school with them does for our boys…

  37. Eric Hare says:

    He's a FK TARD! GD PSSY! He even LOOKS like his brain is missing a few cylinders and it clearly SPEAKS FOR ITSELF by the BULLSHT COMING OUT OF HIS MOUTH!

  38. Issac Abrams says:

    I just won't even comment, smh.

  39. Rich Gee says:

    LOVE DON'T LOVE NOBODY! Especially when it come to these racist crackaz this brainwashed bootlicking….SMGDH!

  40. Don't know why These Videos are like 'censored' with a continuous advertisement Loop here,…

  41. Love can't fight for you or pay your bills!

  42. Love can't fight for you or pay your bills!

  43. Yes you like compromising non violent apologizing black males. Well I say fuck that! The days of black males apologizing begging and compromising with white supremacy are over.

  44. Arron Frazier, no one have to love you for being black. Just accepting the fact that being of a different color is like choosing your favorite flavor from a variety of ice cream, without prejudice to the others just because you've never tasted them. Haghendaze makes chocolate ice cream just as good as benn and jerrys but they both have their own uniqe taste. Apply that to the human conscience and it'll amongst to conscience. A lack of conscience is a lack of reasoning which is a void of concern and care. When was the last time have you assisted an old lady at the crossing, or dropped a quarter into the cup of the begger? Most of us would rather move to the hills after climbing the ladder of success , just like our white neighbors would, simply because we've stifled our conscience about giving back to the community we were a part of , thus you left with resentment therefore care is no more part of you.

  45. He is in that position because he makes white people comfortable. There are two many black people in high places who strongly lust for white.

  46. p.s I will tell you why I'm saying this, i.e. because 99% of black people will not join hands with a white hate group but would join a predominant white group in search of similar agenda, and you will find loads of white people marching against white injustice on behalf of black people. Therefore it's upon us all to be sensitive and aware that regardless of our ordeal, we not disregard these facts.

  47. Ogba Ikanga says:

    I've worked with fools like this in the corporate sector. They seem to think that Europeans are nice people and the reason we are treated poorly is largely our fault. Usually it doesn't take long for these coons to reverse their position and refer to all White people as devils when they are the ones now receiving bad treatment. So the man in glasses is naive, untrained and uneducated.

  48. Ogba Ikanga says:

    I've worked with fools like this in the corporate sector. They seem to think that Europeans are nice people and the reason we are treated poorly is largely our fault. Usually it doesn't take long for these coons to reverse their position and refer to all White people as devils when they are the ones now receiving bad treatment. So the man in glasses is naive, untrained and uneducated.

  49. Omega Payton says:

    Michael Blak : HHhmmm; damn good point. Ghandi was not only a racist but a lover of young boys. So much for being INFORMED!

  50. Nodiea Toney says:

    No love for these crackas thats a slave mentality we got to start taking these mf out on some Nat Turner ish!

  51. u r handsome r u ex military?

  52. Fukk this Uncle Tom…He would of told that we was reading in the barn back in Slavery days…These House negros are why we will never have real unity & change

  53. To the Ghandi haters on this page just know the man is the father of three nations. Possibly four if you count South Africa if you count the time when he was a lawyer there before he went back to the motherland. Know your history before making stupid comments. Try going on a 30 day hunger strike and giving up all your material possessions before making moronic comments.

  54. I knew what he was going to say before watching the clip.

  55. Charles Seay says:

    Michael Blak to think that you or any other "white" guy would say such a thing about Dr. King is beyond me. Your statement just shows how bad the educational system is where you are. Hope you are not from the US stating such things because that just makes me wonder even more.

  56. Tanya we are on the same page.

  57. Thanks….no not at all my computer is dying.

  58. sad day… Cooning on fox news.

  59. Ahayah Power says:

    MLK was a step n fetch it coon. Never trust a man white people endorse. MLK destroyed black independence, black business, and self esteem. You nignogs have no idea the destruction king caused.

  60. You believe MLK Crap.

  61. We are living in Jacob Trouble.

  62. Negro Please MLK was far from a coon and it takes a coon to call someone that put his life on the line a coon. From His Mountain Top Speech "…And our agenda calls for withdrawing economic support from you. And so, as a result of this, we are asking you tonight, to go out and tell your neighbors not to buy Coca-Cola in Memphis. Go by and tell them not to buy Sealtest milk. Tell them not to buy-what is the other bread? Wonder Bread. And what is the other bread company, Jesse? Tell them not to buy Hart's bread. As Jesse Jackson has said, up to now, only the garbage men have been feeling pain; now we must kind of redistribute the pain.

    We are choosing these companies because they haven't been fair in their hiring policies; and we are choosing them because they can begin the process of saying, they are going to support the needs and the rights of these men who are on strike. And then they can move on downtown and tell Mayor Loeb to do what is right. But not only that, we've got to strengthen black institutions.

    I call upon you to take your money out of the banks downtown and deposit your money in Tri-State Bank-we want a 'bank-in' movement in Memphis. So go by the savings and loan association. I'm not asking you something we don't do ourselves at SCLC. Judge Hooks and others will tell you that we have an account here in the savings and loan association from the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. We're just telling you to follow what we're doing. Put your money there.

    You have six or seven black insurance companies in Memphis. Take out your insurance there. We want to have an 'insurance-in.' Now these are some practical things we can do. We begin the process of building a greater economic base. And at the same time, we are putting pressure where it really hurts. I ask you to follow through here."

    King was killed the day after this speech calling for mass black group economics and empowerment. This is the man who organized one of the most successful boycotts in American history with the Montgomery bus boycott. Do you realize what this man would have accomplished.

  63. Somebody smack this idiot

  64. Devin Newark says:

    They're always representing us(Yisrael) with a effeminate homosexual booty bandit. Get him the fuck off tv!


  66. Josiah Mott says:

    I thought he made sense. I get what he's saying.

  67. PJ Ruffin says:

    Michael Blak

    You have faulty thinking and logic my friend. Just because someone is wrong when it comes to a certain issue does not mean they are wrong when it comes to all issues.

  68. I have listen to everyone, my question to all is anyone here play chess? I feel all the comments 100%, but we still need a guy with his mentality to balance things out. We need all those pieces to make our mission successful. Europeans conquered brown people by first introducing them to their GOD in their image and then when they gained our trust the priest moved to the side and the Military generals came in. The problem is us, not them us. we need to figure out how to start a movement. We need unity in a positive way based on strategy and a well thought out planing across this country where those with the financial means could help donate to the cause to start a new organization. An organization not built on religion, not looking to be accepted or not even asking for equal rights. You don't ask for equal rights you take it, and we cant ask any other race to join because we need to learn to work together or we will fail together. We don't want to make this religious because it shouldn't matter what your religion is if your black you suffer the same fate I do when you walk out your door. We'll talk people, we'll talk.

  69. I honor his willingness to put his life on the line is admirable and a quality black men the world over need to protect and fight for our families and people. However his ideology was coonish. The ideal of non violence in the face of white people who's history is littered with violence at every turn since leaving Europe in the 1400's to present day is very coonish delusional ideology. Also the coonish ideology of pushing black people to integrate with whites. No where in human history do we see any group of people integrate themselves into power. You basically weaken and destroy yourself as group and empower the group you are integrating with because they are setting the rules of power. Nobody wants to talk about the fact MLK and the civil rights movement was being controlled and financed by whites calling themselves Jews. Basically what every King was saying was being approved and cosigned by them. That stop when his last two speeches on the Vietnam War America foreign policy and the poor in America. The whites calling themselves Jews didn't approve and cosign those speeches and he was killed after those speeches. There's a long time thought in this country for black people that you can speak about domestic things but intentionally things are a no no during those times.

  70. get the fuc outta here.

  71. Daryl Bogan says:

    A wheat cracker is still a cracker so don't let the color fool you..

  72. Daryl Bogan says:

    This is the perfect example of our Mother Harriet Tubman's quote"I would have freed many more slaves if only they would known that they where slaves".

  73. *sighs I can't today..

  74. Ibo Thabo says:

    When Christian evil Hitler marched to Paris, the catholic French never said lets forgive them & turn the other check, but the French stood up for a fight. When the same evil Hitler marched to Christian England, the English never said hallelujah; let’s offer ElizaBitch to Hitler for a blowjob, but the English stood up for a fight, and now they all respect each other very well. Blacks around the world in general, and blacks in Africa in particular, needs to stand up for a really fight & serious hate to those evil who hate us so much for so long, and then a respect will come up, nothing else.

  75. It is amazing how Mr. Isaac Hill can kiss Fox ass and suck Oklahoma racist balls at the same time.

  76. God Bless South Africa!

  77. He's just a kid y'all. Lol. He'll learn just like we did. Stay in school and keep that positive attitude young man.

  78. I forgive them too. I'm not going to let hate fester in me and destroy me from the inside out. That kind of harbored emotion breaks your body down. Remember when you were a kid and you got really nervous before trying to talk to someone you really like? Or how you felt before going onstage for a talent show or to speak in front of an audience? How about that anger/nervousness you feel when two cops are pulling you over and there's no one else around to serve as witnesses? How did your body respond to that external stimuli? Light sweat, lil stomach pain, grinding teeth, the body shaking a little from the adrenalin it's ready to pump out to say the least I bet. That's what hate does to you on a smaller scale but on a continuous basis if you hold it. I forgive them. That being said, these guys need to go. You can't leave this unchallenged and assume it will go away on its own. If you're ignorant to think so then 500 years of actual factual history says you're wrong. Either from the school, from society, or from life itself, they need to get gone. "You can't fight hate with hate, but you can still lovingly eliminate."

  79. Malcolm XJr says:

    Michael Blak Not challenging what you are saying, but please enlighten me.

  80. Malcolm XJr says:

    I'm w/ 100% on this one.

  81. I am South African, Ghandi was a racist / self hating. Do the research. Just google it for the short answer.

  82. Lana Sealy says:

    Tumiso Tsukudu really? Please stop posting your comments…and you certainly should not be calling Mandela and MLK's names you should be ashamed of yourself…it is your kind of comments and behavior that instigates the haters…please go away.

  83. This Dude is SOFT. SOFT! SOFT!

  84. Diana Baskin says:

    What have you done and what do you suggest others do. Easy to sit on your butt and criticize others. MLK died for the cause so that people like you will have to right to type stupid stuff on FB without being lynched.

  85. Your logic and ideology smacks in the face of history of groups of people on this planet. You keep believing in the MLK I have a dream crap. The time for black people waiting for other people's humanity to kick in or them to love us is over. We must have power to secure our own interest and survival.

  86. Hunger strikes and giving up all your material possessions will not stop oppression or you enemies from wanting too and dominating you. The having of power to stop your enemies and oppressor is the way. You can wait for western civilization to catch humanity if you want too but its alot of non whites since the 1400's who aren't on this planet because of waiting for them to get it.

  87. I'm white and I think you have the best solution.

  88. Hank Wilson says:

    Coonery at its beast…

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