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Missy Elliott’s Triumphant Super Bowl Return Causes Major Sales Spike for the Hip Hop Icon

Missy Elliott returns Missy Elliott’s triumphant return to the music scene during the Super Bowl halftime show has caused the rapper to see a dramatic spike in sales.

While Katy Perry was praised in many mainstream publications for her halftime performance, all Black people wanted to talk about was the “Work It” rapper’s incredible return.

With 118.5 million viewers tuned in to watch the Super Bowl, it’s no surprise that Missy’s sales would see a substantial boost. But the final tally exceeds many expectations.

According to Billboard, Missy is on track to see a staggering 1,000 percent increase in sales for the week following the Super Bowl, serving as a reminder of why she became a legendary figure in hip hop in the first place.

She performed three of her most recognizable hits—“Get Ur Freak On,” “Work It” and “Lose Control.”

Each track is expected to sell up to 20,00 downloads with “Work It” surfacing as a major crowd favorite and the biggest seller, Billboard reported.

On streaming services, her victorious comeback was even more prevalent.

On Spotify, she saw a 676 percent increase in streams the day after the Super Bowl, Huffington Post reported.

Fans soon made their way over to iTunes and bumped “Work It” up to number 3 on the iTunes Top 100 chart and launched her album Under Construction into the 36th spot for iTunes’ top-selling albums.

“Seeing my songs in the top 10 & albums bk on the charts makes me so humbled,” she tweeted after news broke of the incredible digital success that her music was having. “Thank y’all shows that real music is TIMELESS.”

The show’s headliner didn’t even see this massive boost in sales but there is actually another explanation behind this other than Missy’s musical prowess stealing the show (which it most certainly did).

Since the hip hop mogul’s music was older, it had already dropped substantially on all the charts. So bringing it back into the limelight would inevitably lead to a dramatic spike in sales.

For Katy, whose music has been selling well on a consistent basis since she was an active artist, as opposed to Missy who was on hiatus, the performance is expected to cause a 75 percent increase in sales for this week.

Meanwhile, fans are just hoping that the Super Bowl show wasn’t just a rare appearance from Missy and that new music will be coming their way soon.

If the rumor mill is any indication of Missy’s musical future, fans should have a lot to be excited about: Rumors have been swirling that two of today’s most popular music producers and DJs, Skrillex and Diplo, are teaming up with Missy to release a remix to their hit song “Take You There.”

Missy is also encouraging new fans to check out her music videos while they are downloading her music.

After the show, she took the time to thank Perry again for inviting her to perform.

“I Thank @KatyPerry again becuz she said missy I want u to perform your records,” she tweeted. “She didn’t have 2 & her show was Amazing!”



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