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Civil Rights Group Petitions to Have Sony Executive Amy Pascal Fired for Racist Emails

In response to the racist emails sent out by Sony Picture Co-Chairwoman Amy Pascal that leaked due to a hacking of the company’s email accounts, civil rights organization has drawn up a petition urging the firing of the executive.

The letter that Color of Change will send to Sony reads:

Dear Sony Pictures Entertainment,

Amy Pascal’s recently-unearthed, racially-charged email exchanges are completely unacceptable.

Her comments_which included speculation about President Obama’s taste in films (“Django,” “12 years,” “Or the butler. Or think like a man?,” “Ride Along. I bet he likes Kevin Hart.”) as well as the assertion that TV deals are “the new Black baby” in Hollywood—seem to confirm a manipulative, exploitative relationship corporations like Sony have with Black folks.

With so many incredible Black entertainers contributing their time and talents to Sony pictures—and Black audiences giving millions of their hard-earned money to your films as well—Pascal’s behavior is a truly intolerable slap in the face.

We demand Amy Pascal be fired from Sony Pictures Entertainment immediately.


{your name}.”

The civil rights group wrote the following statement on its site: “Our genius, our cultural products, and our $1.1 Trillion in buying power are not given the respect they deserve, regardless of the massive sums of money they result in for people like Amy Pascal. We must hold Pascal accountable here; not just for her horrendous comments, but also for her role at the helm of a corporate agenda that views Black America as one big, lucrative joke. Join us in demanding that Amy Pascal be relieved of her duties at Sony Pictures Entertainment immediately.”

Color of Change is not the only organization seeking retributive actions from the production company.

The National Association of African American Owned Media (NAAAOM) has recently threatened a boycott of all Sony products if changes are not made.

“We know that institutionalized racism is reflected in the lack of contracting with 100% African American owned media companies,” Mark DeVitre, President of NAAAOM said in a statement. “The numbers are indisputable. And therefore, we are requesting a meeting with Amy Pascal and CEO, Michael Lynton, and if we come away from that meeting and 100% African American owned media is not participating in a long term, significant agreement with Sony then all options are on the table including pickets, boycotts of all Sony products as well as an examination of our rights under the law.”

The emails that have incited such outrage were part of a hacking group’s attempt to stop the release of Sony’s newest movie “The Interview,” which follows two men’s attempt to kill the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un. The Christmas Day release of the movie has now been pulled with no plans of a new release date yet.





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