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Yaga Sounds and Sizzla Kalonji Team Up for ‘Dem Bad Minds,’ Combatting Social Injustice

Sizzla Kalonji

Sizzla Kalonji

Production team Yaga Sounds and Sizzla Kalonji recently released a song entitled “Dem Bad Mind” that searingly goes to the root of social issues involving Black people on iTunes.

DBM premiered last week on Large Up and Reggaeville, two of the largest reggae sites in the world. Although the new song is mainly a dance hall tune, DBM has an intense message behind it. The song sets out to promote positive energy and environments while speaking out against negative people and situations.

“You have some people go on like them are the best, all them do is fight against the progress, tell da wicked man say dem just can’t test, tell dem life over death….Dem Bad Mind,” sings Sizzla over the beat.

“Dem Bad Mind is deep in terms of all the social issues that are going on with the Ferguson Riots, the murder of Mike Brown and Mario Deane, all the way to Trayvon Martin to as far back to even Emmett Till,” described Yaga Sounds member, EchoSlim. “It represents injustice happening to people all over the world. It speaks to everyone that has an unjust way of thinking from politicians to police officers to every day people. No one is exempt, from the highest of the high to the lowest of the low.”

Yaga Sounds consists of  Flexx, a Dominican engineer who has worked with Flo Rida, Lauryn Hill, Robbie Shakespeare and others; EchoSlim, a Trinidadian that has toured the world with Black Violin under the name DJ TK; and Gappo, the Jamaican son of legendary reggae singer Donald Manning of the Abyssinians. Sizzla, who is featured on the track, is a renowned reggae musician who as of 2014 has released over 70 solo albums.

The combination of the two reggae titans is sure to bring a hard-hitting beat to a universal message.


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