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8 Reasons Stacey Dash Rubs The Black Community The Wrong Way

stacy dash

Attack on Black America

When actress Stacey Dash appeared on a recent episode of The Sean Hannity Show, she was asked if electing Barack Obama had helped the minority community. Dash answered, “No, not at all.”

“It still keeps them stuck. They are getting money for free,” Dash said. “They feel worthless. They are uneducated.”


Married Three White Men

Although Dash had a child with R&B singer Christopher Williams and dated Black actors Damon Wayans and Jamie Foxx, there’s a perception or speculation that her three marriages to white men represents a dislike for Black men. It’s rumored that the 47-year-old actress is currently dating 25-year-old model and aspiring actor Michael Evers, who is Caucasian.

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86 thoughts on “8 Reasons Stacey Dash Rubs The Black Community The Wrong Way


  2. Alexander Thomas says:

    Holy "cognitive dissonance" Batman. She actually quotes Malcolm X? If Malcolm were still alive he would surely be one of the people she would be on Fox News belittling with Sean Hannity and the like.

  3. Jay Contreras says:

    She is part black I believe but she is the standard sambo who is trotted out to rubber stamp white skin privilege & supremacy. She is not unique & will be discarded once she's been used to their satisfaction. She's like a black Sarah Palin. Look for her on somebody's political ticket to appeal to the nigras as the repubs grasp for straws to get y'all back on the plantation. lol..

  4. tea party can have this brainless bimbo Aunt Jemina in other words Stacey Trash no I mean Dash is still ironically living up to the title of the movie which her only claimed to fame, CLUELESS!

  5. Veronica Alleyne says:

    I date white men too but, I don't pretend I'm not black & call the black community as whole uneducated, there are dumb whites just like there are dumb blacks & dumb everybody else too.

  6. Veronica Alleyne says:

    I date white men too but, I don't pretend I'm not black & call the black community as whole uneducated, there are dumb whites just like there are dumb blacks & dumb everybody else too.

  7. Very sad for a Black woman to be so Clueless about Black history. Aunt Jemina I like that. Brainless Yes.I do not know much about Stacey Dash, I am a Proud Black woman from UK.

  8. Shirley Williams says:

    She part black white so its hard for her to make up her mine but she new who had the big deal!!!! She had a baby for him lmao

  9. Tom Wiseman says:

    It would be interesting to find out how she became a conservative or at least acquired conservatism.

  10. Kelly Payne says:

    I don't have a problem with her marring white guys or anyone for that matter. , I do have a problem with her being an ass.

  11. Kermit Blackwood says:

    Stacey Dash does not have any children with Christopher Williams. Sounds like she's being intentionally provocative to kick start dialogue/action. If people want to start reacting they need to do it at the voting booth. As if she doesn't know that black and other minority democrats are a big part of the demographic that have historically skipped mid-term elections. Crazy like a fox. Maybe it will piss people off enough to get up and vote their conscious.

  12. Ray Carney says:

    The American after 350 years still have not figured out the game, Stacey has. The game is there is no game.

  13. Lola Powell says:

    Every confused black person has an epiphany moment at some point when they think they're going to be included or treated better and then someone reminds them that they're still black. She'll have her moment soon and just as public as she is about denouncing her own people will be the magnitude of her shame before us all.

  14. Lola Powell says:

    She's not black and white boo. She's Barbadian, African-American, and Mexican. No white up in there she just worships white folk smh. She's clueless for real.

  15. I'm married to a' white' man and have been for nearly 30yrs. I know who I am. Stacy Dash is in my opinion an empty dress and an IDIOT!

  16. This trick still "clueless." #FixItJesus.

  17. Rick Nappier says:

    We, the Black community, will continue stay irrelevant, except for on election day, as long as opinions and viewpoints outside of our monolithic thinking, threaten us.

  18. 1 reason why we blacks rub each other the wrong way and then kill each other everyday…the reason why.. listening to black liberation theology.

  19. It has to do with a black conservative race hustle, where Stacey Jemima Rash saw that she can make big money for herself by attacking her own black race, and then getting the racist white supremacist conservatives and racist white supremacist conservative Fox to pay her lots of money to be the only blackface racist person attacking black people.

  20. This broad is fake all the way around.

  21. Stacey Jemima Rash is a self-hating, anti-black, colored conservative race hustler who is trying to make money from racist white supremacist conservative Republicans by being one of the lead knee-grow conservatives who attacks her own black race just to please the racist white supremacist conservatives. Her anti-black political coonery will have no audience come January 20, 2017, 'cause the racist white supremacist conservative Republicans will kick her and the rest of the Jemima coon-servatives, and the Ruckus coon-servatives, all to the curb.

  22. Levon Wilson says:

    funny how yall black folks shame her.. but truth matter is… she actually keeping it real 100% what has the democrat party done for u lately.

  23. Her pov is born of her background and environment, but she has every right to have it.

  24. She is a sell out, no doubt. The mullatos destroyed the Haitian revolution. Then the French brought many of them to France, and showed them, they were no different than the black skin blacks, after toming for the French. Some of our most revolutionary blacks are mullatos, but she will never fit the bill, I put her in sack with the type who tomed for the French, and they are always given a forum to talk, sure nonsense.

  25. Shirley Williams says:

    We'll she maybe bar/aaf/Mex but she went where more meat on the bone smdh 2

  26. I am proud to be black and from mississippi but the truth of the matter I am not for sale

  27. Larry Dunbar says:

    No, I don't think Stacey is the one who appear clueless. Look who most of the Black Community has voted for over the past 60 years. What she's really doing is trying to wake the rest of your behinds up. Look at your communities, look at your unemployment numbers compared to the rest of Americans, look at your bankrupt cities. No TEA Party Conservatives did this. Its the Democratic Party and their relentless pursuit of Utopia to which you will play an even smaller role.

  28. She got a job at FOX, shes saying what she thinks they want to hear, not so stupid after all, she will be cashing a fat check, and all of you can talk shit but that's a business minded woman.

  29. What has the Republican party done for YOU lately??

  30. Levon Wilson says:

    lately when I was growing up they gave me a school of choice. and sense being former military I love them good pay raises that's the start, but I am a conservative,, and really I don't need any party to do shit for me I do for my self,, no hand out needed

  31. Levon Wilson The Magnet program was a DEMOCRATIC initiative not Republican. So it was because of Democrat's that you were allowed a 'school of your choice'. And yes Republicans did INITIALIZE to have a higher pay increase for the Military then the Democrats wanted BUT they also wanted to increase TAXES on the military which is why you received the DEMOCRATIC pay increase WITHOUT the increased taxes. And why do 'conservatives' like yourself constantly try to refer to everything as a 'hand-out'. Since when has Education Reform an better funding for schools a 'hand-out'? Since when is lower taxes for small businesses that ENCOURAGES economic growth instead of lower taxes for large corporations which encourages monopolization a 'hand-out'?? Since when is lower taxes for the wealthy through government loop-holes while compounded taxation of the lower class a 'hand-out'??

    Exactly what are these so called 'hand-outs' that you are referring to?? Or are you just doing like the majority of 'conservatives' and talking out of the side of your mouth.

  32. Lisa Hayes says:

    Why does she even have a spot in the news?

  33. Dante Barton says:

    OBAMA CARE! If you tried to purchase health insurance for either yourself or a sick family member with a pre-existing condition prior to the law then you'll understand what the Democratic Party have done for us lately.

  34. Levon Wilson Take a LOL and call me in about 10 yrs

  35. Levon Wilson says:

    wayne Johnson I wanted to spit my coffee out my mouth when I read your response this mourning at work….. ok let me give you a quick crash course on govt and economics 101 its gonna go real.. quick.. first off the democrats do no favor anything in the military first and formost, why you think it took so long after Clinton gutting the military to build it up.. every soldier was stop lost, my ass almost had the effect of it.. so why you think the republicans uphold the constitution and role of govt. its role states it in the constitution is to keep providing a army an navy, and never once the democrats help the military in the hand, maybe in the times of FDR initiating the GI BIll but other then that none. now for your economics….. idk understand what you getting at. lower taxes for small and large business help the economy out on all level even coming from a business mind like my self if you have employers and insurance you got to pay for and lets not forget your business as a whole, parts materials and etc if ur taxed so much whats going to happen , something going to have to be cut as a lost in my earning weather employer hours or insurance or materials, you got to think out the box I know its mind buggle but that's a crash course govt role is to promote the common good of all businesses and limit taxes. if u have a lower tax you would go out and spend more cause u have more in your wallet… now I do there is govt greed and fraud as well as industrial business I think it should be reg but I don't think over taxing the fuck is going to help, now the handouts what has welfare done for the black community ,, nothing I agree it should be used if u need it desperate but don't make it a dependency…. on the govt. what the black community done is pretty much endulged it as crack.. and I think provided a way like JOBS to get out of welfare instead of a handout is a great way to restore dignity and power and less dependency to the govt….

  36. Levon Wilson says:

    Dante Barton…. as for you……. I get healthcare is a rip off sham and I know we rank bout 45th in health care but Obama care a Govt run health care is not going to work if u think it will work so good look at the VA health care all the horror stories of that good system. if u think govt run health care will work…. and I should be pentalized for not having it an being taxed on it. its like justifying it with a wrong with another wrong.. now I think it should be fixed but not at this notion . I like what dr ben carson made a health care saving acct.. and if u think obamacare will work look at N korea healthcare..

  37. Levon Wilson says:

    Odessa Richardson…. I taking a SOS hoping people will wake the hell up

  38. Lisa Woods says:

    Say It Stacey, Like You Mean It Stacey…LET'M All READ'M & Weep And Eat Cake!!! Lol…I Ain't Sayin She's A Gold Digga But She Ain't Messin Wit A Broke …Kanye Voice lolol! All Parties Suk As Yall Will Soon Find Out They Are In It Together! Rest Of You Better Get In Where You Fit In Like Stacey! Smart Like A Fox Dash… How's That For Dumb Q_Q? Don't Hate & Be Mad… Lol {^_~

  39. Devon Colley says:

    As a retired military person myself Levon I have to disagree with you on your statement that the Republicans gave you a good raise do your research my brother in race and in arms. We received the biggest across the board raises during the Clinton administration which was Democratic. When the Republicans increase the defense budget it does not or did not go to us the soldiers it went to funding military contracts and buying useless equipment that we didn't want or need!!

  40. Levon Wilson says:

    are u serious… ??? really lets see when Obama took office our raise was barely 1.2% when bush was in… its was damn near over 2% lets not leave out combat pay… now that shit is gone.. and Clinton really shot the military all to hell and downgraded it.. yes republicans had to increase the budget and funding on defense but we didn't get up armored HMMVs till damn near aft 2005 so most that funding had to go to equipment or sorting as you want to call it… due to Clintons downgrading on military parts and equipment … so do your research…more.. I agree contractors were fucking it over on budget. but lets look at unions and govt run healthcare…. I think that will be all our tax dollars thrown out

  41. Aw Shade says:

    This "clueless" young female certainly does not speak for me. Her statements are truly irrelevant in my Black world.

  42. Aw Shade says:

    Levon Wilson – What has an politician–Democrat, Republican or Independent– done for any of "us" lately, Sport?

  43. Kalin Maurice Leonard says:

    Levon Wilson How the hell did the Republican Party give you "a school of choice"? You didn't even bother making any true points at all. You are talking out of both ends.

  44. Kalin Maurice Leonard says:

    Levon Wilson How the hell did the Republican Party give you "a school of choice"? You didn't even bother making any true points at all. You are talking out of both ends.

  45. Levon Wilson says:

    I not even going to dignify your response lol stop watchin MSNBC.

  46. Levon Wilson says:

    Kalin Maurice Leonard lol I guess bush an his party offered so much…. of it in…….. I didn't see Obama doing so.. stop watchin MSNBC.. and fyi look at all the democrat run cities like bmore or Chicago.. look how they school systems are ran… I don't see republicans running it.

  47. Levon Wilson There you go again, right back to quoting something you would hear from typical Conservatives. You sound like a puppet man. Do you have a single original thought? Do some actual research please. I don't have to watch the news to have me form an opinion because I am smart enough to form my own. You wouldn't answer my question because you have NO answer. Typical.

  48. Levon Wilson says:

    Kalin Maurice Leonard bro… please typical conservative what if I was a democrat.. and said the same shit I just said to you probably wouldn't believe even if it was fact… but I help you look at the city your self.. and then maybe you can wake up.. please if go to gun control it be the same factual shit I be saying if you put more gun control on an area crime will go up.. I mean look at NYC or LA or Chicago.. but I guess those statistics doesn't sit well with you its that liberalism that clouds your mind when its gets put out by a conservative like me.. but anyway I not making originality I come with facts… and school of choice offers more for a kid whose in a failing school system.. I mean lets take the notion of little rock back in the civil rights era or better yet member ruby bridges even though the brown versus the board of education it was still relevant the republican party gave opportunites for blacks to advance in better schools systems sense your party wanted to create a separate but equal shit.. but hey what do I know its history.. don't have to be orginal on please bore some one else with your blindness… and fuckery mind.. peace..

  49. WHat has the Democratic party done for us lately?
    The Employee Free choice act.
    The Lily Ledbetter act giving women the right to equal pay to men.
    Helped generate over 10 million private sector jobs in the last six years.
    Presided over record stock market values.
    Healthcare reform
    Unemployment is below 6% for the first time since 2008.
    We found and killed Osama bin Ladin.
    Our deficits have been reduced by nearly $1 trillion.
    Same-sex marriage has made huge strides toward national legalization.
    Equality for women has been a driving force behind his presidency.
    Reformed our corrupt credit system.
    Gay Americans can now openly serve in the military.
    Saved the American auto industry.
    Income inequality has finally made it into mainstream discussions.

  50. Allen Thomas says:

    Don't be hate'n on my smart, sexy, intelligent, self-made sista. She made it off the Democrat plantation.

  51. Mardi Sawyer says:

    I respect her for speaking her mind! Most people are afraid to do that but I don't! It's about time more Americans decend the Constitution and not just sit on their hands! Thank God for social media! Let's get the word out!!

  52. who tell you she rubs the Black community "the wrong way." you took a poll? who did you ask? when did you ask? you don't get to pick who.
    is our hero and who is not.

  53. Zeke Davis says:


  54. Zeke Davis says:

    So you voter the same as the kkk? oh.

  55. …To Another Clueless! Republicans will help you? They are already playing down the proposed education availability and skills training for all. So tell me about how wonderful Republicans are to the average American.

  56. Republicans are in need of black support. If I want to use the party for my own personal welfare and gain as a black person could do that. I could get a lot more by having a Republican persuasion than being an honest Democrat. Stacy is using the party for her own gain! She could care less about anyone but Stacy.

  57. Republicans welcomes black support without changing their stance. Stacy is using the party for her own gain! She could care less about anyone but Stacy. It's called "Sell Out!" Blacks know the game and some are willing to play, $$$!

  58. Herb Stewart says:

    Nicole, she's paid for what comes out her mouth. You sound like the reverse would be alright with you.IJS.

  59. Herb Stewart Not at all, and thanks for your inappropriate remark, I'm sure it made you feel like more of a man. -_- How is my comment at all suggesting that I would support women giving sexual favors to get ahead, you're a complete waste of human flesh.

  60. Levon Wilson They "GAVE" your black ass something? They who? This bitch would hate your uncle Tom guts if she knew your black ass had been "given" something. Go suck one faggot.

  61. Ted Langham says:

    Levon Wilson you are sick…pay raises for destroying countries and paying Halliburton to rebuild…them…if you are Military you can't to shit for yourself..

  62. Alan Roberts says:

    Sorry Nicole, but you're the waste of flesh–or brains anyway. Your comment suggests that if she makes a fortune with her tactics, it's enough to qualify her as a powerful, savvy woman–which is like lionizing the mafia for doing the same. She has publicly insulted the African American community, and she spends a fortune making her physical appearance conform to a Caucasian image–if this Bible-thumping Uncle Tom is your idea of a hero, then it's a waste of time arguing with you–you're a bottom-feeder.

  63. Alan Roberts says:

    What grade have you completed? I had better grammar in kindergarten. You think anyone values your opinion on this?

  64. Alan Roberts says:

    Can someone translate this into proper English for me?

  65. Lisa Woods says:

    Alan Roberts Tge Same Grade Your Cunt Mama Completed With Your None Picture Scared To Show Your Fuggly Face Pussy AZ!! Lololl!

  66. Alan Roberts Who ever said I held her in high regard? Damn near every rapper makes the black community look bad, and that's not a difficult thing to do. Also, how about reading the comment that I posted, not one time did I call her powerful or savvy. In this country, money makes you, who cares if she says disparaging things, shes not breaking the law or gaining a high powered office… Take a pick from any black person in this country, offer them a large sum of money to put down other blacks, how many people do you think would turn that down?

  67. She did say that our current President caused all of these problens and not the Democratic Party.

  68. Stacey who???!!! Talk about a struggling actress over 40!!! Man is she desperatelytrying to to keep her name out there!!!

  69. Edd Henley says:

    She is a prime example that you don't have to be smart to be on Fox's News.


  71. She hates herself cause she is black.
    She is on my list of forgiveness . i love you stacey
    Not because you black but because you are human.
    (be what you see, don't be what you heard)

  72. She's only a Republican because it's profitable to be the step-n-fetch after making her millions on one role as a kid. The moment she's dropped from the lap of luxury into what real life is like for Black Americans, her tune will change right-f_cking-quick.

    There's nothing deep about selfishness. And she embodies the spirit of 'I got mine, so f_ck you.'

  73. Patricia Kim says:


  74. Wait, why is it okay to use words like 'coonery'? I get the point you're making, but I don't think you need to attack this woman for her views while also using white slurs. It doesn't make you any better than the people you're protesting.

  75. Alan Roberts I'm sorry you need "proper English" to understand and communicate with others. I didn't have a problem. If you really didn't understand, you wouldn't have commented. You're just being a dick.

  76. Steve Anton says:

    She is gorgeous
    Black women are just jealous of her

  77. Gosh almighty, a black girl calling out the black takers-who would've thought?

  78. Gene Hayn says:


  79. Mark Burks says:

    All these haters are SO jealous. She's beautiful and has much more intellectual gravitas than all these idiots that are denigrating her. Because she is completely right about black dysfunction and the state of denial and victimhood that permeates the black community, and the role that liberal Democratic policies have done to keep blacks on the liberal plantation and sucking the government teat, instead of doing something to better their themselves and their families. Blacks should better concern themselves with black on black killings, which are hundereds of times more prevelanat than police shootings of blacks, and which are almost always justified.

  80. Lola Christian Not to start anything, but "Barbadian" and "Mexican" are not races, they're nationalities (it doesn't determine your color, only where you were born)… I think you're trying to say "black" and "hispanic"…

    It's like saying somebody is white and "American"…. one is a race the other is simply where you were born…

  81. This is SUPER true!

  82. make up her mind not mine…

  83. TaraMae Land says:

    I have nothing against her and i'm black . must be because i'm not american . She speaks well , she's not vulgar , not loud or crazy . so what she's a republican ? At least when she's on tv she doesn't make me feel ashamed

  84. gabrielle says:

    Stacey Dash is smokin’ hot. Among the best looking women in the world. And super smart. Tough. A conservative. Smarter than all the idiot blacks on here who toe the Democrat slavery line. Morons. So proud of Stacey Dash, Candace Owens who could run circles around every one of you idiots. Best thing I ever did was stop voting mindlessly Democrat and vote Trump in 2016. Thank God more of us are seeing the light and making the break every day.

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