Meagan Good Scolds Christians for ‘Disappointing’ Reaction to Nude Photo Leak

Christian actress Meagan Good said she is disappointed in the harsh criticisms and online backlash she has received from members of the Christian community after nude photos of the actress were leaked online.

Good is only one of many actresses who fell victim to a massive breach in iCloud’s security.

The hacker soon began releasing what the actresses thought would be private images.

Despite being a victim of an incredible invasion of privacy, some people have painted the actresses as the ones in the wrong.

In Good’s case, many of her critics are self-proclaimed Christians who felt the actress should be ashamed of the nude photos.

The 33-year-old actress, who is married to preacher DeVon Franklin, took to Instagram to express her disappointment in those who have decided to judge her during what has already been a difficult time.

“These last few days have been hard … but I know that God is in the plan … ,” she wrote on Instagram. “I choose to trust him – even when I don’t understand … After all, that’s what real faith is.”

Meagan Good responds to nude photo leak “I will say, it’s been disappointing to receive such harsh judgment and criticism from my own brothers and sisters when my husband and I were the ones who were violated and had our intimate moments exposed to the world against our will,” she continued. “But it’s Dad’s will – not ours, that will ultimately prevail. And it’s a person who did this – not God. I trust dad wholeheartedly.”

In the midst of judgment and backlash, however, some fans have been incredibly supportive of the actress and Good took the time to thank them for being “loving” and “supportive.”

“Thank you to everyone else who has been supportive, loving, encouraging and demonstrating the True Love of God,” the beginning of the Instagram message said.

Last week, she also took to Instagram to express her shock and sympathy for other actresses going through the same ordeal.

“I’m definitely in shock (and) saddened for everyone who is experiencing this,” Good wrote.

Other stars who have had their nude photos leaked include Being Mary Jane star Gabrielle Union, Diamonds songstress Rihanna, former Disney star Vanessa Hudgens, Twilight actress Anna Kendrick and Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence.


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