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8 thoughts on “28 Richest Black Female Celebrities With a Collective Net Worth of Over $4B

  1. James Sbi Jackson says:

    Where is Janet Jackson.. She has a lot more money than half the women on this list.

  2. Bwire Vincent says:

    How does that help me, as a Black person? Most of them have money, but no brains; Nick Cannon just bought a pair of shoes worth $1,000,000!
    Blacks in this country need their own banks, grocery, real estate and jewelry stores. They need their own manufacturing and entertainment industries.
    If you are waiting for Atlanta Black Star to point out to you how you are being screwed, then you are beyond help.

  3. Abbas Ali says:

    Shit I didn't knew Mariah Carey was black.

  4. Right! They need to build economic growth in the community they was raised at? Blacks always want to please and make the white people to feel better and superior!

  5. Marcus V Shaw says:

    Where do they get these numbers from? So you telling me Rihanna worth $120 million but Halle Berry is only worth 70?

  6. Were is Diana Ross she's worth around 160. Millon

  7. Well her dads black so she's mixed!

  8. Halle Berry is an actress they don't make more than singers! Singers go on tour and make money produce music and make money sell songs and make money, do gigs and make money! Actresses do a movie and get paid 10million and don't do one for another year or so unless they are very popular! Halle Berry don't make as much as the more professional actresses!

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