New Rumors on Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey Divorce: Is Mariah an Unstable Mother?

Amid the rumors about the divorce between television personality Nick Cannon and R&B singer Mariah Carey comes a new twist, which credits Cannon for initiating the breakup and not Carey.

Ever since Carey and Cannon tied the knot in 2008, fans speculated that Carey would  call the shots in the relationship.

Even if that were true, the latest rumors suggest that Cannon is calling the shots in the divorce.

The pair separated in May and it was finally revealed that they are ready to file for divorce.

Initially, reports said Carey initiated the divorce after Cannon appeared on Big Boy’s radio show and named five celebrities he had slept with.

Sources told TMZ that when Cannon named reality star Kim Kardashian, Carey was furious and made a push for divorce.

New TMZ sources claim, however, that Cannon is calling off the marriage because he believes Carey is an unstable mother.

TMZ’s sources say the young comedian feels that Carey created a “toxic” environment for their two children, Moroccan and Monroe.

The sources added that Carey and her team are too concerned with making money and they are giving no consideration to personal affairs.

While the rumors accuse Cannon of initiating the divorce, they also claim that he is trying to remain as peaceful as possible about the matter.

Nick Cannon Mariah Carey divorce

Source: Instagram

The sources said Cannon is taking a “passive” role in the divorce, but the America’s Got Talent Host has not confirmed or denied any of the allegations as yet – and he may not be able to.

TMZ reported that Carey has issued Cannon a gag order that prohibits him from speaking publicly about the divorce.

The confidentiality agreement is “completely one-sided,” TMZ reported, and includes financial penalties for Cannon is he says anything about the divorce.

Carey, on the other hand, is welcome to say whatever she pleases, according to the sources.

So far she has not exercised that right.

When TMZ cameras caught up with Carey on Monday she did not talk about the divorce.

When the photographer asked the self-proclaimed diva about her marital woes, she simply responded by saying it was “too hot” to talk.

Other reports have surfaced saying that the couple is going to try to keep things peaceful for the sake of the children.


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