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Chrisette Michele Feels ‘R&B Divas LA,’ Reality TV Was a Mistake

5th Annual Hip-Hop Summit Action Network's Action AwardsAfter starring on R&B Divas Los Angeles, Chrisette Michele seems to have some regrets about being on reality TV. The singer, who initially surprised fans by joining the cast, has expressed her concerns in an open letter on Instagram.

In the lengthy post, Chrisette reflects on the criticism she’s received for being on the hit show.

“Dear fans, Maybe you were right about me not doing a reality show. I have had so much fun staying beneath the radar,” she begins. “I’ve traveled to more countries then I can pronounce and made friends of fans and celebs alike, collabed with my favorite artists (you know I’m a nerdy hip-hop head). Truth is, I wasn’t raised on R&B. I just happen to sound okay singing it.”

She then addressed how she’s portrayed on the show — particularly the episode in which she declined to sing background for Chante Moore’s new single, causing many critics to label her a snob.

“I’ve never thought that wearing angel wings and trying to be open about feelings would make people send me evil tweets and receive awful phone calls,” she writes before adding, “maybe reality was a mistake.”

“Some people aren’t meant to share their personality. Maybe I’m one of those people,” she adds. “I don’t see myself doing reality again… This negativity is tragic and I can’t transfer these vibes to my art. I love you. I won’t speak negativity against any one on the show in any further interviews.”



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4 thoughts on “Chrisette Michele Feels ‘R&B Divas LA,’ Reality TV Was a Mistake

  1. I don't think it's Chrisette's personality as much as it is un-reality tv. They make all of these women look ghetto and ignorant. Catty & petty at the very least. There are a couple of singers who I really loved prior to seeing them on unreality tv; while I still will enjoy their gifts; it definitely made me see them in a less than favorable light. I just think it's unfortunate that instead of being able to make a good living at their craft, they are forced to engage in new age 'minstrel shows' just to make a living.

  2. Denise Niecey Marcum says:

    They tried to mess up Kelly Price too

  3. Renee Tyler says:

    I love Chrisette, Michellee, Claudette and Little Mo. Chrisette is SMART and that's the issue. I don't see a comparison between she and Kelly…. AT ALL. Live your life and I'm glad you did the show because it shows another side of you and it is a positive side! I also understand if you opt not to come back. There is a lot of shade being thrown.

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