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‘Love During Lockup’ Wife LaTisha Collier Under Investigation for Bankruptcy Fraud, Authorities Allege She Tried to Skirt Eviction

An Iowa woman featured on the popular reality show “Love During Lockup” reportedly is in jeopardy of finding herself behind bars just as her partner is being released.

LaTisha Collier, a business owner and accountant who has enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame after putting her marriage to her husband Keith Collier on the We TV show, has been referred to the U.S. Attorney’s office in Iowa for an investigation into possible bankruptcy fraud charges, a recent report claims.

'Love During Lockup' Wife LaTisha Collier Under Investigation for Bankruptcy Fraud, Authorities Allege She Tried to Skirt Eviction (Photo: @heartofaboss / Instagram)
“Love During Lockup” wife LaTisha Collier, who is married to federal inmate Keith Collier, reportedly is under Investigation for bankruptcy fraud. (Photo: @heartofaboss/Instagram)

If proven guilty, not only could LaTisha face the loss of her personal freedom, but her professional reputation as an accountant may also be severely compromised.

The investigation stems from the bankruptcy filing of her company, Boss Tax and Accounting Services, and its subsequent dismissal of the petition by a judge. The trustee managing the bankruptcy proceedings suggested its dismissal for various reasons. One of the primary concerns is the suspicion that the bankruptcy filing was done in bad faith, potentially as a strategy to delay the eviction of the business from its Davenport, Iowa, premises.

“Still focusing on LaTisha Collier’s alleged personal bad faith, the UST shares information obtained from a third party in paragraph 13 and the related footnote in her motion,” a legal document obtained by reads.

The piece added, “If accurate and verifiable, that information should be troubling to anyone concerned about maintaining the integrity of the bankruptcy system that the United States has established. It is trouble to this Court — especially when considered in conjunction with LaTisha Collier’s long history in the forum in general and with behind-the-scenes activity in this case in particular.”

Recently, the sheriff of Scott County released a document a notice that a court has ordered LaTisha and those operating under her company to be evicted from the property.

The document stated, “On 2/13/2024, judgment was entered in the court …. [that] requires that the defendant(s) [LaTisha Collier/ Boss Taz and Accounting Services LLC]  be removed and PLAINTIFF be put in possession of the following property: 2831 Brady Street Davenport, IA 52803.”

The initial eviction notice was rendered in November 2023. The judge presiding over this eviction case issued an Order for Forcible Entry and Detainer on Dec. 27, 2023, and a Writ of Possession on Jan. 2.

This is the second time that Latisha’s company has been evicted from a Davenport location in one year. She was asked to leave a different location in July 2023.

LaTisha has moved to get things right with the court after a judge pushed the process of eviction through the system faster than normal.

In the eleventh hour, the reality star transmitted a short message via fax to the judge’s office. She said that she would fulfill all necessary steps such as securing legal representation and paying the required fee, along with submitting all relevant paperwork to validate her bankruptcy claim.

Those promises seemed to have not been enough to substantiate her bankruptcy claim, leading to the dismissal of her case.

Additionally, the lawyers for her landlord were alerted to her bankruptcy attempt and the ongoing investigation into potential fraud.

Although it is known that the landlord is aware of her alleged tactics to remain on the premises, it remains uncertain whether he will reclaim possession of the property.

Some followers of the story did not seem shocked by the debacle.

“Isn’t this like the 3rd different place? Tough to keep up with these grifters,” one person asked.

Another wrote, “Again” with a GIF from the movie “Neverending Story.”

Latisha seems to have defiantly addressed the eviction on her social media on Jan. 5.

LaTisha Collier, not going anywhere. @heartofaboss Instagram

“We are still our business location and don’t plan on moving anytime soon,” she wrote in a pink and white meme on Instagram that further told her 5,201 followers not to believe everything they read “on the internet” and mind their own business.

After receiving the writ of possession a month ago, LaTisha took to Instagram and wrote, “If you don’t know about big money and big bills then stay out of grown folks business.”

LaTisha Collier’s Instagram posts regarding her legal troubles. @heartofaboss Instagram

Time is of the essence for LaTisha and her firm. With February drawing to the close, a decision to relocate or for her to be arrested could put a damper on her business as this is tax season, a crucial time for businesses like her to thrive.

LaTisha is married to Keith Collier. He is serving a 14-year sentence for possessing crack and marijuana with intent to distribute. Originally from Rock Island, Illinois, Keith is now incarcerated at the federal correctional institution in Florence, Colorado, as per the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

He is set to be released in September 2025.

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