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Marc Lamont Hill’s Tweet Against Big Boi Leads to Onstage Diss

Rapper Big Boi dissed HuffPost Live host and BET contributor Marc Lamont Hill during his performance at the BET Experience after the host seemed to diss Big Boi’s performance on Twitter.

It turned out to be a simple misunderstanding, but it resulted in Big Boi calling Hill a “b***h” in front of Hill’s daughter at the show.

Hill was constantly tweeting throughout the performance, beginning as Andre 3000 took the stage.

“Andre 3000 just came out with a platinum blond wig and jacket that says ‘Ninjas Kill Me.’ Love this cat…,” Hill tweeted. “This is one of the dopest hip-hop sets I’ve heard in years. Outkast is MURKING this show.”

Suddenly, Big Boi took the stage for his solo set and the nature of Hill’s tweets changed. “So Big Boi is doing his solo set now,” he tweeted. “This is where the homie @bomani_jones turns up… and I check my email.”

Apparently Big Boi caught a glimpse of the tweet and decided to address it during his performance.

According to Hill, Big Boi called him a “b***h” onstage.

“Big Boi just called me a b****on stage. Wow,” Hill tweeted.

He continued tweeting about the incident and tried to explain that the tweet wasn’t intended to diss the hip-hop star.

“I’m guessing this is about my tweet,” he said. “I actually was just clowning my homie bc we had a debate about which Outkast member was better @bigboi.”

Next, he tried to get back in the rapper’s good graces.

“I been an Outkast (both of them) fan since ’94,” he tweeted. “Was teasing my homie and had no disrespect intended for @BigBoi.”

He continued, “I see how that tweet sounded and I get I was wrong for that. But that stage s**t was still OD, my kid there or not. @BigBoi.”

“Anyway, not gonna say anything else about it,” he tweeted to conclude his online explanation. “Real stuff happening in the world. Mistakes and miscommunications happen. Just surprised me.”

Meanwhile, Outkast fans insist that the beef with Hill and Big Boi has been brewing for years.

A previous tweet from Hill claimed that Big Boi didn’t have any classic rap verses and he even compared him to rapper Rick Ross.

“I’m not a huge Ross fan, but he’s a better rapper than Big Boi. How many Big Boi verses are classic,” Hill tweeted in the past.

The tweet resurfaced after the incident, but Hill said that he made that comment five years ago.

He also claimed that Big Boi was the Chris Bosh of Outkast, while Andre 3000 was the LeBron James of the group.

The comparison draws on the fact that while Bosh is a talented basketball player for the Miami Heat, he hasn’t managed to match the performance of a star player like James.

Big Boi fans suggested that last night’s remark on stage was a reaction to several of Hill’s criticisms of the “Tangerine” rapper, not just that  night’s tweet.


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