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140 thoughts on “You Will Be Surprised to See How These Women Fiercely Fight Against Actor Terry Crews’ Appraisal of Fatherhood

  1. terry crews was right, white lady kept missin the point…. yh

    oh n first lol

  2. Abbysinia Wincher says:

    Terry is absolutely right… and the same goes for single fathers, or men who choose to have same sex partners. There must be a balance somewhere in the childs life.

  3. Grace Dean says:

    As a single mother whose husband passed away, I agree with Terry Crews. My son's father passed away when he was six months old. Now my son is three years old. Its not a day that goes by that he doesn't ask for DADDY. I am trying to instill in my son what I know he needs but I also try to incorporate positive male role models for my son to see. Although I am forced to raise my son alone, I would prefer to have my husband by my side to raise our son together. Terry is right there is a balance when a mother and a father raise a child and there are somethings that my son's father would have been able to do with my son that I will never be able to do.

  4. Chago Davis says:

    A panel of single moms in which only 1 more or less understood what was mentioned. He was saying there should be a male as a model figure in the household if possible. However, some single moms like to tote that they do the jobs of both which isn't a knock but that's not what he was referring to.

  5. Mzdoin Itbig says:

    He is soooooo right!!!!

  6. Lucian Alvar says:

    Loved this, funny but true 😀

  7. Your name is your first gift in life and its the last thing they remember when your gone

  8. It just supports what we know to well,white people, are still trying to tell us about how and what we are suppose to do in raising our children.Here's a blk family man,who's the best possible example and these vampires tried to clown him.

  9. Ja'von Brown says:

    Single mothers claiming to do a father's job IS a knock.

  10. Yode Sofly Boyd says:

    A woman can't raise a man.. gohead Terry!

  11. Kamaal Sultan says:

    "A bunch of girls say, "You don't need no man to help you raise no child" … shut the fuck up with the bullshit! Yeah, you could do it without a man, but that don't mean it's to be done! Shit, you can drive a car with your feet if you want to, that don't make it a good fucking idea!" – Chris Rock

  12. The fact that these women are sIngle mothers dIscussIng theIr opInIons about the Importance of a father Is out of context. They are defensIve because talkIng about the exclusIve value of a father makes them feel Inaduquate and It ImplIes that they are IrresponsIble. The fact that so many women are sIngle mothers especIally In the black communIty shows just how devalued fatherhood has become. Terry Crews was rIght. Its just unfortunate that us men have to wrestle wIth our women about Important game changIng Issuses lIke thIs. The whIte womans vIew doesnt reflect the majorIty of whIte women. Furthe more her whIte sons are not kIllIng each other and beIng Incarserated In record numbers. Black people must have these dIscussIons more.

  13. Anna Coleman says:

    I believe that both parents need to be there in the household with both male and female children. Children need that balance. I was a single parent and I did the best I could with raising my son. But having a positive male image in his life I believe would had made him a better man.

  14. Versatile says:

    I agree with #TerryCrews and come to think about it my foster mom in a way was a single mother up until a certain point but having no real father figure present my soul resonated with #MichaelJackson and when I finally got to see my father he still was my role model in a sense but it was not the same but now he continues to guide me in a different form but now Terry Crew also mentions look at Bill Cosby as a figure which to a degree has been my influence but now as I get older these people become my mentors and it is EXTREMELY important

  15. Bea Havyn says:

    I totally agree with Terry Crews. There were things I got from my father that my mother couldn't and didn't know how to give. And of course that is no down play on my mother. I am a single mother of a boy and a girl…I make sure that my children have positive male role models in their life since their fathers are not around and my father is no longer alive. Girls need to know how a man should treat them and boys need to learn how to become a man. That they cannot learn fully from a woman with a man to help give the proper examples.

  16. Versatile says:

    Lucian Alvar yeah because she wants to make it seem ok to be a single mother

  17. Wendell JustWimp Mosby says:

    Some of the problems were man made…made by the government. Some public policies were the beginning of the end.

  18. Audrey Heinze says:

    If children wouldn't need a dad in their life there wouldn't be a dad. It's as simple as that. When I say dad I mean. someone who knows what it takes to be a dad. It doesn't have to be the conciever

  19. Audrey Heinze says:

    The donor I mean.

  20. The biggest problem is no one wants to be told how to raise their kids/ there are too many different situations when it comes to parenting that people can discredit anything you say in reference to the right way to raise a child/ FOR EXAMPLE EVRYBODY HAD A POINT ON THE VIEW so in other words nobody leads the flock in one direction to better the population as a whole everybody is teaching kids to break away and follow selfish guidance be an individual and that will only help that person….

  21. Van Hayes says:

    Crews is not taking away the good work women are doing (
    (Because some men are not good fathers ) . A man teaches
    a boy how to be a man, in every way. That is the backbone of a good home
    That is the backbone of a successful country. We are in a society that influence boy's and men to be women , in the future without good father in the house helping to make a good home what is taken for granted will be lost. Women are doing a wonderful job raising kids alone but to raise a boy to be a man you're not able. Men that was taught by fathers need to teach and they do most of the time it comes from coaches, uncle's, pastors ect. when it s positive. Bad influence come from t.v., music icons, the entertainment industry that's the negative

  22. Even though Crews gets paid to act like a fool, I totally agree with him.

  23. Tonia Teter says:

    Totally agree with Terry Crews. Somehow women have come to believe they don't need a man. Well you may not need one but your babies do. Trust I come from a family of strong independent single women not only can I tell the difference between the offspring who had a father figure in their lives and the ones who did not. Everything Mr. Crews stated concerning the lack of confidence and security in the adult fatherless offspring. Speaking of, if we hear motherless child there is something inherently heart breakingly disturbing, yet when we hear fatherless child the intensity of the statement losses it's impact due to the unreasonable expectations of motherhood.

  24. Lucian Alvar says:

    Versatile Haha Lion King! 😀

  25. Bonnie Ragsdale says:

    Raised two sons; they need a father or at least a father figure in their lives to provide those things Mom cannot. Our boys are in trouble because they are missing that man to help guide them into manhood. Single Mom's understand this or they are lying to themselves

  26. Jamal White says:

    Fuck that shit. The mainstream society is trying to turn men gay. The way of Lucifer. I was in my car, listening to radio when a it was said that the 2% milk is loaded with hormones(estrogen). This causes shrinkage in men and early puberty for young women. So the image portrayed in the (tel-lie-vision) TV, must coincide with the ideas of slavery when the used to break up black families. No dad+ no structure = the Black community that these whites have created for our overly killed, overly imprisoned, and disrespected brothers.

  27. Foxi B Brown says:

    I couldn't agree more!! Some women think they can do everything!! NOT! Frankly….Who want to do and be it all!! Right On, Terry Crews.

  28. Donald McMath says:

    And mothers have done it for generations!

  29. Terry is 100% correct. God created this design for a reason you need both parents. Kudos to the mothers that are doing it on their own but a father deposits a lot into a child a more confident daughter who with a positive male role model will not take just anything off of a sorry ass man. Only a man can show a man how to be a real man

  30. I saw tht and thought wat the hell is Whoopi and s Jenny talking about…way to go Terry

  31. Be Kool says:

    Single women seem have no since on these matters because they harbour hate towards their x u nee both

  32. Olivia Ammid Baldwin says:

    He was trying to make a great point & the "single mothers" on the panel tried to tear him down just to make it a point that its ok to raise a child alone. Its not! Kids need both parents.

  33. This is what our society is coming to, men as sperm donors, that's our only role now. There is absolutely no respect for fathers. And no one talks about how the custodial parent(usually the mother) and the family courts collude together to push the father out of the child's life( parental alienation) which is the major cause of "dead beat dads" and the courts and mothers often turn fathers into wallets . This when the evidence shows children do better with single fathers than with single mothers. Not encouraging single parenting because at the end of the day children do better in a two parent house hold than having a single parent as a father or mother.

  34. Tiray Killings says:

    Terry's wife is BLACK! Trust me!

  35. Tiray Killings says:

    Brother,it's deeper than you could imagine! You ARE correct!

  36. Jenny missed the point purposely, she wants to be everything to her son. No matter what a child still need a positive male figure.

  37. A mother can't replace a father and a father can't replace a mother. They can do the best they can…and that child may seem to be ok…but theirs always something missing. Women raise highly emotional men, and to be highly emotional in a male structure can be deadly for some.

  38. Greg Broussard says:

    Insanity? Why can a woman express she can be all things to a son, but will readily say she does not need a man? That is crazy; that boy is going to find a man to emulate. He can't see his mom as a man. It doesn't matter what she gives him. She can't give him his manhood. She may influence his humanity, but that doesn't even scratch the surface of his manhood. These women are talking as if they can be men to their boys. Terry not once said he wanted to be a woman to his girls. There are things a father has to entrust to his wife when it pertains to girls. He is not a woman. He doesn't have a clue about some things. Just as there are things a mother has to entrust to a father. Her son needs his father. I don't even understand why they disagreed. They should have been willing to listen and ask him to explain in detail his point. Instead, they tried to undercut without letting him finish his point. Maybe, it is because we don't want to face the truth. We are not independent beings. No man is an island. Only God is all that and more. This is sad; when you have successful women promoting "interesting" thoughts it explains where we have missed purpose.

  39. Ladybird Kiki says:

    The only thing that was said here that I really disagree with is when he said "The ONLY way a boy can have confidence is if he gets it from a man". There are children out here that can find their own confidence from within. (God made us that way) And you cannot say WHO inspires a child. Boys can get inspiration and confidence from more than just men. Just like girls can get it from more than just women.

  40. Jesse Owens says:

    There are distinct differences between women and men… can anyone believe men be replaced.? The essence of a "woman" is insecurity….the essence of "man" is strength in confidence. In my country we pretend like people are equal, when we know better. Men subject themselves to women only because we have been conditioned to do so….Women don't want to get to know us or anything on a cosmic level….their needs will always be material… Can a gorgeous woman with the I.Q. of a sunflower seed be a successful member of society?…of course.!!!…..An idiot man doesn't have a snowballs chance no matter how good looking……Marriage means success to a woman……whereas for men marriage means "I bet you half of everything I own that I wont cheat on you.

  41. Damnwemen kept running their dam mouth, and not listening. Learn to shut your dam mouth and listen.

  42. Eugene Muhammad says:

    A single parent has to know that they possibly have gaps in their parenting ability. The largest room is the room of improvement. We see many alternative parents scenarios. …We also must acknowledge the massive rise in homosexuality and prison population.

  43. Jesse Owens says:

    You cant miss what u never had .
    No diss but boys search for men to be like…..not women.

  44. Jesse Owens says:

    You cant miss what you never had.

  45. Once again, women are taking the power away from men. We serve our purpose and our roles. He never said a woman couldn't raise a child alone, but a man's role is still helpful and important. If it wasn't, then so many people wouldn't go astray due to a lack of a father in their life.

  46. Roland Clark says:

    These woman are using their personal experiences on a broad subject, Terry is talking about how it should be.. in a family

  47. N Dee Brown says:

    I am going to stand with Terry Crews. Confidence given by a mother and a man is different. I am single mom and I had to admit after the divorce and something hit my home that I could not give my sons which only there father could do

  48. Ugo Okeke says:

    I grew up with my father and there are a lot of things that he brought the table that my mother could not offer….just my experience. Yes you will survive with just a mom and a mom will try to fill in the gaps, but it is easier to raise a child with both parents. A father gives you a story and a figure to refer to when dealing with situations in life….again just my experience

  49. Ken Jones says:

    You're speaking from your own experience? Maybe if your father was around, your experience would have been different. Are you a father yourself? Do you or will you "fuck the kids up anyways with that macho bravado bullshit and insecurity!?"

  50. Reena Walker says:

    Anyone stupid enough to take advice from Sherri Shepard about parenting is has got to be simple. This is why her crazy bible thumping butt is no longer on the show. You patriarchy pushers need to find something else to do. Women give their story, inheritance and security and they name their children as well. What is he in the 1950's? Sherri can't give her son strength when he is hurt and pets him instead of pushing him, because she is a patriarchy pushing bible thumper who doesn't even know anything about herself as a woman. Her entire life is male centered. He is sitting up there talking about a white man being his father and you as black people are readily chiming in with this craziness when Stallone just called a black photographer a n*gger several months ago. Then he is saying there is only things a man can do. He's ridiculous. He was just on Watch What Happens Live talking about how he would wear a dress for a role so what is he even talking about? Whoopi has helped countless people in the industry so I'm glad she said that to him. She is just as powerful as a lot of males in the industry and he knows that so putting her in this relegated "mother" role instead of seeing her as a powerhouse producer is completely sexist. I'm glad she spoke on that. Just like she said, her father basically gave her the understanding that she was on her own.

  51. Noone is surprised. Women don't let men be men

  52. society is trying to turn men gay? where the fuck did you get that from?

  53. Elijah Isaiah says:

    @ Grace – I pray to GOD provides your son an ANGEL to guide him in the same direction as your late husband. Know, that that ANGEL is your HUSBAND directing him from above.

  54. Jesse Owens says:

    Everyone who speaks can only speak from their own….I am a pops….two sons….what is macho bravado bullshit?. …I don't understand….u ought to read a few pages of "The Manipulation of Man" by Esther Villar….empower yourself….our power is being underminded…we cant look to the world to give us the strength we need to become what we were born to be..I come only from a place of light and love….

  55. I think Whoopi raised an interesting point made by her mother…"you might be single but not alone" single mother need to surround themselves with strong male figures to build the character of males, I honestly believe that this should be the priority of single mums not which man is next…(in some cases)

  56. Donald McMath says:

    Again…Women are as strong as men….PERIOD! If a man don't wanna be a dad, she need to step up and do what she gotta do, not go looking for no damn husband! And I don't need to empower shit but my spirituality. This acknowledge man thing has gone on for generations, and will continue to do so.

  57. Gregory Knox says:

    These Women better hope the U.S. stays intact the government is their security. Once the government is removed or protection is gone. They will want men for protection and security. They cannot defend themselves against men in wild.

  58. Jesse Owens says:

    Women are as strong as men?.laughable…how? .in what way?….when we live two different lives…how many women inventors in history?….men want to know about life and death…women deal with material things…..this world is made by men for women…we drive this dimension and would rather reinvent old things than create a brand new one….chivalry is a dream…..they yearn for dominance.

  59. How many gangbangers & so called thugs have said, they didn't have a father there or a father figure period to instill discipline & set a positive example? In a lot of single mother households, the boys are unruly & disrespectful to their mothers. They talk back & some even hit their mothers that don't possess the strength to defend themselves, theirs no fear of repercussions. How many women who grew up w/o their dads around, blame them for them being "promiscuous" because they were looking for the love their dad didn't have for them in another man & they get used & abuse to the point they call all men dogs because they didn't have a model of a man who loves them & shows them their worth? No matter what, 2 lesbians in the home, can't teach a boy to be a man when his example of a male figure is a butch or is as happy as a big kids meal at McDonalds. Bottom line, both mother & father are needed. Women are the 1st teachers of the child, but the father brings his own dynamic. Terry my brother, I got your back

  60. Kemi Salako says:

    In order for this cycle to stop, not only women have to value the man's fatherhood, but black MEN need to also value their OWN fatherhood, by choosing more carefully who they lay down with and impregnate. If the woman is not marriage material, use a condom. If you and she are incompatible, or you just want a bootie call and casual sex, use a condom. This would greatly lesson the likelihood of having so many unplanned pregnancies, resulting in all this talk about single motherhood and not valuing fathers in the household. It's an epidemic in the black community, and both sides must take responsibility for the absence of fathers in the homes.

    Women cannot be given all the blame for the devaluation of fatherhood when the majority of the time, the men disappear when these women get pregnant, and/or don't want to get married, and/or have another woman(women) that they choose to be in relationships with. Most of these people out here have multiple baby-mamas/daddies, therefore it's an exponentially grave problem. Single people are thus put in the position of having to contend with being step-parents if they mate with someone with children that are in or out of their household, causing more stress and financial difficulties on that single person.

  61. Kemi Salako says:

    Well stated, but the conversation seems to be skewed to imply that it's the women's fault that the man is absent, when the majority of single women that I see out here wish they DID have the man involved, but he either chooses to be
    1) inconsistent with what he does, promises, or gives the child(ren);
    2) or he's disappeared completely, and believes a child support check is sufficient to take care of his responsibilities or obligations to the child(ren)
    3) or he blames the mother's attitude/anger/resentment/bitterness/scorn for why he can't deal with her or see his own kids;
    4) or he blames the "system" for taking away his visitation or custody rights, even though he may be to blame by being a substance user, or unemployed, or has been absent in the kids life the majority of time anyway;
    5) or he blames her for not "letting" him see his children.
    These are just SOME of the excuses I've heard from male friends for years, and I do not date a man who won't take care of his children, I don't care what his excuses may be.

    So I'm just saying, let's not take this video and be so quick with blaming the women. True, SOME women do say they don't need a man, but in my observation, that's usually a defense mechanism after being hurt, disappointed, scorned, cheated on, abandoned, and exhausted from having to do everything on their own, hold down a job, and raise a family ALONE. So they get to a point of convincing themselves not to focus on men, but just keep doing what they have to do for their babies. (JMO)

  62. Tiray Killings says:

    Eriq-Christian Deshaun Beard Just live a little longer.(Some black ppl will NEVER get it..and that's ok,too!(But when the light bulbs lights in your head,you're gonna be embarrassed!)

  63. Totally in agreement with Terry Crews

  64. Kemi Salako says:

    I do believe that Sherry Shepherd agreed with Terry, and eventually, Whoopi came around. It was the white woman who was egomaniacal about her disagreement, because she feels inadequate and as if she'd be failing her son, and she didn't want to own that.

  65. Tiray Killings so society is trying to make men gay just like christians are being persecuted? yea sure whatever

  66. I was raised by a single Mother…. But i always had positive Male role models around. Uncles, Cousins and even friends. Momma does alot…. She can teach you how to be a gentlemen but only a man can teach you to be a man.

  67. Kemi Salako says:

    A real man wouldn't need a woman to "let" him be a man. Just BE a man.

  68. Tiray Killings says:

    Eriq-Christian Deshaun Beard —-LOL…Stay in your mental state,my young friend! it's comfortable there! be well!

  69. Tiray Killings will do, it seems like a better place than your mind anyway

  70. Black Ice says:

    Antonio Todoroki Hymes Terry's wife is Black, she will tell you that. We come in all colors, shades and sizes

  71. Skynet Smiz says:

    The white chick was NOT listening. Smh. She kept making it personal based on her relationship with "Evan". Lol. She was acting like he called her a bad mother.

  72. I can't reply to the real man doesn't need to be let. And that is not true. First of all maybe he doesn't k ow how to be a man because he didn't have a man to look up to. Why try to make a man force his way to be a man. He should just be able to be a mam. It shouldn't be that a woman who has a man that's trying to be a man has to fight the woman to be the ma . That's exactly the point. Pride of being strong a strong woman shouldn't make it a struggle to be a man. Times have changed and it is harder than ever to be a strong man. Strong men aren't celebrated anymore. It seems as tho the men that work the least and have the least going for them are the most sought after. When Noone expects more from a man, then what's the point of being a better man? Maybe if you "let" him be a man for once he will realize that he didn't need to be let. And maybe she will realize that she didn't let him be man but more so let herself be a woman.

  73. Deneka Elizabeth says:

    these SINGLE MOMS, did not hear what he was trying to say because they weren't listening with the intent to understand instead they were listening with the intent to reply and defend themselves as single moms. I am a single mom with a son and I know very well there are things that I will NOT be able to teach him and not gonna pretend that I can either…..Terry Crews has a point and I understand what he was trying to say and I agree.

  74. Nohn Jguyen says:

    I lasted 2 minutes before I closed the tab, short after Jenny McCarthy opened her flapper. Jenny McCarthy is an awful human being. She didn't give a shit about anything before she had her kid. She thought he had autism and ran an idiot crusade against vaccination. Turns out the kid didn't have autism, he was just an asshole. She hasn't been an anti-vax spokesperson for sometime now. Wonder why…

  75. Nohn Jguyen says:

    Kudos to Terry Crews to walk into an angry hen house and to defend his point.

  76. Taunya Lemon Canaday says:

    You said that! I agree & give you 2 thumbs up. Whoopi had a girl so she can sit down. The other two going to find out when they see their sons interact in sports and such with other boys who have strong 'male role models' since the term father is so polarizing. They can have several seats.

  77. R-Jizzo Martinez says:

    Who's starting to believe that there is agenda to emasculate men and to present women as masculine?

  78. A woman can't teach a man how to be a man because she's not one.

  79. I grew up without my father and my mother tried to raise me the best she could but, I tell you what I still seeked for that male figure to help me become a man! And I DO NOT believe that a mother can be a father and a mother,(It just doesn't work!) Now remember I grew up with a single parent and it just wasn't the same as a positive male figure in my life!

  80. ShaRall Willis says:

    Whoopi is full of shit. Terry Crew said father not guy. Children need a father, Because Whoopi grew up without a father and raised her daughter without a father and her daughter is raising her child without a father, See the pattern continues. Theses are the same women who complain about men.

  81. Gabrielle VanCopeland says:

    Yes! I so agree. I refuse to bring a child into this world unless I can provide the best loving "set" of parents I'm able to provide! People just don't understand the difference it can make in their child future. I'm so thankful I had other people & families in my life to help influence me! #sundaydinnersatthelemons

  82. ShaRall Willis says:

    Kemi Salako I think that is where Whoopi and McCarthy took it. They became defensive and in Whoopi;s case down right insulting with the Lion King reference (that scene was played out in the mini series Roots 30 years earlier but of course she didn't reference that). Terry Crews never said or intimated that it was the mothers fault. The rest of your list is simply bullshit.

  83. ShaRall Willis says:

    Eriq-Christian Deshaun Beard no it is done chemically. Tiray mentioned the 2% milk Dick Gregory spoke about the over use of soy and pesticides which mimic female hormones in men and male hormones in women.

  84. Tiray Killings says:

    ShaRall Willis There is a word called ''Cognative Dissonance"! Please google it! Some ppl will get it,and those who won't,will be collateral ! (Law of averages..101) I planted the seed.He'll see examples of what i stated,but his arrogance will not let him digest it! And that's ok!

  85. ShaRall Willis says:

    Kemi Salako Whoopi didn't come around she sarcastically said children need a "guy" around. A guy is not a "father" figure. Jenny McCarthy is just a liar. I recently heard her complaining that her son constantly asks her about Jim Carey and why doesn't he come to see him anymore. That doesn't sound like the confident boy she kept trying to describe,

  86. ShaRall Willis says:

    Kemi Salako you missed the point again.

  87. LeVar Milan says:

    Children NEED the POSITIVE influences of BOTH parents! MEN & WOMAN play SIGNIFICANT rolls in the raising of children learning first hand how to respect, confide and honestly interact with both genders in the real world… Respectfully, the parents are models of what children will soon face in their life as they grow older in society and their parents experiences weapon & armor the children for personal growth with bumps in the road today and EVERYDAY they live! Both are EQUALLY IMPORTANT & if the child's unfortunate to have one without thee other, or none at all I'd pray GOD places the best of role models in their life for aid & assistance!

  88. ShaRall Willis says:

    Nohn Jguyen She has not continued because big pharma use the media to beat up on her but you calling a child an asshole just kinda makes you an asshole.

  89. Jeff Parrish says:

    Lol at this guy Donald. Saying how is mom raised 4 men.

    But yet you are gay? This is exactly Terry's point. You are the result of the problem.

  90. A man DOES need to be there. Jenny McCarthy gets on my DAMN nerves! I don't know who's worse, her or the annoying bitch she replaced! A woman can't raise a man…plain and simple. If a boy grows up without a father he will definitely be lacking something. Little girls who had no father figure grow up looking for one.

  91. Terry Crews has no authority to speak on fatherhood if you have ever watched his reality show.

  92. Tab Anderson says:

    Couldn't open the video but from the comments, seems like a bunch of jezebels trying to run the home in place of the man and proud of it. Can't think of too many women that want to be the "man" of the household. Seemed like that feminist movement aka lesbian movement ithat it really is.

  93. ShaRall Willis so how does that explain females who are lesbian?

  94. Dad's don't get no love in today's society. From what I gather from talking to alot of women; they were hurt in the past, verbally, physically, sexually, or just abandonment issues. So there is a deep disdain for farther-hood in general.

  95. Eric Xavier says:

    Moral of the story ladies… When it comes to being a man and discussing this, you shouldn't be offended when we say "stay in your lane" or simply you really have nothing relevant to offer in defining what I am. The latter would still be true if my sentence read: "Moral of the story men… When it comes to being a woman and discussing this, you shouldn't be offended when they say "stay in your lane" or simply you really have nothing relevant to offer in defining what they are."

    What gets me here is the fact that there is a battle with what Terry said. A challenge to manhood. On parenting, a child needs a father and his role no more diminished than hers as a mother, nor should it be challenged…period.

    To put this in perspective, as a mother, you can only make your son aware of the mistakes that men make with women and give the first hand perspective on the effects it has, plus the thinking behind the woman's reaction. I give him the why and the method to deal. I make a man, you influence one. You make a woman, I influence one.

    Battle of the sexes= "Let's see who can blur the lines of what makes us different"…

  96. Lisa White Scott says:

    Single mothers do what they can to be both but they can never be both. They do great jobs at raising their kids but if there was a father figure in their lives as God meant then look at what they would have. A man will never fully understand a woman and a woman will never fully understand a man. A man can guide a boy to manhood and a woman can wing him through manhood.

  97. Utley Senior says:

    I appreciate you sharing this Jamon. Kemi Salako, I understand what you are saying. I think a man should just do, show up at his kids moms house and say I want to take this kids out, you got plans ok, what about tomorrow…a man should lay an outfit out on the bed and say, hey we are going out tonight. Put this on and meet downstairs at 9…a lot of men ARE allowing women feelings lead their next step. GUYS JUST SHOW UP AND SHOW OUT, this is what we do. DO YOU AND the rest will fall into place. In this show the women got heated but Terry didn't allow their aroused emotions turn him away from his point, A GREAT POINT; especially since I'm divorced and had to fight an unparallel way to be a part of my kids life and at the same time make everyone see; my kids mom, my fiancée, and even my kids that I AM HERE TO STAY. And at the end two of the women at least understood his point and somewhat said they support Terry. Great job Terry

  98. Utley Senior says:

    …women do make it difficult for us, but that's what they do. It's not always rational thought, its heartfelt conviction and that's not always easy to break from. It comes from a good spot but we guys see it different…so it's always gon be hard I think Jamon for women to leave us to our thoughts, but acceptance is the first step, second, DO YOU ANYWAYS

  99. Why everytime that people have this discussion the women get so defensive? It's like they just hate men. They would rather raise the child on their own just to complain about how the man wasnt good enough because he didn't want to put up with thepointless problems that she causes for him. They're pretty much saying they don't need men for anything, just to get on the show tomorrow to complain about how the fathers aren't doing enough. I honestly think that if they would just shut up everything would be better. It's harsh but that's Just the truth. They just want to be right for no obvious reasons

  100. The idea that a father can offer something to a child that a mother can't is sooooo offensive to this nation. Sometimes I wonder if God made a mistake by making fathers. I really believe that if some people had their way they'd do away with men altogether. . . . . .

  101. I don't watch that stupid ass show, because all they do is bash us men for no reason, even if we do things that are positive!

  102. Brian Stroy says:

    Jenny is still a banger!

  103. Your right terry! Don't take a man out of the children's life

  104. Tommy Tyson says:

    To the ladies on the View, I think what you all said, what Terry Crews said, and what these FB commenters said are valid points. However, lets look at this topic at a different angle. Yes, I get it, single mom can do just as much as a father/or male-figure can do and vice-versa with single dads; yet, the question is what about the child's choice? Meaning, I grew up with both parents but there were certain things that I wanted my Dad to teach me/show me. Yes, I could have asked my mom to teach me certain things but it was seeing my daddy do "men" things that I only wanted him to teach me. Example, I always watched my dad shave, bait a hook for fishing, tie his bowties/neckties, mow the lawn, polish his shoes, and a plethora of other things. I ASKED AND WANTED TO LEARN THOSE THINGS FROM MY DAD as opposed to my mom. So I say this to say, sometimes a child want to learn certain things from his mother and certain things from his father.

  105. Terry is right! These women needed to have a double shot of shut up juice and I will buy the drinks for both of them.

  106. I agree with Terry Crews. A father and a mother are significant and have two separate roles in shaping and molding children into prosperous adults. I come from a single parent home and I truly believe that there are life lessons and various things about the characteristics/nature of men that I missed because of his absence.

  107. I agree, a woman cannot teach a boy to be a man because a woman knows nothing about manhood. Girls need the security that only daddy can give.

  108. Not surprised one bit. This is all old stuff. Maybe if you watch TV your surprised.

  109. Antonio Todoroki Hymes dam, how sad, you didn't know his wife is a light skin blk women. And you live in the world where race is everything.Take off them blinder glass and get real.

  110. Inkado Mulditoe did i not just say not to make it a race thing? what blinders are on?

  111. If a father was NOT needed, then he would not be a part of the process of production. Whether AI (artificial insemination) or Old-fashioned (sex between a man and woman) a child is created by the countenance of a man and woman. They both are needed at the beginning and they both are needed throughout the process to the end. Otherwise they WILL be incomplete!

  112. Tony Deaver says:

    Jesus, Jenny, get off your horse already.

  113. John Stewart says:

    They are ignorant lesbians. A woman can not teach a boy to be be a man PERIOD

  114. Whoopi seems like she came along took awhile though, the white lady was still clueless, both are are slow. It doesn't take a rocket science to get the point Terry was making. He's right, that's why we were created this way. Kids need both their parents, not just one. For you other clueless people out there, by both parents I mean and man and a woman, not 2 women, while one is trying to be a man.

  115. Ola Ayeni says:

    Western civilization has rubbed many of the fundamentals of human wood. Simple male and female. Nature creatured two- male and female to have input.

  116. Mike Hauben says:

    Terry is completely right. Its not a NEED to have a father figure, but it certainly, certainly helps.

  117. Juan Solo says:

    they want us to step up and be fathers.. Yet the level of regard got the ACTUAL role a man plays in fatherhood is so low &misandristic

    Woopi missed the point entirely because she was so concerned about upsetting her gay/lesbian audience

    as a child growing up you NEED the influence of a man a father and nomatter how much a single mother tries she cannot fulfill that role
    That isn't to say your child is doomed
    But once he reaches a certain age he (or even she) will start to notice the gaps in their own personality &grounding only a strong male role model or father figure can instinctively provide

    It's best if it is.. But doesnt HAVE to be your actual dad.. Aslong as they're positive father figures in i our life be they uncles grandfathers or friends of the mother

    Women need to understand they CANNOT do it by themselves.. If you have no choice then so be it
    But don't deny your child the necessary building blocks out if some sense of "misguided independence"
    You could be doing your child more harm than good

  118. Leon Lewis says:

    terry it right. and this is really a no brainer, not true in all cases of course but he is right.

  119. Tia Nia says:

    The lack of community cohesion, gangs, cradle to prison pipeline is "EXHIBIT A " that children need good men/father figures in their lives. BUT I EXPECT CRAZY COMMENTS LIKE THAT FROM THOSE MEDIA PERSONALITIES. …….KIDS NEED DADDIES .

  120. Tony Ponds says:

    A man gets his confidence from another man. Period

  121. I am in agreement w/ Mr Crew. A woman can't even show a boy how to piss for sure she can't demonstrates it.

  122. Bobbi Mount says:

    …I agree with Mr. Crews. For every father present in his child's/children's life/lives for the right reasons, you better believe it makes a difference regarding their futures.

  123. Troy Dennis says:

    terry crews was right

  124. Terry is right. There are natural character rolls that are essential to the healthy development of a child. Can a women play those rolls or vice a versa? Absolutely, but it won't come naturally and it can even become a burden for a parent take on more then what was originally intended by God and a child will not grow up to be well rounded if their single parent doesn't attempt to mimic both rolls.

  125. JT Burks says:

    And like the fb page Father's Equal Rights


  127. Damn shame how when a man say the right thing he is wrong to a bitter persin

  128. Why are Whoopi and Jenny discrediting fatherhood?

  129. Sex organs do not determine the quality of a parent. Terry Crews is spouting sexist bull crap.

  130. I totally agree with Terry and maybe if Whoopi had males in her household, her and her daughter would be two generations of teen moms.

  131. Woman can't be a man it takes two so a little boy is going to search for one way or another If not he will find it in his male boyfriend

  132. Batoor Khan says:

    Give the poor father a break!!!

  133. Adrian Jones says:

    As man who was raised by a single mother I agree with Terry. There where things moms couldn't give me. Emotionally, spiritually and physically I need my father. I thank God for coaches who card and male teacher/professors. Who made a positive impact in my life. The adsences of a father has changes our culture drastically.

  134. Johnny Young says:

    I agree with Terry witch of coarse

  135. Also, only in a radical feminist dominated society would women take offense and shift into auto-defense of motherhood when someone talks about only what a dad can give. smh.

  136. Anybody can have a man (male) in the house but if he's a dead that can't provide and a woman beater then it ain't shit he can teach his son but to be like him and just because a boy is raised by his single mom it does not mean he's going to be gay are a gang member I know plenty of people raised in a two parent home who are gang members and or gay . being in a gang comes from living in a neighborhood where there are no jobs for the people in your own communities so they click up n fight over corners to hustle and provide for their families and then then no after school programs are good schools that's how gangbanging starts . You can't blame single mothers and lack of a father for Gangs. And if more men would actually do there part and be this strong head of the household and do there jobs not just for the house but there community then women wouldn't feel they can do it all only thing they can't do is make a baby without male sperm . Women go to war in the army along side of men , women ruled there kingdoms when men failed to do so ,and it was a woman who freed slaves on the underground rail road wtbs of course it's better if 2 a male n female are doing it together only because 2 are better then 1 but a Woman can do it herself if she has to

  137. Yaw Gyabaah says:

    Boy, he had to go through a lot just make a reasonably valid and sensible point.

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