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5 Things White Women do That Black Women Can’t Get Away With

Marissa Alexander

Black Women Are Not Permitted to Use Violence in Self-Defense

Defenders of  “Stand Your Ground” laws often cite a woman’s right to shoot her attacker or rapist as a rationale for broader gun regulations. This is especially the case since the fatal shootings of Black teenagers Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis in Florida cast the “Stand Your Ground” laws under public scrutiny.

However, Marissa Alexander of Florida is facing a possible 60-year sentence for reportedly “standing her ground,” even though no one was hurt in the incident. Alexander says she fired a warning shot at her abusive husband, but according to a new analysis of FBI homicide data, her race may be a reason why she has not been granted equal protection under the law.

The analysis, prepared by the Urban Institute of Washington, D.C., was based on national data of homicide cases that were found “justifiable” on the grounds that deadly force was appropriate.

Among cases nationwide where a woman killed an adult man, white women who killed Black men were most likely to be declared justified in 13.5 percent of the cases, the data found. By contrast, just 2.6 percent of white women who killed white men, and 5.7 percent of Black women who killed Black men were found to be justified.


Leaking a Sex Tape Doesn’t Work Well For Black Women 

Back in the 1980s, legendary actress, beauty queen, and NFL Today’s first Black female presenter Jayne Kennedy, found herself embroiled in one of the first celebrity sex tape scandals. The reportedly stolen VHS of Kennedy and her then-husband Leon Isaac Kennedy nosedived the sports broadcaster’s career and she disappeared into obscurity.

Rapper Eve recruited the FBI after she found herself in the middle of a career-threatening scandal involving a sex tape with her then-boyfriend Steve J.  Eve says the leaker attempted to blackmail her for a large sum of cash.  She called the incident “hurtful,” said the controversy left her scarred, and noted “sex tapes weren’t ‘hot’ like that” a decade ago.

In 2010, actor Laurence Fishburne’s daughter, Montana, declared she was entering the porn business to help make a name for herself. She found out the hard way that the same rewards of clothing and perfume lines, TV shows, and millions of dollars bestowed upon celebrities Kim Kardashian, Pam Anderson, Paris Hilton, and other white women was not available for her. Fishburne only earned $60,000 for her efforts, received no profit from the sales of her popular tape, and today cautions young women against going into the business.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Mimi Faust also released a “hardcore” sex tape with her boyfriend Nikko Smith. It remains to be seen if she will become an exception.

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96 thoughts on “5 Things White Women do That Black Women Can’t Get Away With

  1. Chris Wells says:

    The only I agreed with was one but that doesn't only apply to black women, everybody knows how one sided the "justice system" is the rest of this is bs

  2. Tony R. Gill says:

    She said "no credit whatsoever" as in blacks were given no credit for their accomplishments. She was paraphrasing your statement.
    Your welcome.

  3. Tony R. Gill says:

    Who's intimidated by black women? I'm intimidated by statements like this! This notion (drummed up) by feminist that purport the idea that black men are intimidated has eluded my consciousness. I haven't come across intimidated black men knowingly shaken by any black women.

  4. Chadda Khaleel Julien Nurse says:

    What was the point of this post?

  5. Marlena Nkene says:

    Kristin Broner Your posts are very well stated. I can see the point of the other two gentlemen as well but the insult throwing is indeed wrong and scary. I do not know why some types become so hostile when asked to explain, defend or justify their perspective. What is needed is more respect for sure. Black women and men can certainly do better in areas of communication. There is so much to be mutually gained when we listen TO each other and stop talking AT each other. I see it all the time online and look forward to the day we can move beyond tearing each other down when we disagree. Not every differing opinion has to be a taken as a personal attack. Anyway, just thought I'd commend you on your patience. It's easy to resort to name calling after you have been called one(or a few) but it takes integrity to respond as you did. Very classy! Be Blessed.

  6. Marlena Nkene Thank you.

  7. Paul Sinclair says:

    Marlena Nkene I will address this to you. You are absolutely correct my sister. We should be able to talk without insulting each other. But check this out

    There might be an issue of critical reasoning, and of course projecting since some people cannot understand when they are being rude. It is not a part of their education. I have never responded to the individual directly, since I refused to dignify her presence after her attack. Yes, she attacked.

    In her first response, she mentioned my name (which made it personal). Where I come from, a statement such as “before jumping off onto another rant,” is not at all an invitation for a reasoned discussion.

    Further, the following had no bearing on either the post or my response: “You want us to be "good little women," who champion every cause for black men.” In any variation of the English language, this is a personal affront to decency, and a regular issue for that we black men deal with from sisters. They talk to us like we are all their ghetto fathers, brothers, uncles, etc. The respondent knows nothing about me, yet me makes me into a sexist neanderthal, simply because I opposed the idea that an article could be credible in suggesting 'failure' in the sex tape business, as a point of double standard for black woman. I even pointed out the numerical reasons why this was ridiculous: 42m blacks to like 240/250m whites.

    By the time she got to this though: “Also, when will black men begin to "uplift" us – black women? Must we always do the lifting? I mean heck we have been taking on this task since our ancestors got off the boat,” she basically showed herself to be a rambling idiot. Yes, since slavery, the black woman had certain access since she was in the big house, but it is rank fallacy for her to believe that she has been “uplifting” black men. And if sisters keep running around believing that, then it will not mentally get any better for them. Burt further, note the contradiction here: I am cussed out for opposing the glorification of sex tapes by someone who obviously believes this is uplifting (executed by a sister)

    Again, I could have responded to the sister even harsher with a set of facts but I didn’t. She is a perfect bully. She started out attacking online, and when she gets slammed she fakes umbrage. I rarely comment online for the reasons you mentioned. People start insulting. But this one I did not start

    Again, thanks for your observations.

  8. Marlena Nkene says:

    Paul Sinclair Upon reading your original post I totally agree with many of your points especially as it relates to black women, sex tapes and the porn industry. After reading your latest comments I believe I understand you better now as opposed to what I had originally interpreted as an overtly strong reaction to an oppositional response. Admittedly I had not initially recognized the portion of the comments you highlighted in quote as offensive until you explained further as to why you found them so insulting. When you explain it that way, It saddens me that I did not fully understand the implications myself.

    I do hope we can come to a point where we all can dialogue and learn from each other, without resorting to insult. However, sometimes it may be good to note, we might have become so caught up in our own male/female) narrative, that we may not realize our words come across as insulting or as an attack. I hope this is more the case rather than any intentional motive to disrespect black men (or women). Although I do take exception to the "rambling idiot" portion of your explanation. I feel like I learned something too! If it takes black men and women together to turn things around for us, no one sex can do it alone. If we are ever to experience any real sense of unity, we will need to be respectful and patient with one another and know it will get better the more we understand each other. I thank you for taking the time to explain to me the reason behind your reaction. Much love and respect to you!

  9. Tony R. Gill says:

    Marlena Nkene very well stated!

  10. Paul Sinclair says:

    Marlena Nkene I don't know where to start since your response is so touching beautiful and on point. So let me withdraw my comment about "rambling idiot" and apologize to you and the intended recipient. Yes, you have made me see that it was inappropriate.

    The divide between black men and black women in America is a construct that has been imposed on us – by both the white society and by professional black hustlers (both women and men) who have made a lot of money writing books and selling arguments of uplifting and empowerment as being mutually exclusive and anathema to black male-female unity. But many of us today who are intelligent, we see through the smoke – the sowing the seeds of division so that the black community can never be a strong as it could be.

    A certain comedian recently wrote the most sexist book telling black women that they need to 'think like a man.' He goes to the best selling list immediately – by sisters who bought into the con. His book will not have helped a single black woman find a 'good' relationship, since good relationships are predicated on finding someone of good character, and the blooming of love.

    There is no denying the mistreatment of their women by certain generations of black men. Some of us are products of mothers who suffered from some of these assholes. It is therefore not that some of us guys are attacking sisters. We rather value and believe in sisters, and hence become even protective of an image we hold their image sacred (they were our mothers in another generation).

    So guys like me, are never going to validate intentionally released sex-tapes as a way up the ladder. That image cannot stand as a way forward for impressionable young girls out there. (In my days, someone had stolen and released a the sex tape of one of the most beautiful black women (with her husband). It destroyed Jayne Kennedy's career). Believe me my sister, we are in your corner. We idolize you the way we still do Ida B. Wells, Marion Anderson, Mary Church Terrell, Anna Julia Campbell, Mary McCloud-Bethune, Mrs Tubman, Mrs. Parks, and so many more.

    On the other issues of the post, some of us brothers don't give a dam about what white America is doing. We have out education, skills, common sense, and can hire a good lawyer. We don't keel over and die because we are not invited to the golf course. And when you read the article, as a guy, you have to ask yourself, "why are sisters s concerned with parity with white women?" It does not mean sisters are not under assault, but white is not necessarily RIGHT.

    Instead of writing articles seemingly envious of the white girl, why not spend some ink examining why in this day and age, would a young girl become obsessed with the color of her skin, respond to a rap artist's comments about dark skinned girls, build a website for "brown girls," gets caught up in the spiral of attention, and kills herself before even reaching mid-20s because she suffered inferiority issues for being dark-skinned. Society chewed up her and spat her out. Many of the burdens internalized by this young woman is now ravaging many other black women, who feels that they must wear mantle of confident, strong, independent, etc. etc. (yet submitting to the most expensive weaves in subservience to insecurity)

    We ought to focus on our existential ills collectively and live a valued and enriched life, based on the core aspirations of those who died for us. Does anyone think Dr. King's idea of a dream is Mimi Faust, the premise of SCANDAL, or any of those women on RHOA who have presented America with the worst image possibly of black woman? I think if sisters want to talk about being under assault, they should start by not watching these shows, not validating their own objectification and exploitation.

    My most sincerest apology for writing and forcing you to read a sermon before church tomorrow, but when we feel love, we reciprocate. Again, I apologize as well to that other sister for any other comments which might have come off as being too harsh.

    ciao my sister

  11. Tony R. Gill says:

    Paul Sinclair I swear we were separated at birth! I was going to write some of the very same content you expressed but I chose to stand down to allow cooler heads to prevail! Brother I salute you and your insight. Peace.

  12. Paul Sinclair says:

    Tony R. Gill Great minds think alike Tony. They don't give us much credit but there are millions of us brothers who are not drinking the coolaid, that served by them or by fraudsters among us..

    Back at you.. Peace my brother!

  13. Paul Sinclair says:

    Tony R. Gill You know Tony, not to beat a dead horse here but one of the things (which I did not mention as it might take too much to elaborate) that an article of such could have mentioned to gain some credibility, is the incredible disparity in coverage of missing white girls versus the coverage of missing black girls (rarely covered nationally). We are still hearing about the white girl Natalie Halloway on the news.. but no national coverage of missing black girls. That is what I meant when I said it was silly fluff and seeming envious and petty.

  14. Marlena Nkene says:

    Paul Sinclair Thank you so much for your kind words! To the contrary, I rather preferred your sermon to most I have heard. Not many people are as enlightened, and are, as you put it, "still drinking the koolaid". There is so much truth in your words and I can see you are a man of character! I am so excited to talk to other black people who are not afraid to tell it straight and do not buy into society's illusions.

    I am so tired of the lies and the games, the exploitation and most of all EXCUSES. Every time I hear them coming from the mouths of black folk it makes me cringe because it demonstrates the low, low expectations we have for ourselves as a people. Too many of us are complacent to be at the bottom of damn near everything positive-academics, business, marriage and family etc, and eager to excel at everything negative-killing each other, disease, abortion, promiscuity etc- twerking no less! It's all so backwards.

    I think the views you expressed clearly demonstrate your desire to see black women transcend those low expectations we have within ourselves (that many of us aren't even aware we have internalized and accepted). In fact, it may be so much more commonplace to find black men so "hypnotized by the booty" that support black women behaving immorally, that a black man that who is perceptive and deception-proof is automatically regarded with resentment and suspicion. It's is sad and it shows how far we have to go to undo the major brainwashing that is so prevalent in the minds of our people. We need more men like you and Tony!

  15. Lorie Tipton says:

    Wow!!!!! Life would be so much more rewarding and exciting, if we could all stop dwelling on the past and pointing countless blame on past experiences that have been buried for centuries. We are all responsible for own actions, not anyone else's. Those who continue to blame the past and dwell in the acts of sorrow from our ancestors, will continue to live in the facade of excuses, rather than changing the stereotype, that is so easily bestowed upon thee. Racism is only as relevant as those who continue to create it! If you want to be a respected Woman, no matter what your race is, then EARN IT! Quit blaming "white" people for the standards, you give yourself!! Own who you are, when you do that, not one else's opinion matters! Ugghh, I'm so over this, we owe people excuses for their behavior. Its way, way, overrated!

  16. Andrea Anderson says:

    You have to be joking Mr. Gill. Our levels of education and financial/emotional security have made it extremely difficult for black men to accept accomplished black women. Black males (even the accomplished ones) seem to like the sista with "drama" that they must save…. Sad fact……..

  17. Jamie MrBrownstone Still ….What has drawn you to black people? Surely not the violence on each other. I hear what you say and understand what you are trying to say, but living among blacks, unless you have many years of research and long time experience, does not make you an expert. You speak of blacks as though our culture is based on the culture of the POOR. POOR people have a culture of violence and they come in ALL colors. In my 73 years, I have NEVER lived among blacks who were beating, stealing and killing each other, and there are a LOT of us. You lived in Haiti without knowing you were in one of the poorest countries and that poverty is the main culture of the people, NOT African? Kenya struggles with the concept of capitalism and greed, introduced by the European colonization. I worked in the mountains of Kentucky and the hills in Ohio, all white communities counting blacks on one hand that lived there. I can say I saw whites killing other whites over as little as a jug of white lightening. I have seen wife beatings and child molestations that would make you puke! All whites. Do I extrapolate that to say that white men are dogs humping anything and the wives are beat down with inbred kids. If whites would stop having babies by their brothers, fathers and 1st cousins, we would not have so many mass murders in our schools. I know whites because I live with them every day and they are a mentally sick people! Now, that makes about as much sense as you do with your assessment of Black people. Oh, yeah, the name calling of "red-necks" and "crackers" came from you calling each other names!

  18. John Lindsay … Psychology, it is called "Blaming the victim for his/her own victimization!

  19. Jamie MrBrownstone Still says:

    Jacqueline Dickens I think i mentioned in this post that I not only lived in Haiti, but Cape town, Kenya (Africa). as to what has drawn me to black people, well that answer will also answer another point you brought up about what i know about black culture. What draws me to black people is the fact that that is all I have EVER dated and 98% of my friends. WHY? because I never lived in a "WHITE" neighborhood. I lived in N. Charleston SC (black area), Carol City FL (black area), LIberty Square, FL (black area) thats the areas I grew up and lived in. ALL inner city ALL black. Look at the demographics of Carol City area of Miami and Liberty City (liberty square housing projects) to be exact. The whitest area I lived in was N. Charleston SC. and that aint saying much. But look up percentages of white people in them areas. So yeah, I know ALOT about black culture and love black people, just click my profile and youll see pics of where I am from and the friends I have. Oh yeah Tell me if you see ONE white person in ANY of my pics. That is like Jamicans and Haitians MOST of them if you call them african american they get highly offended. They themselves say (not my opinion ) that they dont want that name categorized with them bc african americans and americans as a whole are lazy and want handouts. I dont agree bc I know plenty black people that work hard. But just try to call a Jamaican an african american. … and I know hey arent really from africa, but it seems if someone is black in america they are called african american. but back to my main point, YES i know black culture, other than my skin pigments not being the same, I have been raised and bought up the same.

  20. John Lindsay says:

    @Anthony L. Ancrum Sr. : More than likely, I'm either older than you or about the same age.

    Add about 15 years onto how old you think I might be. :>)

  21. John Lindsay says:

    **James: but someone could offer me $1 million to treat my mom like Sh*t and it is MY choice to take the money and betray my mom or stand up for her.
    JL: Pretty bad analogy…since these rappers are NOT rapping about their mothers.

    **james: Also it is majority black audience these rappers have who buy the albums, and yes some white people as well.

    JL: WRONG again……because young White males aged 15-22 makeup the LARGEST group of consumers who buy rap music. GOOGLE IT.
    How Music Executives Created 'Black' Hip Hop For White Suburban Kids

    "White men — specifically young, suburban white men — consume around 80% of hip-hop music. This became a recognized industry fact in 1991, and since then, the music industry has crafted mainstream hip-hop culture to appeal to that demographic."

    **james: and watch BET from time to time or behind the music to see who writes these songs, it aint white men.
    JL: I don't know WHY you would write that…BECAUSE I NEVER WROTE A DAMN WORD ABOUT…."who writes these songs."
    Hence, your words are a red herring.

    **james: Meaning if the black people do not stop killing and degrading each other and brown skin calling dark skin names, if tis doesent change with your own ppl, there will NEVER be change.
    JL: I could JUST AS E-A-S-I-L-Y write the same thing for Whites…since Whites are the majority of the killers of other Whites.
    WHERE…. did SOME Blacks and other Groups of Color "learn" to demean one another?!"
    WHY….are sooooo many Asian Americans getting cosmetic surgery to change the shape of their eyes?!
    "CBS television host Julie Chen recently revealed that, years prior, she had gone under the knife to 'widen her Asian eyes' in order to advance her career as a broadcast journalist. I am troubled by the fact that Ms. Chen’s past superiors were able to convince her—as beautiful and intelligent as she is—that she must alter her features in order to advance in her career."

    Sooooo James, Julie Chen was forced by Whites in the TV industry to look more like Whites or risk having her career inhibited or brought to an end. Same thing with skin-lighteners or hair straighteners: the more White-like you are in the U.S., etc…the more likely you will get and retain a job.
    Thus, your words pertain to a large number of groups…NOT just SOME Blacks.

    From White peoples' media, i.e. tv shows, movies, newspapers, radio shows, etc., etc., etc.

    **james: do you realize the positive impact our whole society would have if blacks stop killing blacks,
    JL: Do YOU realize the positive impact our whole society would gain…if Whites stopped killing Whites, if White babies were not aborted, and hating on other people because they're skin is darker than White people's skin?!
    Banking discrimination, disenfranchising Voters of Color, employment discrimination, housing discrimination, judicial discrimination, police brutality, low expectations of Black students by White teachers, "racial" disparities in the death penalty….would ALL be eliminated…IF WHITES WOULD STOP HATING ON PEOPLE OF COLOR(African-, Asian- & Latino/a-Americans and Indigenous Peoples).

    **james: Why doesnt Al Sharpton go into Chicago and other cities that are having MASSIVE black on Black killings? c he cant make money that way……..but for some reason ppl worship sharpton

    I guess the 16 people that LIKED your message…..must be just as ignorant as you.

    And by the way, it continues to "amaze" me…that people like you are not smart enough to know…that the "murder rate in Chicago"…IS NOT EVEN IN THE TOP 10 of murder rates.
    Two, if you're soooo smart about "what goes on in amerikkka," you should know that "RARELY ARE BLACKS SHOWN HELPING THEMSELVES in this racist nation.
    Instead, the White-owned media LOVES to show "Whtes helping Blacks and other groups."
    Both Sharpton and Jackson have held a number of rallies in violent inner-city neighborhoods in Chicago and other cities…..but….rarely are these rallies shown on mainstream media.

    **Sharpton To Do Anti-Violence Work In Chicago"
    June 30, 2013 4:34 PM

    From Dec 21, 2013:

    "This past Thursday, a town hall meeting hosted by Al Sharpton and the National Action Network to address gun violence exploded into a revolt against "Chicago Machine" politics,"

    Hence, james…your 16 boot LIcKERS and you don't know a damn thing.

  22. John Lindsay says:

    @Chadd Williams :

    What is the ratio of "beautiful Black women" to the "other Black women" in TV and movies, Chadd?!
    She didn't write that "there are not any beautiful Black women in the media"….just that "Black beauty is downplayed, demeaned, etc….and there are THOUSANDS of articles that support what Michelle wrote.

    There's nothing emotional about her post, and the following sentence is one of SEVERAL that "hit the nail on the head": "I do not understand why you can't promote white beauty without down playing Black beauty."

    I would suggest that you Google each topic she wrote about, Chadd.
    Well done, Michelle!!!

  23. John Lindsay says:

    If Whites hate rap music as much as James claims, why don't they stop paying Black, White, and Latino/a rappers?!

    They won't….because as a group….Whites make a ton of money from rap music as:
    1. owners of the overwhelming majority of music companies that buy rap music from the rappers.

    2. owners of the distribution companies that distribute rap music to retail stores, etc., that sell rap.

    3. owners of the overwhelming majority of retail stores that sell rap music to the public.

    4. owners of the marketing agencies.
    In every sector of the American economy…the owners make more money than their employees….and the rappers are employees of music companies…not the other way 'round.

    1. "The Music Industry: It’s Still a White Boys’ Club…"

    "So why, if the influence of Black artists on music is so massive, are there hardly any powerful Black executives in the modern music industry?

    Why are companies like Pandora, Live Nation, Apple, Spotify, AEG, Warner Music Group, SXSW, Clear Channel Communications, and Universal Music Group dominated by white executives, often from privileged backgrounds and educations?

    Why do executives like Troy Carter and Chuck D always feel like ‘token Black guys’ at major music industry events?"

    James is just another White boy with a big mouth….who doesn't know what he's posting about.

    by Walter Edward Hart

  24. Chadd Williams says:

    John Lindsay are there thousands of statistical articles that support this? If so can you please send a link. I would like to see one. Cuz just from my TV and movie watching experience, I've seen less appealing white women and pretty white women, and the same for black women. But to be honest I can't think of any bottom of the barrel black women in movies/TV. That's where I think there was too much emotion in her post. I feel like the ratio of butt ugly black women doesn't vastly overshadow that of butt ugly white women. Again if U have statistical articles though, send a link please because I am interested to see how wrong I am, if I'm wrong.

  25. John Lindsay says:

    @Chadd Williams:,%20Race%20and%20Media%20Representation.pdf

    "The lack of Black female actresses as leading ladies has absolutely nothing do with market forces or the fact that gentlemen prefer blondes, but entrenched, dogmatic racism in casting practices:

    …Hollywood never seems to pair him with a black actress in a potential blockbuster? From Denzel Washington (Training Day) to Dwayne ”The Rock” Johnson (The Game Plan), leading African-American actors have been increasingly matched with non-black love interests. The sci-fi comedy Meet Dave (out now) finds Eddie Murphy romancing Elizabeth Banks, while Smith is paired with Latina actress Rosario Dawson in his next film, Seven Pounds (out in December). It’s obviously a strategy to make these films as accessible as possible to all audiences, but I think it also expresses an implicit fear: A film featuring the coupling of a black actor and actress is too ”urban” for the masses."

  26. John Lindsay says:

    "As I sit across from a beautiful Black woman with long, flowing hair, I feel like I am in the presence of a movie star.

    Although she is not a recognizable celebrity, Vivian’s melodious voice and elegant movements underscore her background as a dancer and actor.
    Donning a red cashmere sweater, she tells me how her privileged upbringing has shaped her acting sensibilities despite the stereotyped, “South Central ghetto” roles she is typically offered to play. Vivian is one of many Black actors in Los Angeles whose life experience bears no resemblance to the South Central stereotyped roles typically available to Black actors.

    Vivian, like most Black actors, prefers not to play such roles, distancing herself from these roles and challenging them whenever possible, while also struggling to make a decent living as a working black actor in Hollywood.

    Vivian, like many of the thousands of other African American union actors in Los Angeles in the early 2000s, often found herself defined by and confined to an exceedingly narrow image of blackness.

    Mainstream media reinforced this image by exploiting the periodic violence and socioeconomic struggles in the region and using them to paint a picture of South Central as the prototypical “ghetto,”1 conflating the real and the fictional (see chap. 8)."

    "Similarly, Cassie, a forty-five-year-old black female actor, attributed the overrepresentation of white roles and under-representation of black ones to white writers’ lack of exposure to and consequent knowledge about blacks:"

  27. John Lindsay says:

    @Barby Jayne Do what for free?

    **Barby JaynThats because black men dont have no damn pride in their blackness

    JL: WHICH Black men?!
    1.2% of Blacks are upper class; 8.4% are upper middle; and 38.4% of Blacks are middle class.
    Hence…which Blacks are you referring to?!

  28. Jamie MrBrownstone Still says:

    John Lindsay i know they are not rapping about thier mothers. but thier own race. THAT is what this thread is about.. f you dont understand it, well it explains where your point of view come from. AND WHERE did i say whites hate rap???? DID i not even provide a list of rappers that I like ? You trying to put words in my mouth, too bad what I have previously said is Irremovable . You aint got nothing but 5 likes total. You probably one of them dudes that hate whites and hate blacks who associate with em. But thats okay youre entitled to you opinion. And people like me are going to continue to break this racial separation by having mixed kids and getting along with people regardless of race. Really you need to get out from the TV and computer and visit the world from time to time. Before I go I want you to QUOTE me on where I implied whites dont listen to rap….. go on stick ya foot in ya mouth

  29. Anonymous says:

    This is race baiting at its finest. What is the message that this author is trying to convey? In a time were emotions are hot as it is, why keep pouring fuel on the fire? When are the people in this country going to wake up and realize we all live here and need to get along, regardless of what happened in the past.

  30. Sundiata Keita says:

    yall love these white devils. any devil that comes on a black site, you love. look at his pccupation. he's a paid mercenary, that kills black and brown people. yo got damn coons!

  31. Natalie Owens says:

    I hate people who think that black people should just get over 400+ years ofdehumanization, exploitation, sexual mental and physical abuse, forced labor, and any any other degrading treatment that was conjured up for blacks to endure

  32. Natalie Owens says:

    And not to mention the biased treatment enforced on blacks today, but Jews are never told to get over their part and what happened to their people, its remember and talked and shown sympathy towards the harsh treatment they endured as a people, but their never ever ever told to just GET OVER IT THAT IT WAS ALL IN THE PAST….PLEASE ….WHOEVER BELIEVESTHIS SAYS THIS CAN CHOKE ON A BONE AND DIE

  33. jrsguitars1 That won't happen automatically without learning who we are culturally and who the other guy is also. Humans have always been afraid of the things they do not know about. Go to and begin to learn!

  34. Jamie MrBrownstone Still only because he is put out there in a position to give him attention, (TV), it works everytime. Al Sharpton works in the best interest of other people, not his own. He is used to help them, to dictate how black people react to certain issues. I bet he will not be seen giving Jay Z, any credit for his class act, in not hitting a woman, and all black men need to be praising Jay Z, because at the end of the day, they can stop the lies about black men being violent, in some crazy way, they have been shown the light. The most interesting thing about it, most black men do not use violent against their women, but that is not what whites think, and they hate that the attact on Jay Z, by a black female, went down like that.

  35. Tony R. Gill Of course we would. We practice self determination. Matter-of-fact, it is our salvation.

  36. Lorie Tipton You are in no posotion to tell blacks what you saying. You are a recipient of the benefits of white supremacy, so you wish we stop reminding this country how it get to be a power house country on the free labor of our ancestors, and that is hardly all the other abuse our people were subjected too. As for dwelling or blaming the past, well, we will more likely than not, contineu to do that, until hell freezes. We are owed a human violation debt, that type of crime, is never resolved, until someone is held accountable, and penalized for the crime. You are spinning, and what you are saying, does not make sense, because you do not know what you are talking about. Just like Kim K, who said she had never seen racism until her half white child was born, this woman is 33 years, old, and has never seen racism, obviously, she did not know what it is, because, she was never a victim, she is a player in the system of white supremacy, just like yourself.

  37. Jamie MrBrownstone Still says:

    Sundiata Keita I love how you refer to me as "white devil" yet you do not know me. Lets see the ONLY organizations that use that term are the well known racist sectors. I was going to ask you what are you doing positive for your race BUT the answer is given already. Its people both both white and black like you that are the problem. All the racists will have their place reserved in fire, though not by my hands but the Lord's. Thats why when I am with my son or any of my past girlfriends (all of which are black) and I get cold stares from both races, I SMILE. No matter what you say can make me hate you .

    So keep on hating and live unsatisfied, until you find Christ my brother.. and by the way I work Intel at my job, and we protect, you're not there so You know nothing about my employer. May the father of Abraham, Issac and Jacob open your eyes one day to receive the Grace of Jesus Christ.

  38. Sundiata Keita says:

    Jamie MrBrownstone Still youre a white boy from stormfront trolling people who your people have oppressed for 500 years, how can you not be a devil?
    i will do you one better. do look at your boy David Duke talk about how Jews are playing whites against blacks.
    i wont read anymore of your replies, i just gave you the game, its up to you to seek truth or keep playing the game somebody setup for you in 1676.

  39. Sundiata Keita says:

    black people, this devil goes around the world and kills black and brown people for a paycheck. ignore this devil. they are practicing their rhetoric for the propaganda they will use in "the changeover."
    dont fall for it

  40. Jamie MrBrownstone Still says:

    Sundiata Keita how do I go around the country killing people? lol Youre a strange one. I work for BlackWater Security and there are 7 blacks in my platoon of 15 Dont know where you get your info from. And as for you saying
    "youre a white boy from stormfront trolling people who your people have oppressed for 500 years, how can you not be a devil? " MY people havent enslaved anyone. No one I know ever has. Its like you are saying bc I am white and something that happened generations before I was even thought of is MY fault. IF THE WORLD THOUGHT LIKE YOU …SMH So i guess if a black dude that you dont personally know does something wrong against me, I should take it out on all??? Thats your mentality. Well keep it bc It isnt mine. And about the David Duke thing…. WTH my grandma is Jewish…lol Dude Youre out there…

  41. Jamie MrBrownstone Still says:

    Sundiata Keita i understand where u coming from now. I see your page is covered in Louis Farrakan ….lol Look at what mine is covered with, pics of me and my black friends. I totally understand you now, you been brainwashed…

  42. Lorie Tipton says:

    Thank you for proving my point exactly! That about sums up my debate. 🙂 thanks.

  43. This is point-list. Get it! The list is created to incite anger and 'race bait' when the answer is within the issue being brought to a head. Why should I care what society or outsiders say about my mother, sister, daughter, neighbor etc. I form my own observations on a persons character, worth, and value to me based on what I know, NOT on what is being told to me. People need to develop a mind of their own. For example, I assess that you, Lattia, are a strong, smart woman with a great future ahead of you, and its based on observations I made, not on what someone told me. The saying goes "ask 10 people about who I am, and you may get 10 different answers". I formulate one answer, MINE!!!

  44. Billy Armando Duran-Abreu says:

    I get the article, it shows racial disparity but it's race baiting! There are plenty of white women too that are in jail and didn't get away with their crimes. Yea, we all know the scales are unevenly balanced but pissing both sides off isn't going to change anything! Your making it worse! The justice system is F***ed up and we all know that. Race baiting is what the white supremacist wants because he wants a race war. A lot of white people are armed to the teeth and have financial and political power not to mention the "justice" system on their side (corrupt cops, judges, and lawyers). Race baiting is not going to fix anything and it will only exacerbate the problem.

    Fox news is already doing a good job at scaring the white man by having him think Mexicans and terrorist are going to take over the country. If you ever want things to get normal you need to point out the disparity and push for some type of review committee made up of a diverse non-biased group to be grated the power to look into these cases and have the power to reverse a judges decision and put the judges and cops under investigation and even in jail. Fight for that, if not your going into a loosing battle that will leave people of color worse off than we were before. With more racism on both ends and nobody doing anything about it but complaining and making life harder on others that don't deserve it. Peace.

  45. jrsguitars1 That's the point! We all know we need to get along that's not the point. Therefore, we as people should not never turn a blind eye to what stands before us. Being in the struggle of the sixties I know first hand, on who stands with us and who stands against us. Whether black are white.

  46. Nzingha Shabaka Thank you for speaking up to Lorie. You have expressed yourself very well and you speak for me as well. If she thinks she lives in a world where these abuses are over, then she must live in a bubble without a view to the outside world. I did not think it would be so great to be so totally cut off from reality. Wake up Lorie and see the world outside your little cocoon before you die and have to explain why you ignored the pain of others because they did not look like you.

  47. What point? Did you have a real and understandable point? The Native Americans had it right when they said, "Walk a mile in my moccasins before you judge!"

  48. Tony R. Gill You are welcome, or you're welcome. How are we going to yell at Latinos to learn English when we who were born here don't? Sorry! Pet peeve!

  49. Lorie Tipton says:

    I can understand why I'm being disagreed with, I didn't write this comment to be patted on the back, I'm simply expressing my opinionbased on the article. I just think it's very sad to live in a world when someone feels they are owed something! If you want respect…. EARN IT! Bottom line! Those who come against me, or disagree with me, is pretty much irrelevant, I can only imagine how sad it is, yo dwell within a soul like that! Your words are just words, and that's Probley why you feel so defensive! 🙂 thanks

  50. John Dennis We all have color of darker hue than you, John. It is ALWAYS about the arrogance and entitlement people from the European nations feel and play out on us; so we shorten it to black and white, same, same!

  51. You need to see a mental health professional before you do yourself or someone else harm.

  52. There are many people helping blacks to become more successful in many ways, including teaching men and women how to stay away from toxic relationships. The word is not getting around to people fast enough because lots of people of all colors would rather bitch about stuff than get off their butts and share information, at least. I have a site that addresses handling work and home related issues, many across cultural lines. I don't recognize race as existing because there is not biological proof of any "race" living here except human. Cultural differences ARE real. Go to my site and spread the word:
    About the race war, it won't happen. America is not only rapidly aging, but also rapidly browning. There are already too many of us "people of color" for this small band of home grown terrorists to do anything but get crushed in a war. Believe me, I live in a VERY diverse community and go to a church with whites in the minority. If whites attacked, these other colors would pick up arms and fight along side the blacks. I hang out with an Indian friend darker than me and a Mexican. We talk a lot about having to deal with the same issues from whites. By the way, I have a number of Jewish friends who are very black without the skin color to prove it visually.

  53. Charles Thomas says:

    Maybe you should review the case material, Meniz. You're very mistaken about what happened. Also, see a psychiatrist and an English teacher.

  54. Meniz Black says:

    Shid you white people tought me your language so the fuck what if i fuck it up yall got my message. .lol

  55. Charles Thomas I agree with you. Think he will get the point about getting help with HIS issues? LOL!

  56. i agree, Marissa Didnt fire a warning shot

  57. Karl Collins says:

    Its not about being owed anything and I do agree that we as black people must do more and complain less, however I do think that in most situations that it is much harder for blacks to "EARN IT" than it is for whites. You could never understand that no matter how hard you try. Unless of course you put your "black face" on for a few months and share the results. Only then would you understand.

  58. Regardless of everything you said I am still stuck on the "buried for centuries" part its only been 1.5 centuries since slavery was abolished and only 50 since the signing of the civil rights acts. Within those 50 years it hasnt been sparkles and rainbows because those same people worked hard to keep us down through systematic racism such as The War On Drugs. Lets also not forget that family is an institution. If your father believed Jim Crow laws were justified, he would pass those ideas )through socialization) to his children.

  59. Rahsaan Chisolm says:

    Jamie MrBrownstone Still I agree with a good portion of what you said above bout black men being disrespectful to black women. However, please do your research and know that Al Shartpon and other leaders actually have been addressing Chicago violence. See link below. For the record, say what you will about Sharpton, but he's one of the few who actually opens his mouth to stand up for black people and the dude literally took a knife in the chest from racists for us during the Yousef Hawkins protest 20 years ago. He amy be a pain to some, but in my book he's pretty ride-or-die. That commands respect.

  60. Jennifer Lillie-Jensen says:

    You need to go back to American History class Ms. Tipton. Maybe then you would understand why it cannot be let go of. Do you realize that black men in this country had more rights than white women for approximately 2 years before blacks were "enslaved again" until things finally got a bit better in the 1960s? We're not talking centuries ma'am. We're talking mere decades. Take a look at the systems put in place to "help". Maybe then you will understand that the oppression continued even after the Civil Rights Movement. Think about what you can do to help make equality happen instead of not showing that you don't know your American History.

  61. We already HAVE our own society; we just do not recognize it. I have the research to prove what I say!

  62. Anna Soull says:

    I agree this article is just making black women feel bad for no good damn reason. If they had taken the time to speak to a great many white women they would find that white women are shunned, ostracized, and judged negatively for the same reasons as black women.
    But clearly they are making assumptions that dont apply.
    Women are not on separate sides, we are all women who are treated like women everywhere we go until we cry – then we are told to "stop playing victim" .
    Women of all races.
    And women of all races are OUTRAGED over what those rednecks did to Marissa Alexander – and believe Angela Cory should have been fired long ago.
    And for the record – Kim K aint a white woman. Jusss saying.
    This article is inflammatory and throwin shade for no good reason.
    This is not a competition – we are sisters under God himself and I despise anyone who says different. The only woman I have to be better than is the woman who I was yesterday.
    With respect.

  63. Anna Soull says:

    But I should acknowledge there is gross racism in america – and that conversation should not be sizing white women and black women up against each other – that conversation should be about dispelling myths stereotypes and unnecessary hardships black women have to deal with in a racist system.
    White women as a whole are not the enemy – they arent trying to get over on black women either (well not all of them) – not all of them are privileged either not by a long shot – but I can see a black woman must work harder and go further for approval, not only in society but within the black community as well.
    That is a shame – and needs to stop happening. Today.

  64. Anthony L. Ancrum Sr. true

  65. Jamie MrBrownstone Still very real.

  66. Really ? This has to be the dumbest thing I've read in a while. "She found out the hard way that the same rewards…bestowed upon celebrities Kim Kardashian, Pam Anderson, Paris Hilton, and other white women was not available for her. Fishburne only earned $60,000 for her efforts, " really ? The same things offered to huge celebrities weren't given to someone no one knows ? Also, Kim k isn't white. This is more shit trying to divide us all. Love one another, don't try to look for ways to feel inferior.

  67. So you write this article to make white people feel more aware of their supremacy or what? Black in America r so stupid for letting themselves play to those racist games

  68. I totally agree…we aren't allowed to show weakness. Multiple baby mommas, cheating, lying, living off of the black woman…it is not our fault ladies…white woman have always had more leway than black women…no one expects much from us as far as success…but when it comes to breeding, and paying another grown ass mans way, without any expectations, that's what we were set up for….bullshit!!! Black men need to be at our sides taking a stand as well! Oh yeah, Chris Brown even has a song um….these hoes ain't loyal…damn even our black men don't respect us!!! Side note, I have a wonderful man in my life 13 years strong, 3 babies and I can't complain, BUT, I have a number of friends and family going through it with their spouses…ladies, my strong black ladies, let's set the expectations of these men higher and stop being afraid to sleep alone all for the sake of just having someone there but your not happy!!! If you have children, let them help in deciding if they like him or not, ask them, otherwise you may be stuck with someone who doesn't like kids and your kids are the only ones that know because you were too blind to see the losers true intentions….don't let these statistics define you beautiful women!!!!!

  69. I know, I guess the N-word can be put into this discussion, and I don't really know which way to go with that one, because I know I use it as affection, with Blacks , but I am offended when other than Blacks use it…BUT , I am Not a Ni***, and do not own the word, so I am confused as to not use it or do as I am USED TO! lol, but we ALL need to start respecting one another more, I DO KNOW THAT! : )

  70. America and the world will always be racist! If you think otherwise, you are mistaken! Naive is the word!

  71. Autumn Jones says:

    I don't know about other black women but I was always admired by men and women of all races. I lived in a all white neighborhood, worked at a mostly dominated white job, and been front cover in newspapers and magazine articles. I'm even a very successful business owner making good money in a well off suburban neighborhood. I promise you all are keeping bs alive by highlighting problems. Focus on the resolutions rather than the issues and we would be a lot better off and to be honest by constantly showing how blacks are degraded your just making us look worse…

  72. Good points. I now have a better understanding, being a Black woman myself.

  73. Amen exactly the reason today we see more and more white women getting lip injections,tans, butt and hip enlargement surgery, but they are the standard of beauty, oh and but they are the most beautiful but yet they want to look like anyone buy themselves, hum I'll wait lol

  74. Thank you so much for writing this article. The truth needs to be put out there!

  75. Are we still promoting the false narrative of Marrissa Alexander as an Innocent "Stand your ground" victim? Has anyone ever looked at the FACTS of that case?

  76. We already tried that in Oklahoma. It flourished and the white man in his jealousy burned it down and destroyed it.

  77. This is discrimination whena black woman can't defend herself

  78. Good Article, it is astonishing that these very obvious truths are ignored by everyone in this society, even black women who are harmed by these conditions. As the article and facts bear out, no black women is immune or protected by this outrageous oppression, as the criticism of the first lady and her priorities are constantly brought up for discussion and disapproval and everyone is seemingly okay with it. Thanks for telling the truth!

  79. Why is the fact that leaking a sex tape not being as profitable for Black women as they are for white women on this list? Like having a sex tape is a main priority for "REAL" Black Women….SMH.

  80. "Kim k isn't white"? Well what is she then–other than being HUMAN )though just barely.)

  81. Thats real. Black women are scrutinized for everything while white women can do whatever. Kim Bassinger in 9 1/2 weeks getting slammed six ways from sunday in abandoned buildings, alley ways in the rain, and on kitchen tables with ice cubes

  82. Whips and even another woman. But thats all good. White people been sex thrillers and porno flicks forever. But they are not scrutinized in this country for their sexuality. Black women are. Black women are seen as over sexual, and promiscuous from the time of slavery when they were property and forced to get in bed with massa and all kinda of shit. Its was sexually slavery forced upon our people through acts of extreme violence. This is how white supremacy and racism works: double standards. Simple as that.

  83. This article is sooooooooooo true.

  84. WoW!!! really…. Lori Tipton….Your Comment response ( Those who continue to blame the past and dwell in the acts of sorrow from our "Ancestors", will continue to live in the facade of excuses, rather than changing the STEREOTYPE). /// —— REALLY——- FOR YOUR "INFORMATION" //// These Serious Topics about Equality in the mainstream world are REAL, and Refereeing to our "ANCESTORS"….. These Topics are "NOT", from 1,000 years ago…. Most of the mainstream topics about Fairness and Equality for African-Americans just came about just over 50 YEARS ago…. 1964 was about the time our AMERICAN FEDERAL LAWS, just recognized Black Americans as First Class Citizens….. In our 238 years of American History…. So, PLEASE… DON'T ((( SPIN ))) a serious "TOPIC" about Black People Dwelling in the Passed…. I, am a 46 year old Black Male that was born just after the "CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964", This "ACT" is as EXACTLY that an "ACT" of a CIVIL RIGHT "ACT" for BLACK AMERICAN to have the Rights to Vote, Eat in the same Restaurants, use the same (WATER) Drinking Fountains, Libraries, Movie Theaters and Ride the Public Buses with out being pushed back to the Back of the Bus by "WHITE" Person………………………………………….. "NOW" YOU NEED TO "QUITE"…. If you are going ((( SPIN ))) on this SOCIAL—FORUM….. It's JUST–NOT COOL……. SO, PLEASE DON'T……

  85. No, it's not just the UNDERSTANDING, About the black Culture… It's just you Don't get it…. Do, you have real black friends,….? Have you eat'N at a black families home…? Have you gone with any of your black friends that are trying get ahead…. With life's Struggles… In a predominate white-mans world….. Buying a Home, Car, Loans for school, Medical issues and find out…. They don't meet the criteria for the loan…. Because, of old laws still on the books in some of the 50 States…. The Reason I,m saying this is because the ( Fair Equal Housing laws in the United States of AMERICA). Was not, around always… After the 1964 "CIVIL" RIGHTS Act… Went into affect. There where topic purposely left out of the Civil Right Act, One of the topics was the Fare Housing Practices the Banks and Business had on the Federal Laws Against (AFRICAN) Americans buying LAND, PROPERTY and even BUSINESS… "IN" or "AROUND" White Business…. So, YES…. blacks where able to VOTE in 1964, but not able to buy home in White Neighborhoods, until 1974 almost. (10 YEARS) after the Civil Rights Act was Documented in the Federal Legal Systems of AMERICA. My point is…. Things are not what it seems to be for many Black Americans that are truly trying to get AHEAD in life…. "NOT", all black Americans are (PIMPS, DRUG DEALERS, HUSTLERS, ROBBERS, RAPIST AND KILLERS….. There are many the "OBEY" the laws of the LAND. But, when "Black" Americans want Justice, our American legal system forgets or just don't care that we want JUSTICE TOO… Our American Founders Never really intended for African Americans to be truly "FREE" under our system of government…. This is where the Civil Right ACT of 1964 and the Equal Opportunity Acts came into "PLAY". You see the Federal Laws, We live Under as "AMERICANS" has always been about making a WRONG into a RIGHT…. BUT, there has been, exceptions to the LAWS. The Native American Indians had "THEIR" native lane taken from them… By Wars and Battles between territories through out the AMERICAS, but, for the African Native Brought here the this land under "SLAVERY" —- "SERVITUDE" Many white American Prospered from Slavery, why'll the centuries later Africans even up to the Mid-1900's… There never been any REAL WEALTH on the African Communities…. Not, like what you see today… with the "American-Native-Indisns". ((( Reservations, Housing, Schools, Trust Funds, Business, Casinos, Banks, Cultural Indian Museums About the Indian Experience… Is very "VISIBLE" to many White and None-White Americans…. The Black Decedents of Slaves did Not, get any thing close to a "RESTITUTION" from American-Slavery…. It's…. Almost, like the a "STEP-CHILD" like Family like "Mentality" from "White American" Towards Black AMERICA….. ///// MY self I'm a hard Working Middle-Class, (HONORED) Retired 20 US Navy Sailor. That don't want Anything from "NO-ONE", that I, can't go get myself……. This Black and White does need to go away… But, I, know… In my heart it's……"NOT". Note: My Last Comment, why'll in the US NAVY, as a African-Black American in Uniformed Sailor… All my fellow sailors and sister sailors all worn the same American Sailor Uniform with the same Color and Brands of STYLE on board the US War Ships. WE WORKED (12 hours)–ON and (12 hours)–OFF EVERYDAY out to sea… In the Middle of the Persian Gulf…., When, the day was done…. We worked out at the gym, Watched Movies, called our families.. We studied for exams, practice our Navy Trades, we joked and laughed together, we complained, we understood, we disagree , we cursed each other out at times…. But, at the end of the day we where all sailor for the United States of AMERICA… Fighting for the "FREEDOMS" we have "TODAY". So, my point is we are all Americans under one "FLAG". We have to (Agree to Agree) that their are problems and that the can be fixed… Because, this is what we do. Fight for the Rights for everyone under our "FLAG" not just a "FEW". They Navy understands that… And we should too…. "Peace" and GOD bless ((( AMERICA ))).

  86. Paulina Pa says:

    I believe you will find a moment to watch it, lady. These things are not the past. It happened just a while ago and it still goes on. Standards for white and black people are different. You can be aware of it or you can remain ignorant.

  87. Ezra Taylor says:

    I was told by some women that her boyfriend/husband has nothing to say. This dude can't even give his own side of events that occurred.

  88. Ezra Taylor says:

    This cheap article gave you a better understanding? You need to do more reading. Not from low level articles but from books written by black women that have actuall did things in this world.

  89. Ezra Taylor says:

    Bitch shutup. Have you noticed your maybe the only black woman in the area you claim to work, live? Your not special. White supremancy makes sure very few black make it.

  90. Ezra Taylor well stop going off 3rd party information and research the facts and findings of the case

  91. I never thought of it that way. Thank you.

  92. Scott Ryson says:

    I can't stand 90% of Blacks. Most Asians feel the same way.

  93. Ken Morrison says:

    This society was built "on your backs" what? Please explain, Mrs deluisional.While your at it give me one, just one example of a successful black culture and not one from an Eddie Murphy movie.The best thing that ever happened to you was that your ancestors were slaves in America. Don't think so, check out Africa!

  94. Ken Morrison says:

    Henry B Karsen Trevon was bashing his head into the ground with wittnesses recording it moron. Go suck a black dick, your asamed of your own race you piece of shit!

  95. Ken Morrison says:

    William Clark News flash William, white people don't give a fuck about you. Man up and stop with the excuses.

  96. Ken Morrison says:

    BLAH blah blah cry cry cry. Go move to that black eutopia. Oh that's right it doesn't and has never existed. The worst enemy of a black man is another black man. FACT! You want a better life? EARN IT! The white man owes you fuck all.

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