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Essential Hair Tools to Make Natural Hair Care Easy

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People often make a big deal about caring for natural hair. You know the conversation. It usually goes something like this: “It’s too hard to maintain;” “Kinky hair is unmanageable;” “I don’t even know where to begin.” Yes, waves, curls and coils can be intimidating. But with the right tools and techniques, maintaining textured hair can be simple — though not necessarily easy.

The first step to glorious curls is using the right equipment. Ready to make the leap to healthy natural hair? Check out our list of essential tools.

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Wide-Tooth Comb

Tight curls and coils need wide-tooth combs to gently detangle and remove shed hair. Look for a seamless comb to further protect tender curls. Make sure hair is wet — with water or a water-based, leave-in conditioner — before combing through. For more control, divide hair into sections before detangling. To detangle, start at the ends and gently work your way up to the roots.

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