Oprah Stylist Responds To Critics With Natural Hair Care Line

Oprah Winfrey stylist natural hair care line Oprah’s hair stylist, Andre Walker, is releasing his very own line of natural hair care products despite the backlash he received after recommending women with kinky hair to consider getting a relaxer.

Andre Walker is releasing his self title hair line to help women with natural hair treat, condition, and style their hair to keep it healthy and beautiful.

The new line will include sulfate free products, deep conditioners, keratin moisturizers, and even straightening creams.

Walker explained that he wants to use the natural hair line to help women “make peace with their natural hair.”

With Oprah sure to back up his business ventures, we’re sure it will be quite a success. The only question is how genuine is his mission to help women with natural hair?

The line is being released not long after Walker received some serious criticisms for his comment about “kinky” hair.

Andre Walker natural hair care products “I always recommend embracing your natural texture,” he said back in 2011. “Kinky hair can have limited styling options; that’s the only hair type that I suggest altering with professional relaxing.”

This isn’t his first time responding to the statements, however. He was swift to release a statement criticizing those who dared to criticize him.

“So when I say embrace your natural texture, but consider relaxing kinky hair, am I contradicting myself,” he questioned. “I don’t think!”

He went on to explain that he was simply recommending another option for women who found kinky hair difficult to manage.

“If you want a natural look, but find that your kinky hair is difficult to manage, breaks too easily, lacks shine and luster, and limits your preferred styling options, I say feel free to consider a mild chemical relaxer, sometimes called a texturizer, that eases your hair to a more manageable texture and allows you to Make Peace With Your Hair,” he added.

Andre Walker natural hair products line Personally, I feel like his intentions are genuine and it doesn’t seem like he meant any real harm when he made his comment about recommending a texturizer.

While natural hair is beautiful and should be embraced, it’s still a choice when it comes to style. It can be difficult for some people to manage, but Walker at least hopes that his line will aid with that.

“The Andre Walker Hair line, created for women who are looking to transition and become natural, promises to treat, condition and style African-American, ethnic and textured hair types without the use of chemical relaxers and straighteners,” Juicy Magazine wrote.

Only time will tell if his line can revolutionize the world of natural hair care, but we are certainly sure to see it pop up on Oprah’s famous list of her favorite things.


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