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9 Things Some White People Don’t Understand About Black Hair


Black Women Do Not Have to Wash Their Hair Every Day

Time and time again, white women seem to be repulsed by the idea that Black women do not wash their hair every day. It seems unhygienic to a group of people who have to wash their hair on a nearly daily basis to avoid oil overload. For Black hair, however, it can actually be damaging for a woman to wash her hair every day and strip her hair follicles of necessary oils.

Oil Is Actually Good for Black Hair

The same concept exists here. Black hair, especially if a woman is all natural, gets dried out very easily, and it’s a part of the reason why using daily serums or oiling their scalps is a part of many Black women’s daily hair routine.

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Black Hair Can ‘Shrink’

Shrinkage is something that perplexes many white people. When a Black woman is sporting her natural hair, the tight curls or coils often make her hair appear much shorter than it really is. What was once a short Afro transforms into long tresses once it is straightened. In some cases, kinky hair that is above the shoulder when naturally styled can cascade all the way down a Black woman’s back when straightened.

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