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Misguided: Bill O’Reilly Claims Beyonce ‘Doesn’t Care’ About Young Black Girls

bill and beyonceWhile far more famously known for his criticisms of rappers and hip-hop, Fox News political pundit Bill O’Reilly has developed a recent fascination with Beyonce.

First, O’Reilly took the singer to task for the sexy music video for recent single “Partition,” filmed at famous French burlesque club Crazy Horse, calling it “exploitative garbage.”

“The O’Reilly Factor” host went at the singer again during a visit with David Letterman on  “The Late Show,” where he first cited the “Drunk in Love” star as a reason African-American babies are born out of wedlock.

Now that Time magazine has featured Beyonce on the cover of its “100 Most Influential People” issue, O’Reilly has again lashed out at the singer and her “libertine” values, engaging Penny Nance from Concerned Women for America and political commentator Eboni Williams in the debate.

“This woman knows that young girls getting pregnant in the African-American community and now it’s about 70 percent out of wedlock. She knows and doesn’t seem to care,” O’Reilly stated during the show aired on April 25. “That’s my problem with her… the empowering stuff is just so much garbage. I mean I can’t even believe it. Empowering, what? She sings songs.”

While both Nance and Williams did what they could to defend the superstar during the debate, pointing out that she’s famously married to hip-hop mogul Jay Z, O’Reilly stood firm in his critique of Beyonce: “She was born with a talent that God gave her. She has made an enormous amount of money. She should be smart enough to know what she is doing now is harming some children. She doesn’t seem to care.”

In the meantime, Beyonce and her hubby have officially announced the joint “On The Run” stadium tour for this summer. The sure-to-be-blockbuster outing kicks off on June 25 at Miami’s Sun Life Stadium before wrapping up at San Francisco’s AT&T Park on Aug. 5.


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19 thoughts on “Misguided: Bill O’Reilly Claims Beyonce ‘Doesn’t Care’ About Young Black Girls

  1. I don't always agree with Bill O'Reilly, but I agree with him on this one.

  2. Noimad Nrojb Drofhsab says:

    Everyone has a responsibility to carry. It'd not Beyonce faults that young girls are having children out of wedlock. It has been happening before her and will continue doing so after her as well. Each young girl should take responsibility for their action as nobody but them are feeling the burden of it. Besides where are the dads too, their a$$ have a role to play. We need to take blame for our actions instead of finding an alibi for it!!!

  3. Antonio Martin I also agree will O'Reilly. We need role models for our girls. Look how much money Disney paid Miley Cyrus, strictly to be role models for white girls, and that money went to hell, she has turned out to be the most outrageous tramp I have ever seen. But, but, those folks are praising Miley Cyrus today, as well.

  4. Brother, I understand your point, but what is she doing to lift the black race? Not just her, but other black artist as well, any one can get on stage, and shake their ass. I don't wanna see that, Diana Ross, didn't do that.

  5. Why, with her and Jay Z's success and money is Beyonce's image always looking like a hooker? The "Drunk in Love: video is straight up soft porn. The "Crazy In Love" video she is dressed like a 1970's street walker. The image of a hyper sexed Black female is a problem, and that's a choice she is clearly making at her level in the music biz. WHY?

  6. So true my brother. I like Beyonce, very talented. At this point, she can dominate the industry, and make our image positive.

  7. Patricia Glenn says:

    Some People oops!! Am I talking bout a certain Race!!! Only the RACISTS!!! Who's eyes are YOUNG AFRICAN GIRLS GETTING PRENANT OUT OF WEDLOCK!!! REALLY!!!! The RACE CARD AGAIN!!! Why A Particular race has to be tied to this RACIAL REMARK!!! What are you insinuating by this??? Do you not know that it's not only the Young African American that listens to her music or love her for that matter!!! So did you mean All RACE???!!!

  8. Brittney Hailey says:

    Sorry but I do agree on this in a way. She could do more for black young girls. She don't be reaching out to at all. That's why I would never pay 300 for her tickets

  9. Marlena Nkene says:

    . . . .aaand he's right. The actions speak for themselves.

  10. @nzinga shabaka, I love your style of writing. Are you a professional writer, and I would love to see some of your work.

  11. Antonio Martin I sure hope she starts soon, because as soon as the powers that be, feel she has made enough money, she will be gone. She promotes self esteem for white females. They will pay you much money, if you have the know how.

  12. Thank you young man. I wish I was a professional writer. I am anxious to write a book, on what … There are so many subjects, but, I guess, since I write so deep from my heart, I do pretty good sometimes. I feel, though, I spend too much time on these sites, I need to put this energy to better use. Like reparations for African people, here in US, and a voice for incarcerated African males, because so many have been unjustly convicted, trumped up charges, etc.

  13. @nzingha shabaka you know I said the same thing , fight for what is right. Our people, our views. I think black star, should be paying me, I'm their number one customer. Lol

  14. April Bess says:

    First of all beyonce is an entertainers not a role model. Her job is to entertain notpreach. Kids need to look up to there [email protected]

  15. Duh, the point we were making is that she 's NOT a role model, she's more like a hoe model. To deny the fact that she has no influence on the minds of children as a role model is just ignorant (to ignore truth). Neumann University accreditations must be sketchy. Goats have Kids, humans have children, get your mind right girl friend.

  16. Beyonce is a SINGER, not a role model or mother figure. Young girls, in any ethnicity, have gone to hell because they won't listen to, or they're not being taught by, their own mother. They choose to be a HO, no matter how much positive attention they get. It's what they like and it's not her fault.

  17. I agree that Beyonce does not care about young black girls, but Bill O Rielly doesnt care about young black girls, black men, black women, grandmas or any body that is black.

  18. I agree that Beyonce does not care about young black girls, but Bill O Rielly doesnt care about young black girls, black men, black women, grandmas or any body that is black.

  19. Marlena Nkene says:

    Elayssandria Kasongo This is true too!

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