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Master P Says He Didn’t Kidnap His Children, Posts YouTube Video to Prove It

master p divorceThe divorce battle between Master P and his estranged wife Sonya Miller took a nasty turn when Sonya accused Master P of kidnapping their three minor children. Now the hip-hop mogul has responded by posting a video of the three children explaining that they willingly left to go live with their father.

When Sonya filed for divorce in October, ending a 24-year marriage, fans of the Miller family could only hope that things wouldn’t come to this.

According to Sonya, Master P, whose real name is Percy Miller, picked up their 13-year-old son Hercy from his California school in February and refused to return him to her care.

The next month, he allegedly did the same with their 9-year-old son Mercy.

Shortly after that, their 17-year-old daughter Italy ran away from Sonya’s Calabasas home to live with her father.

After all three of their minor children ended up in Master P’s custody, Sonya tried to obtain an emergency order to force her estranged husband to return the children to her care.

Now Master P has responded to Sonya’s allegations of kidnapping with a YouTube video.

All three of the children are seen in what Master P says is Sonya’s home, and he begins asking the children if they had been kidnapped or forced to come with him.

He tells the children he is about to return to his own home only a few minutes away from Sonya’s, and asks them on-camera if they want to go with him or stay in their mother’s home.

He also tells them that he has no problem with them staying at their mother’s home and it’s completely up to them if they want to stay or go.

Hercy faces the camera and explains that he wants to live with Master P because he believes his mother is a “bad influence.”

Mercy says he also wants to go with Master P because his mother “won’t even take me to school in the morning.”

Master P then asks Mercy if he loves his mother, and the young boy quickly responds, “yea.”

Italy, on the other hand, says she wants to go with Master P but also believes she needs to stay with Sonya to help out around the house.

It appears as if Italy later decided to live with her father, as Sonya included all three of the children in the emergency order to have them returned to her care.

A judge denied the emergency order and has scheduled a July court date to determine custody.

Meanwhile, Sonya says she wants to hash out these family issues out of the public eye and believes the video of the children speaking out against her was “offensive” and “despicable.”

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