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#Winning: Future and Kanye West’s ‘I Won’


Future and Kanye West have made no secret about being “Drunk In Love” with their significant others Ciara and Kim Kardashian, and they are professing that love once again on Future’s new record. The Atlanta rapper and Yeezus have collaborated on another love song called “I Won.” As reported by

“The besties Kim Kardashian and Ciara just got a special song from their hubby-to-be’s. Both Future and Kanye West put their significant others’ prize status on wax in ‘I Won.’ The two don’t tip-toe into obnoxious territory by talking about impregnating mouths and all that, but instead sweetly remind the general public that they have zero regrets about putting angels in their ultrasounds and glaciers on their hands.

“Ye even shouted out his future in-laws by saying that all Kris Jenner made was trophies (hey Khloe and Kourtney!). How darling.”

The new “I Won” track is from Future’s upcoming album “Honest” which is scheduled to be released on April 22.

Check out Future and West’s “I Won” track below.

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