Skin-Bleaching Singer Dencia Calls Lupita Nyong’o a Hypocrite Over New Lancome Deal

Dencia attacks Lupita on Twitter over Lancome deal

Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Dencia, the African singer who has become infamous for promoting skin-bleaching products, is coming for Lupita Nyong’o again after the Oscar Award-wining actress signed on to become the newest face of Lancome.

It’s only natural that success as great as Lupita’s comes with its fair share of ridiculous critics.

Shortly after the Twitterverse defended Lupita against Dencia’s first online verbal attack, the skin-bleaching star is at it again.

While many of Lupita’s fans were celebrating her new deal with the major cosmetics brands, Dencia was online taking shots at Hollywood’s new it-girl.

One of Lupita’s fans sent a tweet to Dencia that read, “B**** Lupita is the new face of Lancome!! SHE WINS!! And you’re just TRASH.”

Dencia then responded to the tweet with a simple, “But they sell bleaching cream tho.”

The tweet sparked yet another Twitter rant aimed at attacking Lupita, who has been very adamant about spreading a message to women with darker skin complexions that they are beautiful despite some mainstream media messages.

“Lol people hate what they don’t have & will jump on it if they had the opportunity,” Dencia tweeted. “I said before [Lupita] couldn’t call them big brands owned by whites cuz she wanted a deal. I like how she played herself tho!!! Still gonna answer yes ma’am & I’m still a CEO & entrepreneur & Lancome will never pay her what I make in a month, b4 u come say I am hating I ain’t lol I am milking it.”

She then posted a collage of her image next to Lupita’s along with her skin bleaching cream and the skin bleaching cream being sold by Lancome.

Fortunately, Lupita still isn’t entertaining the petty social media drama that Dencia is indeed trying to milk for media attention.

While the company itself may offer skin bleaching creams, it still doesn’t mean Lupita’s message is any different.

During her speech at Essence’s Annual Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon, Lupita shared the story of a fan who considered buying Dencia’s skin bleaching cream. After seeing the way Lupita embraced her beautiful, dark skin, however, the young fan quickly changed her mind.

Ever since then, Dencia has been committed to going on Twitter tirades to tarnish Lupita’s name – all of which have been incredibly ineffective.

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