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Bringing the West Coast Back: Hit-Boy and Nipsey Hussle’s ‘Alert’

Hit-Boy and Nipsey Hussle are bringing the West Coast back with a new video for their song “Alert.” The song starts with the line “You ain’t felt this way since ‘The Chronic,’ ” and the video, which features a visual tour of California, conjures up the attitude of  Dr. Dre and Snoop.

According to

“California is definitely in the building today, as Hit-Boy and Nipsey Hussle link up for a dope new video for our enjoyment. The fellas linked up a while back for their impressive new track called ‘Alert,’ and today they’re back with the brand new video for the track. The impressive cut finds both of the young men showing off their respective sound and talent, giving us something rather dope in the process.

“The video finds the duo taking their talents out in the Cali sunshine, giving us a fitting and infectious new video to go with the track. They give us a visual tour of Los Angeles while showcasing their smooth talents along the way.”

“Alert” is currently a free track on the Web, but Hit-Boy said recently that he’s working on a solo project called HITstory 2, so it may eventually show up there.

Check out the Hit-Boy and Nipsey Hussle’s “Alert” video below.

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